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3 days ago

Hiked this down from Lonesome Lake Hut as we had parked at the Basin. I really enjoyed the technical rocky course. Do keep a look out for signage as it passed over water a few times. Great views of waterfalls and wildlife.

We love this hike!!! Great for kids. :)

Trail closed as of 8/10/18 due to heavy rains. check to see if it’s open before going

Easy trail with lots to see where the cave dwellings are. The climb to Alcove House is really worth it if you are in decent shape... and if you don’t mind heights. It can be pretty freaky climbing down those ladders. The ladders are solid, but there’s no room for error.

As others have said, very tough parking depending on that day you attempt your hike. Also, you are very exposed so don't get stuck too far out if any storms are in the area. At 2 miles out, it gets pretty steep and really rocky. That might be the point to stop with kids. Stunning views.

I don’t know why the app says this trail is easy. It’s moderate-hard and the end is very steep. A beginner can do it, but still.
Great views though. I would do it again.

If you are going to be in Bandelier, you have to do this trail. The ladders are very secure but be warned, while going up is tiring going down is just as exhaustive!

This is an absolutely fabulous trail! The end gets really steep with a lot of loose gravel and dirty. It can be slipper and difficult for some. My word of advice would be to go as early as possible - they only let a number of people into the park at a time and the canyon can get extremely congested as it can be only a foot or so wide at points

So much fun for all ages!

Right off road to alpine visitor center, parking can be tough.

Saw elk across the way at the start. Saw numerous marmots.

Views were great from the get-go. Just different being in the tundra. If you go to RMNP then do one tundra hike, this may be true easiest trail option. . Don't even have to do the whole trail, as the views might be the best in the beginning.

10 days ago

Great trail for beginners. We are experienced hikers but were taking friends for their first hike. This trail has beautiful views of waterfalls for the entire trip up. We ended up doing a loop rather than the up and back. It was a bit muddy and the cascade bridge has washed out but you can still cross with minimal problem. We also had a small dog and he had fun. The early parts of the trail especially the swimming and wading areas of the lower falls were extremely crowded but about a mile into the trail there were very few. This would be a good beginner trail for people who want to start running trails or training with heavy packs too. Definitely recommend for newbies.

on Tent Rocks Trail

10 days ago

This is a must do hike. Great slot canyon and hike to the peak to over look the tent rock canyon and surrounding vista.

11 days ago

Amazing! My favorite place in New Maxico. Be sure to arrive earlier, as the staff began to clear the trail before 4pm. I think it's too early. They should give visitors more time to experience this great spot.

13 days ago

This trail is great if you want to get in to the Whites but not be above the tree line. It stays low with very little elevation gain. We went after a storm had rolled through the day before and some parts of the trail resembled a creek more than a path, but it wasn't impassable and the mud never became deep.
The only real caution I have is that the bridge is washed out. It's easy to cross because the water isn't fast, but you do have to take off your shoes to get through it.

I can't offer a review but a heads up. they won't let you pass the gate after 300 330. Shorthanded and closing early

17 days ago

We loved this hike and did both the slot canyon trail and the cave trail. We arrived just after 8 a.m. on a Friday and had no trouble parking. There weren't many people on the hike up, and it was easy navigating the narrow passages. Quite a bit of scrambling up rocks for the last 15 minutes or so, which definitely required some effort. Slippery going down that same section. Beautiful scenery throughout the hike and at the top. $5 cash to enter. Portable toilets on site. Take water and snacks. Total time was about 2.5 hours for both trails. So glad we went early!

From the tight canyons to the top. Some tough spots. As everyone says “go early”.

18 days ago

I really liked this trail. We were on it by 8:30 on a Friday and had it to ourselves. Beautiful area. Peaceful without people around.

Beautifully interesting scenery along the way made this hike amazing. We did it in October and the skies were gorgeous blue and the weather was warm, not hot or humid. Would definitely do this hike again. We got great photos along the way!

Beautiful, easy, exceeded my expectations. I'll bring friends and family here again and again.

We did the trail from Trail Ridge to Beaver Meadows trail head, 6.5 miles, taking the descent down. The descent was very steep and rocky, fell twice but not injured. Not for kids...

Favorite alpine hike so far offering fantastic vistas. We stopped before the descent choosing instead to watch the elk and explore the point just to the south of the trail decent. Parking is indeed a problem but a few small pull-out areas just below on Route 34 were clear. Be prepared for wind with a light fleece and windbreaker with another layer available just in case the temps drop suddenly. The weather up there is always in flux up there.

23 days ago

Awesome views, much less busy than the visitor center but have to drive Fall River road to get there - beautiful drive and worth it, just takes a while to get there

27 days ago

I've done this trial many times throughout the years hiking in the White Mountain. This trail is great for young family and is very rewarding especially when you bring picnic food to enjoy a picnic by any one of the scenic spot at Cascade Brook.

The brook doesn't get very deep but in some spot deep enough that you can wade in to soak in the cool and refreshing mountain stream. My family and I had many memorable hike through it. It does get a big buggy so make sure you bring plenty of insect repellent.

great view. kids can walk this one
we have see 13 marmots. is windy on the top. keep an eye on the weather.

28 days ago

They have primitive camp available there and it was awesome!!

Excellent example of water wear formations in the basin. Very nice hike

30 days ago

Fabulous experience!

1 month ago

Beautiful trail and a much more interesting route to Lonesome Lake hut than the Lonesome Lake trail. (We did a loop using Lonesome Lake trail to the hut from Lafayette campground, returning by basin cascades and pemi) River crossings were fine (just jumping from rock to rock) and the bridge being out was not an issue. Definitely worth doing!

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