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Great short and quick hike. Pay attention to trail markers though!

Fun winter day hike. Took the Mary Glen trail to Ashley Falls, then past Badman Cave, Newman Ledge and Artists Rock. Built a fire in a firepit at campground. There were some icy spots. Don't worry about the road being closed. Plenty of places to park by entrance to campground even when it is closed. And trail was about a 5 minute walk from there. You can check out some video here to get an idea: https://youtu.be/r8ipiygb7_Y

A real gem in southern New Jersey!

Absolutely beautiful! So many different beautiful views until you get to the actual 360 view!

Beautiful monastery at the base of the trail you can tour and cool abandoned hotel towards the top of the trail with beautiful views at the fire tower! Steep wide trail.

Best hike in a while. Not too challenging but the views are well worth the trip.

great views and intresting history.

Am awesome hike today .

This is me and my son’s favorite local spot. It’s marked well and there are nice surprises on each trail. It’s an easy hike that does offer a slight challenge. Definitely recommend!

One of my absolute favorite places... i have done this trail and all other trails in ricketts glen more than i can count.

Went out looking for ice; unfortunately coverage was minimal. We traversed the entire loop without strapping on spikes or crampons. Still a great hike and not another soul out there. We’ll definitely be back when the real cold sets in.

This trail is not well marked . You see colored blazes everywhere but I didn’t see any signs of what color goes were . If your trying to get to Apple Pie Tower you need to follow pink. I missed a right turn at one point ended up adding a extra mile . Maybe about est mile in -AFTER A BRIDGE Look to the right for a small opening in a wooded area and pink blazes . You now will enter more of a wooded area . If you see a blue blaze at any point on your left you went to far and missed your turn ...turn around . Wear waterproof shoes . I didn’t think I needed them on this hike but it rained a few days before and a lot of the trail was walking through puddles. Also, take your time on the little bridge passings as they are slippery. They look so innocent but they definitely aren’t . My hiking boots have good grip and I still managed to fall. This hike took me 4 1/2 hours -that’s including a very long lunch break at the Tower . I walked fast on this day as I started late .There was no cell service the entire hike for me and I did not see anybody on the trail the day I went . Something to think about if you choose to go solo . I enjoyed it a lot but the fact there was no service and nobody to be seen I didn’t always feel too safe . Jersey Devil could be out there haha .I think if I did it again solo I would have to bring my emergency beacon . It’s a long way out on your own if you needed help for anything .Not a difficult hike at all but if you do not hike much this may end up being a leg burner for you as it’s long . Great trail to train for harder hikes !!!

Great trail. Rocky at the start on the Appalachian (it is the AT in NJ after all). Ridge line is beautiful - great views all vantages. The Kaiser Trail on the return is not well marked - keep your eyes open. This portion of the trail is beautifully lined with wild rhododendrons (can't wait to come back in May) and is a wider softer path. Take the right at the Copper Mine Trail cross over .2M to the turn for the final leg of the trail back to parking. Lots of varied terrain, small streams, great rock formations.

Consistent incline. Good wide dirt trail. Hotel ruins are cool to see. Fire tower at top offers nice view as does another spot 50 yards away. Rattlesnake signs posted near top of trail. Ranger was knowledgeable and helpful.

Great hike, the ruins are wonderful. No views due to the weather.

Although the car park is of good size get there EARLY because its a popular trail. It was almost full when we got there about 9.30am.

The trail is a well defined single-track road which can only be considered "moderate" because of the sustained incline. I can see how some consider it boring. My only thought on the way up was how beautiful it must be in the spring when the abundant rhododendrons are in bloom.

Currently there is a deceptive light covering of snow on the trail. What it hides is the numerous thick sheets of ice which only become more frequent the higher you get. WEAR YOUR SPIKES, your body will thank you for it. I had many conversations with people who were asking me about my micro-spikes; hopefully taking the time to direct them to REI / EMS will inspire a couple of them.

The hotel ruins looked fantastic in the low cloud cover. Hauntingly so.

The firetower looked great against the pure white surrounding cloud cover. It was very blustery as weather started to move in but we found shelter behind the ranger hut to make lunch and coffee. Only saw two other people at the summit even though we saw many more on the trail.

CAUTION: BE AWARE, coming down the trail in winter was the slipperiest trails I’ve ever done. Fell down a total of 20 times. WEAR ICE SPIKES, or shoes with very good traction. Overall the view was amazing and the ruins were incredible, with an interesting story behind it. Would recommend for summertime!

Great hike that was super challenging for me. It’s a steady climb to the top, with lots of mud and some icy patches. Snow flurries accompanied me the entire way. Definitely would have benefited me to have some trekking poles on the way down. The view is amazing. I felt like I was kissing the clouds. The hotel ruins are both creepy and intriguing! Definitely an awesome hike.


Quite difficult if you don't know where the chutes are. I did not reach the summit and had to come back for a second attempt.

27 days ago

Great view from the top, from both the lookout and the tower and the ruins were interesting to explore. The hike is consistently uphill on a fire road, and as its a road not the most exciting hike. Quite icy in patches!

Showed up to hike, but changed our minds upon seeing two other hikers being ticketed at the trail head. The trail is definitely closed.

One of best So. Jersey hikes .includes mysterious Mt. Korbar. and then the snow capped peak of The Apple Pie
Hill (when there's snow). way, way
too bad they blocked access to the fire tower (asshole kids). Start early in winter.

Did this trail a few days ago. You can’t get to the entrance identified by Trails in the winter - they block cars from getting to the back of the park. Had a good time hiking around the lake before finding the trail head and sumiting Sunset Rock. Did a second detour over to Boulder Rock - stunning view every direction.

Beautiful place excellent trails well marked can spend a whole day there if you wanted too. Highly recommend for all level hikers.

Did this hike yesterday. Over 3,000 feet of elevation gain in about 3 miles so it’s definitely one of the harder catskill hikes. Add on to this the route finding difficult and I would classify this as a hard hike. When ascending the col between Friday and balsam always stay to the left of the cliffs you run into.
I did spend an hour on top of Friday and could not find the canister! Good luck

Beautiful scenery and clearly marked trails. Bikes and walkers get separate trails which is pretty nice!

Great view from the top and the ruins are awesome to explore. It is however extremely congested with riff raff from the city. Even on a 0 degree day people were everywhere. That definitely takes the adventure out of a hike.

The first 30 minutes are tough it’s all uphill, there was snow which made it harder but the hotel and the view at the top were worth the hike!!!

Well this was my first time at the falls, I went with my brother in law and nephew. Our plans were to take the shorter trail due to it getting dark so early again. We accidentally ended up in the lower parking lot and said the hell with it and took the longer route. First and foremost the extra hike was definitely work it. Just the few extra waterfalls on it alone are worth it.
Once we got to the loop it was beautiful, but holy steps Bat-man!! lol. It was a hike up hill. Since we had some snow recently it was definitely very dangerous in spots, I understand why they have so many warnings posted.
Over all, with the careful footing for to the ice and the MANY pictures we stopped to take, the whole trek took us 4.5 hr's. And we finished just in time as the sun was going down and the rain began.
Overall a great first time experience at Rickets Glenn. We must have discussed or future trips back half a dozen times over the hike.

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