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I wanted to be impressed but honestly it’s not worth the drive. I followed Matt’s directions (listed below my review) not the all trail directions and found the trailhead fairly easily. The logging road does split off a couple times, however ~ just stay to the right and you will find it. The trail was nicely maintained and there were only a few hikers out. The Siletz River has some pretty cascading falls as you drive along the logging road. The trees are beautiful but as I’m an avid hiker and Oregon adventurer, I think there are hundreds of better options for a day trip.

Quick trail! The steps are harder than they look though! Gorgeous falls. I personally enjoyed Makestic falls better of the 2. Will definitely do again in the summer time!

It was a beautiful and relaxing hike! I highly recommend hitting the trail later in the morning, when the sun shines through the trees and the morning dew begins to burn off.

6 days ago

Quite the calf burner, but made for an incredible first time hike. The views are worth the grind up to the top. Couldn't imagine walking this during snowfall or heavy rain due to downed trees in parts and narrower paths. All in all a nice gem of a hike.

great family hike. can be muddy at times and slippery in some spots. still a great and beautiful hike.

As someone who isn’t from here, I was bummed that nobody mentioned the lake gets drained in the winter so it’s mostly dirt there currently, but it was a great hike nonetheless and the view of Mt Jefferson is incredible. No snow, and saw families with small children and kids on the way out and back. Took my 12 year old dog on this and she got tired from the incline on the way up but was fine after we hung out at the top for about 10 minutes and we were able to get back to our car in half the time it took to get up the mountain. Definitely would do again when it’s warmer out and the lake is full

Amazing view at top! Beautiful all the way up.

Wonderful wonderful hike. No snow to speak of on this trip. Views were spectacular. Ocean and Mountain View’s! ❤️

Beautiful hike with an amazing view, especially on a clear day. I would highly recommend this hike.

Beautiful forestry and an amazing waterfall.

Nice and easy walk. Nice and clean trail with a few falls. It's cool to be able to go behind the last one and just listen.

Did today with friends and kids. Great hike. Beautiful from the top!

Elk on the way auto and on the way back down. Great views along the way of the coast.

pretty falls

Short uphill hike to the Lighthouse. Super easy with amazing views. We try to go back at least once a month. Love watching the the way the sea changes in each season.

10 days ago

This is a perfect hike for people who’d like to see Eugene. There are many points to stop and admire the scenery of what it means to be in Northwestern Oregon. I went December 27 and I was dressed in joggers and had a light jacket and windbreaker in the early afternoon and was comfortable. There are heaps of steps at the tail end of the hike but worth the view of all of Eugene and then some. Being raised in Eugene this is the first place I recommend if you plan on hiking anywhere in the Eugene area.

11 days ago

This hike is a gorgeous forest loop that offers varying scenery. It’s overshadowed by the Trail of Ten Falls, which is great because there’s a lot less people on it. It is horse accessible, and there’s plenty of horse poop to prove it, but it wasn’t a big deal for us. The uphill portions of this hike are painful, but then it’s downhill the whole way back. Now, if you’re a lover of mud like I am, enjoy the crap out of this. If you’re delicate and don’t like to get dirty, find something else to do besides this trail. It’s also very well marked, so getting lost would be difficult. We didn’t see any critters on the trail, but a sign at the trailhead said that bears and cougars have been spotted there before. Based on the density of the forest, I’m pretty sure they were there watching us amble through. Creek crossings were fine because of lovely bridges, and there’s plenty of water on the trail for dogs.

a little soggy, but i dont mind that in a trail. the falls are so full right now, the best part of the trail is listening to the flowing water of the river or a fall in front or behind ya. will definitely hike this again!

hiked this trail on December 29. Majority of the trail is shaded by tall trees so even if its rainy weather, the hike isnt bad! Up near the top where the trail gets close to the road to the marys peak parking lot we started to feel the rain and wind pretty hard. no snow unfortunately. would recommend in any weather!

Easy to find, clear trail, beautiful view. Hiked in winter and snow coverage was not foreboding.

I hiked the North Ridge Trail on Jan 1st, a cold but mostly clear and sunny day.

The route I chose starts from the North Ridge trail parking lot, just before the gate on forest road 2005. The route climbs to the summit parking lot, the summit itself, and then descends via the upper portion of the East Ridge Trail, before going back to the North Ridge trail (via the Tie Trail) and returning down to the parking lot. All said, about 11 miles round trip.

The trail is well maintained (the Tie Trail a bit narrower and more rocky) and I did not encounter a single blow-down on the way. There were very few roots/rocks on the way, making this an easy/non-technical hike.
Except for the open summit, the route in entirely through forested areas.
The views from the summit (on a clear day) is why I gave this route 4 stars (I could see Mt St Helens and Adams in the north and the Pacific Ocean over the Coast Range in the west).
As a road goes to the summit, there may be quite a few people when you reach the summit area... but there is enough room all around to not feel too crowded.
The way to the top starts by .5 miles out of the parking lot and to the foot of the climb/switchbacks. The steeper portion is actually a couple hundred yards right after the trailhead; the rest of the climb is well graded all the way through.
The switchbacks climb is about 3 miles long with about 8/9 'long' switchbacks (between .1 and .5 miles each) up the 45 degrees northern slope.
After that, a series of much shorter switchbacks end at the junction with the tie trail (you can continue to the summit or take the Tie Trail to then climb to the summit via the East Ridge trail). A bench at the junction can be a resting spot if needed.
From the bench, the trail goes straight south (no more switchbacks) for about .75 miles to the summit parking lot.
A third of a mile later you can reach the actual summit for 360 views. There is a LOT of space at and around the summit for a lunch break, a rest, or just soaking in the unobstructed views.
Crowds: not too many people around (more at the top - due to the road to the summit - than on the way)... but this is still a popular destination for folks in the south Willamette area and there were about a dozen cars at the parking lot when I returned (you can probably park about 30 cars near the trailhead).

Long rugged road, all wheel drive and ground clearance recommended. Plan on an hour drive from Falls City, it’s relatively easy to find though. From Falls City take Bridge Street and essentially stay on the road from pavement to large gravel road to small single lane logging road. At the road marker “100” turn right and follow till you see the tiny brown road marker with “vog” for Valley if the Giants, it’s about .5 miles from the sign to the trailhead. Phenomenal short hike through pristine native forest. Definitely worth it.

Easy little walk. The views are amazing!

23 days ago

Gorgeous views with the chance of seeing elk along the way.

12/27/18 - I drive an XV crosstrek and was not able to make it to the trailhead. So we parked along the road and snowshoed the last portion in. We did not actually hike the trail because there was at least four feet of snow, but got to see great views of three fingered jack, beautiful snowy scenery, and enjoy some time by the snow covered lake right off the trailhead.


I love this trail! Steep is accurate. If you go all the way to the summit, it is a narrow trail with a lil bushwhacking. I loved it. About an inch of snow.

One of my favorite hikes in Oregon!! Absolutely beautiful from the top. Not too hard. There were a bunch of elk at the top too.

I don’t understand the three star reviews for this hike. It was awesome! Granted, I went in late December when the Falls were raging, and the people were elsewhere. I definitely felt the elevation gain on this one, and was glad for those downhill sections at the end. There was mud, but not terrible considering it’s been pouring rain all week, and it was sprinkling today. Walking behind the Falls was a great experience, and since there was no one else around, we hung out on the bench for awhile. And let’s not forget to discuss the cows. They really are open roaming on the same road where you walk. I highly recommend this hike, and I’m not sure why anyone wouldn’t.

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