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Our foursome started around 8:30a with temps in the lower 50s. We were layered with a light backpack carrying water and snacks as temps projected to be in the 70s. Trail was in good condition, easily marked. Some shade on lower elevation. Very little shade up towards the saddle. Great views and worth everything at the top. Overall about 3.5 hours with steady pace and a couple stops to take photos.

Went up Cholla side & down Echo side. Thought the Cholla side was more difficult. Definitely a fun hike but not for the faint of heart.

Easy trail, nothing overly exciting to see.

on Hieroglyphic Trail

4 hours ago

Awesome hike for kids, ours are 5, 4, and 2. Parking was kinda crowded and a lot more people than what I usually like, but we also went on MLK day so that may be why. I imagine it’s just as busy on a weekend though. Such a beautiful place!

One of favorite! Beautiful views, great work out!!

Too easy! Beautiful views. Fun for little kiddos.

Good incline until the end and the way back is nice and easy. Good family hike.

6 hours ago

Beautiful view from the near end of the trail. The last .5 miles is difficult to find and we didn’t go to the suggested end because it was so covered with foliage. Overall, beautiful trail.

Fun hike

Great trail with beautiful views at the top of Camelback. Steep so definitely bring a backpack to hold your stuff so you have two hands available. Challenging and also a great workout!

Awesome trail! Very busy though.

58 pounds

great trail. good shading for most of it. good views too

13 hours ago

Definitely an ankle twister! I’d recommend wearing good boots because it’s quite rocky terrain when you’re not on the steps. The views at the summit are worth it, especially if you climb up a bit more and face camelback. I arrived around 7:30am on a Tuesday morning to avoid the crowds which worked. Parked in the first lot (which was still almost full) and started on the alternate summit trail across the street. Only came across a handful of hikers on the way up and had the summit to myself for a while before heading down, where lots of folks seemed to start around 9am. A hiking pole might have been nice too :)

Trail was really great. Definitely busier than I would have liked, but it was a holiday. I was impressed with all the kids and older people breezing through. It was MLK day and the lot was full so everyone was parked on the dirt road, we made the mistake of following suit and got towed. Thank goodness we had more people with a second vehicle to take us to our car, but they were ticketing and towing dozens of vehicles. Leaving folks stranded. Moral; no matter how many people are parked on the road, don’t do it! $75 for the tow and that was cheaper than a citation.

22 hours ago

Beautiful scenic walk by the river in the canyon. Can go as far as you’d like and still have a great time.

Took my 5 month puppy here and she did great. Be careful and pay attention to trail signs or you’ll end up on a different trail. Also, the downhill part is very steep with sand. Otherwise, a great hike and beautiful scenery.

Bring your hiking boots/shoes, as this was steep and slick! This was one of my favorite hikes of all-time as the surrounding beauty coupled with the moderate to hard challenge made for an unforgettable overall experience.

So nice at the end, view beautiful. Easy trail, a little busy but still great for family walk/hike.

1 day ago

Such a great hike for families! Long enough for the little ones to complain (it’s good for them) but super rewarding at the end with all the rocks to climb. I had an 11, 10, 8, 5 and 2 year old (in a pack) with me and they all did awesome. The parking lot fills up quick and I got a ticket for parking along the road... so watch out for that!

loved the hike. my two boys did it pretty well without too much complaining and they loved the end!

I would rate this trail as moderate. The ruins at the end of the hike are a definite bonus but it's a beautiful hike. Nice that there are very few people that we encountered along the way.

Nice enjoyable hike. Cool little waterfall at the top. Be ready to climb over some rocks.

so amazing

I have never gone hiking before and this was actually my first. So for newcomers like me, I would suggest moderate level of fitness, 2-3 full bottles of water, and shoes with good traction.

I came during February, so the weather was amazing, would not recommend this trail during the summer time. The climb down is a lot easier and faster, but be careful, because it is much easier to slip up going down.

no shade
off trail
over grown
washed out
1 day ago

I was hiking the trail and I slipped in mud and Broke my leg on a rock. I had to go to the emergency room

Hieroglyphic Trail is a lot of fun and should not be missed, there are petroglyphs and small waterfalls at the end of the trail along with beautiful views of the Valley. This family friendly trail is a 2.8 mile moderately-heavy trafficked and rocky out and back trail. Depending on experience level, this trail is mostly easy with some moderate features including rocky areas / loose gravel and "possible climbing" for some around the petroglyphs and waterfalls. For bonus points, keep hiking past the waterfalls for a more challenging experience. Weekend foot traffic can get heavy, best for weekday and early morning use. We highly recommend this trail.

Easy enough hike, elevation was easy, clean trail, nice views of hills

1 day ago

Amazing trail for those more active and fit. If you’re scared of heights, this will thrill you toward the end. It starts off really easy and then out of no where you’re climbing huge steps to the top that are steep.. also, get there early.. we arrived at 7:10 and when we came back down a little after 9am it gets extremely busy, people waiting around for others to leave and people parking all the way down to the main entrance on the Main Street. Definitely a good work out for arms, legs, and good cardio. Great hike and views! Well worth the body aches

great scenery!

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