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Amazing views, not too difficult. Just too many people, but still worth it.

me my wife and 7 year old hiked this trail, I am a complete beginner and I weigh over 300lbs. going down was no problem at all but coming back up was a complete killer for me, my wife and child struggled a little bit but there are benches every so often so you can rest. looking forward to hitting it again next year after I lose a few more pounds!!!

Good hike after the rain

Fun but be ready if you’re not used to such vertical climbs!

I did the loop over the weekend and it was amazing!!!!! I can’t wait to get back there!!!

This hike has it all, several waterfalls and amazing views! Explore the whole area and be sure to continue all the way to the top! The only reason I gave it 4 stars is because it is right by the interstate and you can hear cars, otherwise it would be 5 stars!

The terrain made for a very fun hike. The views were incredible, especially the view of Double Arch.

When you get directions from this app for the trail, the location spot leads you right to where you should park. It's a very small gravel pullover. There is no designated parking or signs. You will see a couple large rocks. Once you approach the trail and are facing the river, go left. It's a very short trail, and the first half is fairly easy. Took me 40 minutes to get to the top. It is very rocky on the first half of the trail so be careful. There is some graffiti on the rocks in the beginning and some burned out fires, but it's still a gorgeous hike along the way to the top. There are multiple very pretty waterfalls. Once you use the bridge to cross the river you are almost half way. The second half gets harder and consists of some switchbacks. Once you get to the top you get a 360 degree view. About 180 of it is looking at a ridge, but the other 180 stretches as far as you can see. I have done this a couple times and even for a sunrise and it's absolutely amazing. I recommend this for even beginner hikers. Just take your time on the second half of the trail.

Took my little girl on this trail. She is 6 and loved it. Don’t let the graffiti at the start turn you off. It IS worth it. The bridge could use some work. It’s getting Jankie.

Beautiful views and terrain.

Took our Cub Scout den yesterday. Had a great time. Fall colors were perfect !

The trail along Auxier ridge was wonderful, particularly with the fall colors. The were several really nice overlooks along the way.
We also looped over and took double arch trail back. This was mostly a gravel road so I would suggest taking the Courthouse trail back instead.

Even on a cold and rainy day it was still worth it.

Did the loop. Was absolutely gorgeous. Beautiful views up top and down below. Highly recommend

Fun, adventurous hike! Lots of rock scrambling and great views!

on Yahoo Falls Trail

1 month ago

Fun trail! It has some really cool features: small caves, an arch and a waterfall. I’m going back in a couple of weeks to explore some of the off-shoot trails and see the fall colors.

Great hike, challenging but worth the effort. We went counter clockwise as it starts heading towards the arch, which makes this a loop and not an out and back. Arch is great, If you go out there be sure to climb to the top and enjoy the nice 360 vista view. From there headed towards Courthouse Rock. Can be climbed to the summit but a fall would likely be fatal. Aux Ridge is spectacular, with several great views along the way. Pack a few snacks and plenty of water. T

This trail is full of great views as well as challenging terrain for seeking more than an easy hike.

gorgeous trail but do not skip out on going down into the gorge like some people do. you will miss some gorgeous scenery

I would call this trail moderate intensity IF you stop at the bridge after the falls. Otherwise, continuing up and over to the lookout would have been grueling but worth it from what I understand. Gorgeous trail with lots of running water sounds... LOVED it

A must do for any Kentuckian! Historically important locale to America! Stunning scenic views and just a must!

Hike is beautiful with big open trails, beauty all along the path. The finale is the waterfall at the end with the luxury of a comfortable bench on a platform to enjoy the view.

1 month ago

This is a beautiful trail, but it proved pretty strenuous for my wife and me who are just getting into hiking. The "out" is all downhill and the "back" is a climb. Thankfully, there are plenty of strategically placed benches. The chained rock, itself, isn't terribly impressive, but the views of Pineville and the valley are beautiful.

Talk about an incline! I loved it. It was beautiful seeing all the waterfalls BUT if you’re not ready for a straight up incline, be careful! It was definitely worth the climb once we made it to the top, but definitely rigorous for newbys

Loved this place, just went today definitely a good hike and picture taking place. Seen one snake other then that no problems other then saying wow a hundred times lol....

My fav trail in rrg

If you drive to the trailhead at the top of the mountain, where this also a lookout, the trail is all downhill from the top, which means you will have to climb out. Whew! The views, though, are worth it just to see a rock with a big chain on it. Do yourself a favor and read up on the local story about Chain Rock. We were a little confused on the trail because there is a rock where they have signs saying “Don’t walk on the chain’l bit there is no chain. That’s not chain rock. Keep going a little further. :)

Majestic Views
Challenging trail

Great views. If camping in the valley between courthouse rock and double arch, watch for flash flooding. It’s obvious that parts of the trail would be inaccessible during rainy days. Although no rain during my stay, it was impossible to keep the fire going with everything being so damp. Great hike. I’ll return! The only complaint is that it’s definitely a popular trail, but it’s obvious why. The parking lot fills up quickly, and we had to park on the side of the road a ways down and walk to the trailhead.

2 months ago

We linked into this trail from the devil's racetrack. Like others have said, the interstate being right next to the trail kinda took away some of the great things about this trail. Definitely had some awesome fun parts and some great rock sections. Overall a fun trail and worth the trip. Views at the waterfalls made it worth while.

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