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Beautiful short hike to the waterfall with little boulders perfect for the kids to climb along the way. We hiked up past the falls to get a good look from up above.

Super short and easy walk through the woods for an awesome view under the falls. I went mid-week while it was raining after the tropical storm came through and the falls were beautiful. Only saw 2 other people mid-week. Highly recommend after a good rain if you’re close by or for a slight detour. The path only had a minor amount of flooding that was avoidable.

Went early on a Sunday morning, enjoyed the peace and quiet of the fairly short hike to the upper falls where I watched the sunrise. Hell of a way to start the day!

This was a great trail! I went with my bike and had a great time. There was some wets spots but overall really good. We took Cape Henry trail and at end of it there was a port-a-potty that was disgusting and I would recommend definitely not use that. If you go to the right of Cape Henry trail and onto the 64th st road there’s a little bench spot where you can rest and see the lake also at end of 64th street there’s the beach, totally worth it!

If you do the full loop you must cross the river twice and you will get wet. Lots of tree roots but a nice hike with great views of falls. I have dogs that enjoy the water and there were a couple of places for them to get in.

Awesome trail to just take in a little fresh air and enjoy nature. Very easily accessible. The kids loved it.

Not sure I'd actually list the trail as "wheelchair accessible," due to a very steep climb with a number of switchbacks the last quarter mile or so, BUT a beautiful trail and falls.

1 month ago

It's hard to be upset when mother nature wins - but the mosquitos drove us off this trail in record time! The entry (from the South) is a paved road, and there is no problem until you enter the trail itself. Within minutes, the mosquitos had scored a decisive victory and we just weren't up for the hike. The trail looked beautiful though. Next time, I'll bring mosquito repellant!

nature trips
1 month ago

A fun hike, very clearly marked and very easy to walk. Just be sure to bring tons of bug spray and watch for snakes.

Also everyone who uses this app should also use the Picture This Plants app! It’s a fun app that you take pictures of the flora around you and it will give descriptions and details for said plant. I personally enjoy it and enjoy sharing my findings!

nature trips
1 month ago

A fun hike, very clearly marked and very easy to walk. Just be sure to bring tons of bug spray and watch for snakes.

Also everyone who uses this app should also use the Picture This Plants app! It’s a fun app that you take pictures of the flora around you and it will give descriptions and details for said plant. I personally enjoy it and enjoy sharing my findings!

Great hike. we took the upper falls trail side to start (which is much easier section than the lower falls trail that starts on the other side of the parking lot) Once you get to the upper falls section you need to cross the water and go up to the next pool up for the rope swing and rock slide. we had a blast sliding down the rocks and using the rope swing. Then we took the trail the rest of the way down to the lower falls where there is a much longer rock slide. the second half of the loop back to the parking lot from the lower falls are switch backs the whole way (or you can take the many short cuts that go straight up if you want) Definitely a must see.

Rode my TREK Powerfly 5 from the 64th entrance along the Raptor and Cape Henry Trail to the boat ramp and back. It’s a beautiful area with excellent birding and easy access to salt water marshes and shoreline beaches. Lots of shade trees.

First real trail we’ve hiked since moving to North Carolina. It’s definitely our new favorite hobby. We went down the lower trail first and somehow found out way back to the upper for a complete loop. It took us right about an hour. Beautiful views

A beautiful trail and destination! the view of the mountains from the upper falls and the water slide at the lower falls makes for an amazing hike.

Steep and lots of roots. Beautiful scenery.

3 months ago

This trail is an easy walk to the falls which are pretty and easily accessible. I gave this trail 3 stars ONLY because of the large number of people and children present. There were so many children and parents in the water at the bottom of the falls that is was difficult to get pictures without people in them. For me, it would be a great December walk to some nice falls.

Definitely a nice hike through the quiet woods of the Pisgah. One tiny little waterfall on the trail. Always hang a left no matter what. It was nice, but I probably wouldn’t do again.

My wife and I are experienced hikers and do several hikes a year. That said I would rate this as a moderate to almost difficult trail. It is very poorly marked. We walked to the upper falls route going in and didn't see a blaze until we were almost down to the river. On the way out blazes were sporadic at best and many that were there were very faded. That said it was a great waterfall hike with a lot of off shoot trails that take you to several swimming holes. This is a good hike for everyone including families that are looking for some cool water swimming. We'll certainly return with our swimwear.

Water was high when we were there. Great hike . Really enjoyed the views and falls .

Pleasant and relatively easy walk to the falls. It gets a bit steep for a few feet just before arriving at the falls, but there is a great and easy to access viewing area before that.

3 months ago

Very pleasant walk to the base of the falls.

We prepared after reading reviews (especially Toby Brannan) and upgrading the AllTrails app. If you haven’t done that, I highly recommend it!

After walking through seriously overgrown trails (trails were about 6” wide because of so much growth), ending up on the gravel road was a welcome reprieve.

Our pup wasn’t happy about crossing so much water, but we loved it.

If you are looking for a private trail, this is it. We saw no one all day and it was the 4th of July!

So much fun!

Loved it! a beautiful trail and water. fairly rugged for us who are not regular hikers, but great fun.

Super easy hike to the waterfalls. The trail is graded with rock. My 93-year-old grandmother made it there is no problem. There are some small areas for kids to splash around in the nude deeper than ankle depth. All in all a beautiful souls it easy hike for everyone.

Great family trail! We even took our stroller on it with no issue. Easy, short, fun. Great for little kids.

Well marked with plenty of surprises and sights along the way. Enjoyed the different maritime plants labeled as well. Will be back for sure.
Trails 1-3 off the visitor center dock are more advanced (no pets on these trails). Trails 4-6 are moderate to easy with a beautiful sound view and some great live oak trees at the end. Trails 4-6 are pet friendly as well.

All six of the trails here are nice to walk, especially if you're beached out. Take some bug spray though. You could definitely kill a few hours at this park if you want to make a day of it.

mountain biking
4 months ago

Thy trail was pretty busy on both ends, with a lot of people not paying attention to their surroundings. As far as biking goes, this trail is okay. The first few miles from the trail center were nice, but then back half had spots that were pretty sandy for a bike, and the view changed from quiet nature ride to beach party-ish. Suggested trail edits to correspond with the trail map available through the State Park (and actual park signage), which has the trail turning towards Broad Bay with a total trail distance of 6.1 miles (http://www.dcr.virginia.gov/state-parks/document/data/trail-guide-firstlanding.pdf)

Was a little too much water to do falls with kids today but would try again

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