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Love it weather was great

at his south trail killed me going up the stairs!!!! someone said to me the stairway to heaven, it was to hell. I was dying my dog made it! he loved it!

Not for those looking for rich and lush nature. Most of the trail is over exposed to the sun and there's just nothing to really see. Just a lot of dirt and dried up vegetation.
If your goal is exercise, this may be sufficient. If your goal is to get away and be immersed in nature, this place is more like the set for the Walking Dead.
I took pictures with my digital camera and posted them so you can see for yourself.

Went in late November, lots of pretty leaves and cool trees

Great hike got lost twice trying to find stairway to heaven.Don’t expect directions to it just follow directions to south Fortuna you will see the Stairs in the distance

trail running
21 days ago

Really good trail run. The only recommendation I have is when you are running clockwise at the intersection of Rim Trail and SD Aqueduct Service Road/Trail/Corte Playa Catalina stay left for the 0.2 mile segment, do not go straight. The straight trail is non-existent. Go on the 0.2 segment that is parallel,it is much much better. Overall great trail run, that took about 90 minutes for us to run.

Took the dog with us, it was rough the stairs to go all the way up makes it seem like you made it but no it's still less than a mile left lol. over all it was a good workout, awesome.

Good hike that can choose a varying distances.

I thoroughly enjoyed this hike. I didn’t realize any challenge because I was far too busy enjoying the beautiful views, streams and weather. It was very quiet and provided an amazing peaceful hike I would definitely recommend this trail .

Great Trail for local MTB. Definitely a Must. Short but Sweet!

The return trail is nice!!! You get off the service road .. lot of shade and once you turn back towards the 67 you probably wont see anyone..

This was a nice fun hike... the only challenge is going up the steps to the south Fortuna. I suggest doing this early ...

Bland trail with constant freeway noise (70% of trip). Nice views at top.

Great hike!!

Great work out. Watch out for some areas of lose gravel. So many trails out here I love it.

Good trail run for being in the city.

Definitely bring plenty of water if it is a hot day. Was lost a few times and ended up hiking 10 miles!

Starts out easy but it’s definitely a challenge towards the top. Great variety of difficulty, nice variety of scenery and some nice shaded areas.

I give this trail a 4+. The beginning is easy and shady even after leaving late.(10AM) The middle is moderate, but the last mile or two is tough. November through March is the best time for this hike. Views we're hazy but impressive.

This actually was 7.95 miles be prepared was rough.

Ambas montañas tienen su atractivo, recomiendo subir primero Fortuna Sur por las escaleras continuar a Fortuna norte y bajar por el sendero perimetral de esta ultima, hay que llevar mapa del parque(lse puede imprimir de la pagina o en el centro de visitantes hay disponibles)para elegir el sendero correcto en el regreso.

Really good hiking place and beautiful scenery

Definitely enjoyed this hike. There are many trails that are not well marked and it can be confusing at points. I must be directionally challenged because I took a wrong turn and added an extra 1.5 miles to my hike. Coolest part is the stair climb.

fun and challenging ascent. gets really hot with minimal shade so pack plenty of water

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