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The view was amazing, the hike was very nice We started at 8:15 and back at 1:, plus we spent time at the lake and ate lunch.

Tour bus after tour bus. Not a bad walk out and back. Dogs enjoyed being able to go with us (otherwise we wouldn't have stopped). Looks like they are constructing new trail, unfortunately doesn't look wide enough to support amount of foot traffic this trail experiences. Watch out in the parking lot since it looked like a war for people to get a spot. Worth the walk to see the bend in the river though.

Fairly easy hike, first part is a steady slight incline, eventually it levels out and then its just cake walk. Trail gets busy with runners and bikers but views are beautiful.

on Lambs Canyon Trail

8 days ago

Definitely on the hard side of moderate! Beautiful right now in early fall

Loved this hike. Camped at Ostler lake, and hiked to Amethyst the next day. The scenery was spectacular. Definitely worth the trip.

Great view. Big crowd, but still very good.

11 days ago

Nice hike, but a long day trip. I agree with the prevailing sentiment that it is absolutely 13 miles, not 11.7. I was actually trying to go to Kermsuh lake, but went left when I should have gone straight. I didn't see any signs, but I have screwed up before. For the last mile, I am not sure what is represented by the track shown here on AllTrails. Any trail matching that track is very subtle. The obvious main trail brings you right by the small, unnamed triangular-shaped lake at about 5.5 miles. There are well constructed campsites here, and then it is another mile and some significant additional elevation to Amythest Lake.

The whole hike is scenic, passing through forests, meadows and along a running stream with waterfalls. The lake is absolutely beautiful. No mosquitos at all right now. The elevation gain comes in fits and spurts, with parts that seem almost flat and other parts that are strenuous. The first 2.5 miles from Christmas Meadows requires some care to avoid mud in places and is lots of up and down, which is fine at the start, but a drag when you are coming back at the end. There is a sign at the trailhead warning that the trail is obstructed by downed trees. Not to worry, because the trail elves have cleaned them all up, bless their souls.

I don't think there is a clear trail to Osler Lake, but it might be fun to find it another time. People climb up to Osler Peak from there, which looks to be an adventure way beyond my comfort level.

I wouldn’t consider this a hike at all since it’s super short, but it was gorgeous and beautiful as hell. Definitely something to cross off the bucket list if you already haven’t. The view is amazing!

Good hike! Incline all the way up for a good workout. Trail was easy to follow. I enjoyed this trail - nothing amazing but it was pretty and the leaves are just starting to change.

I was most worried about the Egypt road to get to the trailhead, but it is passable with only a few stream/wash crossings that are sketchy. Beautiful formation, and nice walk along the river.

Follows the Red Pine trail until about a mile from the end. Red Pine is a busy trail, traffic reduced substantially once we crossed the unmarked wooden bridge. Closer to 8 miles total. Overall a good hike.

I wouldn’t really consider this a hike because you are just walking down the hill to the edge to go see Horseshoe Bend. The views are what make this trail amazing. I would go early or late to avoid crowds.

Great trail seldom used by tourists....seasonal monsoons can make the trail tricky to follow at times but also more fun. Watch for Rock Cairns to help in the bottoms at Sheep Creek.

24 days ago

Very beautiful lake, with many scenic places along the way.
Went backpacking in mid July there and the temps were very moderate. The trail was definitely muddy in many places, but using logs, rocks and higher trails made it easy to keep my feet dry. When you arrive, there is a very small lake on your right about 1/4 mile away from the actual lake. If I had to do it again I would have camped there. The bugs at Amethyst Lake were absolutely terrible, it was mostly flies and gnats, not many mosquitoes. The lower lake or pond had no bugs, and better trees for hammocks. It's not as scenic, but better a better spot to lay down the fort.
It gets pretty steep after the fork, but definitely doable.
Beautiful place, would do again.

25 days ago

A beautiful scene, however, I can barely consider this a hike. It is almost a dirt road that goes up to a viewpoint, which is surrounded by fences and overhangs. Going anytime after 10 AM is a zoo, with parking lots full of buses. It is definitely a must see place, but I am disappointed its become such a tourist attraction, more focused on the commercial aspect rather than the beauty of wilderness. If you do go, keep in mind the crowds and PACK OUT YOUR TRASH. I was baffled at all of the trash we picked up on this short trail, and we watched a woman throw her food wrapper on the ground. PLEASE, respect our nature and its beauty!

It is really cool at sunset

Another beautiful hike up Little Cottonwood Canyon!

25 days ago

Great hike and destination. It can be a day hike or overnight backpacking trip.

If coming from the Kamas side pick up your recreational pass at the Chevron in Kamas or if you have exact change at the spot where the old ranger station was. It’s a couple miles up the canyon.

If hiking to the meadow below Amethyst Lake (to the east of Ostler Lake) then I think the mileage of about 11.5 miles is correct. If hiking further to Amethyst Lake then I believe that’s at or around 12.5 miles.

It’s about 2.5 miles from the parking lot to the turn off for Amethyst lake. The sign is located on a tree at the fork. At this point and for about the next mile it’s fairly steep and rocky. After that it’s a fairly consistent rise with small bouts of steeper grades.

The trail is muddy at many spots. Generally with well positioned steps you can get through without any issue. I hear mosquitoes and bugs can be a problem but our late August trip had none.

As a reminder, it does get cool/cold at night and storms are known to roll through even if the day has looked great. We had bouts of heavy rain, lightning and thunder even though it had looked clear and the forecast was calling for good weather. Always be prepared in the Uintas.

I camped at Amethyst lake but still hiked Ostler peak. If you want great views it’s worth the effort. Most climb the north ridge from Ostler lake and I would recommend this. I decided to go up the main chute on this mountain. As you reach the top I exited the chute to the left and then climbed up to the saddle. Took the west side of the peak to summit.

I rate this a moderate to hard. It was steep indeed. Rewarding the entire way up. Smells amazing! We were able to escape the smoke from California And got some fresh air:):)
Great hike.

It was beautiful but very over grown, loved the babbling creek. At times the trial was very over grown and no where to take a break.

I would not call this an easy hike. We stuck it out through 0.6 miles of basically straight uphill before we turned around. The Mill D trail in Big Cottonwood is rated Moderate and was easier than this.

29 days ago

First 2/3 of the hike is a bit so so, the last 1/3 is really pretty. The leaves have started changing colors.

1 month ago

Easy, short walk over a small hill. Sunrise will come up behind you as you’re looking at the bend so before with the canyon in full shadows or a little later in morning once the sun is fully lighting the canyon are probably the two best picture options unless you’re going for sunset

My favorite trail to run on the Wasatch front- never steep, great views alternating with shade!

Easy hike, but great to get out door's.

1 month ago

Small walk to sign off bucket list. Looks like ants walking up and down. Horrible parking, chaos.

For a beginner like me; this was a great hike with amazing views!

1 month ago

This is a fairly easy walk down to the bend. The view is awesome. You can walk right up to the edge and look down. Make sure you keep an eye on those little ones. Its a bit scary because there is nothing holding you back. Worth the hike. Bring water with you.

Loved the view of Pfeifferhorn , one lake was dry but still beautiful.

Ended up being about 4.75 miles out and back
saw mama and baby moose near beginning, steep!

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