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4 days ago

We did this before sunset & it was really enjoyable from the top. It definitely can be busy, especially during the weekends, but it’s do-able. It was pretty easy. The incline wasn’t bad at all. Just watch footing for slippery rocks.

8 days ago

My first San Diego area hike. It was tough on my legs, but the views were fabulous. Folks on the trail were friendly. It wasn’t crowded, but we went on a Wednesday late morning. Puddles towards the top in the shade were frozen, but there was plenty of sunshine most of the hike.

Not bad, went with a friend and we were able to chat easily most of the way. There are some good inclines /declines that are steep. Tread carefully :-)

11 days ago

Great loop walk starting at the bridge by the Rose Garden in Balboa Park, walk through the main promenade of Balboa Park, Bankers Hill and Hillcrest. My two favorite bridges are the wood trestle Quince Street Pedestrian Bridge built in 1905 and the Spruce Street Suspension Bridge built in 1912. The Vermont Bridge in Hillcrest has 28 laser cut stainless steel and colored plexiglas railing panels with icons and quotations that refer to the metaphors of time, walking, and bridging. Some of the quotations include Dr. Seuss, Audrey Lourde, Irving Gill, Kate Sessions, Pythagoras, and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Highly recommend this walk.

11 days ago

Great trail to prepare yourself for some of the more difficult hikes throughout the east county.

but it's hard when you go up the hills and it gives you a leg work out and makes it a muscle

it was so fun we are good hikers cause of hiking

Super easy nice hike. Not sure what is up with the comments about it not being a loop. Crossover at the waterfall, then back at the sign that says park crossing... easy day.

Lots of poop, but really nice i went to lake poway also super nice and a little to crowded

A bit uneven with it's trail in some parts but a good leg workout you'll definitely be sore. Can get crowded but manageable.

Solid easy peaceful walk. Lots of lovely oaks, plethora of picnic spots. Great for families. Tons of water after the recent rains. Not particularly my cup of tea but great for what it is!

Beautiful hike to Lake Ramona to start the year.off right. Cold and windy though.

Great views at the top. Fairly easy hike until the last half mile or so, which gets a bit rocky. We went early (before 7), but there were still a lot of people on the trail. Getting crowded as we were coming down.

19 days ago


19 days ago

Great San Diego winter hike. Hiked with my daughters and it was a beautiful day 45 degrees at out 9 am start and 63 when we got back to car at 12:45. Lots of bikers and pretty crowded on the way back. It was beautiful by the water and the girls and I got to do a Little Rock scrambling to get down by the water were it wasn’t crowded.

A bit steep going up, slippery coming down. Many unmarked forks in the road made it difficult to follow the mapped route. Our route took us 2.5 miles, and we never made it to the top. But nice hike, and good views of Poway.

20 days ago

Good hike! Very rocky, normal sneakers will do, but suggest getting some real hiking shoes. Scenic view at the top with picnic tables, bring some food for the full experience.

25 days ago

There are parts of this hike/walk that need to be omitted. My fault for not checking other sources. If you really feel the need for hiking through Florida Canyon, great, go for it. I would have rather stuck on the sidewalks and enjoyed an urban adventure. Would recommend avoiding Florida Canyon and go straight down Park Ave. The most interesting bridges, in my opinion are the ones west of Balboa Park. Enjoy!

26 days ago

It’s a nice trail with a mixture of flat and wide with some climbing and some rocks that create a challenge going downhill.

Absolutely love this trail. I live nearby and go any chance I get. Great for running, biking, walking, and dogs!

27 days ago

This is a little bit of a challenge for most but the view is worth it. A little over 6 miles round-trip with an awesome 360 view. This is a well maintained trail but can be warm in the summer months. Bring water and avoid bringing your dog until cooler weather.

30 days ago

This was my first hike I’ve been on, and it was really fun! It was moderate and the view was great at the top! If you follow the path that is near the summit to more of the back of the mountain, there is a rock that has a great view of the sunset and sunrise!

This hike is always my go to. Its quick enough to do before work or before errands and always has beautiful views. I occasionally run this trail too so its good for leisure or for a more intense workout! I never get tired of it and it's good for all hiker levels :)

A hidden gem! This is an easy down and back trail in the middle of the city giving you the outdoors without going far.

Went early Thanksgiving AM this year. It was drizzling and foggy so there were few others on the trail. It was getting crowded on my way back, with big groups coming through. I recommend doing this early. I’ll go back when there’s better visibility

An awesome trail for running, and working on steep inclines!

Went in late November, lots of pretty leaves and cool trees

1 month ago

Easy to follow, fire/utility road is main trail. Some good elevation swings make it challenging!

I lost myself in the water at the end and loved every moment of it. The route we took was the 6 mile route: we parked, walked straight ahead, continued for just over 3 miles, walked down to the water, hung out, chilled and walked back the same way we came. This was a nice "recovery" hike after doing a more challenging one a few days prior. This was long but definitely worth it. Give yourself a few hours though because walking 6 miles takes some time! Lots of shade but there are a few points where there isn't any.

on Twin Peaks Trail

1 month ago

What the other reviews said is very true: 1) Trail is not well marked. 2) Clockwise side is easier to locate trail. 3) Going down clockwise is a challenge finding the trail but doable with the app. Now with that said the view is really nice at top and no crowds. If doing again, I would just go up the clockwise route, and then just turn around and come back the same way.

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