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5.5-6.4 miles

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This is one of my N Ga favorites. Great views at the top, rugged trails, and always a few other happy hikers! All the trails are well marked and easy to follow, but it’s not just a nature walk so be prepared.

We started this hike to the Mesa/Fern Canyon from the Shanahan Hills trailhead. Saw only a few other people/dogs on an Autumn weekday hike; always nice to feel like we have the quiet woods to ourselves! Beautiful trail — begins on a wide and easy trail and becomes more rugged. Be sure to wear hiking footwear.

NOTE: to complete the ‘Mesa loop,’ you actually need to leave the Mesa trail and get on the Fern Canyon trail. It’s gorgeous — do it! And, keep your eyes open for the ferns!

3 hours ago

Great hike with some amazing views, highly recommend! Trail is very well kept and easy to follow. Governors Rock is a false summit since there is no real views from the actual summit, nonetheless there is quite a few lookout spots along the trail so theres still a ton of breath taking views. Major downfall is the park is high tourist area (ironic being i was a tourist lol) so you can guarantee on the trail being busy.

Be sure to go to the third lake lakes two and three are above tree line. Camp near lake one. Lake one to top of my snedfles is 8.5 mile and can take 8-10 hour if you go over the ridge and down.

Great trail. Views were never ending! Nothing to difficult. Gorgeous area though and easy to connect to other trails as well.

Absolutely awesome 5 miles with a first teaser view at Jones Knob, where you can see the cliffs of Whiterock Mtn. Then back down and onward, the trail is pretty level most of the way, then you come to a fork with the Bartram Trail and only .3 miles left to the top and cliffs of Whiterock Mtn. Make sure you go down to the end of the trail for the payoff. Take a picnic lunch. It's a great place for admiring the views. The trailhead has been corrected. Start at Jones Gap at the end of the gravel road at the small parking area and start uphill to the right. Highly recommended.

3 days ago

Hiked up to the lower lake this past weekend. Microspikes were helpful. I wore gaiters, but my partner was fine with just waterproof pants. We continued on to the second lake with the goal of making it up the pass and encountered pretty deep snow. The trail was snowed over completely and there was a good amount of post-holing and route-navigation. A snowstorm began mid-way through our hike and continued for hours so I'd expect a lot more of the trail might be covered by now. Didn't see any other parties though.

I think the "Hard" rating is a bit generous unless you don't normally hike at this altitude and grade.

Beautiful trail but as previous reviewer mentioned, at some point near the end, the foot path in the snow deviates from the actual trail. I had a GPS with me so was able to figure this out (coupled with clues based on the trail just not seeming right). We never actually made it to the lakes but the hike was still beautiful. I would say if you don’t have a GPS, be careful as just following the footprints in the snow isn’t actually the trail & gets a bit sketchy.

I was a little disappointed with this trail. I hiked the Rough Canyon Tail before and even though it was a much shorter hike, it was more enjoyable.

This was stated in another review but I will say it too: "Don’t use the trail maps provided by the State Park they are in no way accurate with the trails." I started at Deep Ford Campground and followed the blue blazes. I was very quickly off from the state park map. Blazes were easy to spot and follow though so I continued on. Took me to the Lake Carlton overlooks but I never got close to Lake Wayne Wallace so my way back, I attempted to stick more to the state park map. Following the yellow blazes (horse trail) kept me closer to the lake but even those did not follow the state park map. It did get me to a very nice overlook over Lake Wayne Wallace but I got turned around in a few places and had to bushwack a few times to get back to the blue blazes or I would of ended up on the wrong side of the lake and nowhere near my car.

Regardless, that is not the reason for my low rating. I don't mind getting a little lost. The trail was loud - walking near Lake Carlton, you can hear the highway the entire time. The overlooks were not that great in the sense that you never really felt completely surrounded by nature. You could see the campgrounds, cars, bridges, buildings...

Total at the end was 8.6 miles for me.

4 days ago

I love this trail. Its some great exercise and about 6 miles. You get a pretty good 15 minute climb at the end and get to stand up on the lighthouse rock structure at the end which is really rewarding. Ive hiked it a few times and mountain biked it as well. Great hike to take visitors.

Hiked this past weekend, super crowded day on the AT. Lots of people at all the overlooks. Looped back on the Freeman Trail which was far less populated.

Hiked just after the fresh snowfall and it was absolutely beautiful. You feel like you’re in a winter wonderland. Highly recommend the trail in all seasons.

Very beautiful, lots of shade and seen lots of Blue Jays

Trail is all snow, most packed by skiers. Final ~1/4 mile to the lower lake is unpacked snow (unless we took a wrong turn, we were definitely off trail on deep snow following footprints).Great hike but with the current conditions if you don’t have snowshoes or skis you won’t make it all the way up.

off road driving
6 days ago

Great trail that is in between moderate and difficult. There are a bunch of spots that were made more difficult by the snow that is on the trail once you get higher up and there are a few technical spots. Luckily there are enough turn around spots because I had to turn around half way because a jeep was doing some self recovery on the trail on a snow covered rocky spot and I wasn't going to sit there and wait knowing that those things take time. I have a tacoma with 33" tires and a lift and I didn't have any issues clearing any of the obstacles.

I love Boynton Canyon - beautiful red rocks and amazing positive energy throughout!

6 days ago

Popular in town trail shared with mountain bikers resulted with poor quality hiking. Otherwise great trail with views and nice gradual gains.

Your workout for the week. Not a casual hike. We hiked the shortest, steepest trail up to the Mount LeConte summit in TN. That was a walk in the park compared to this. I gave it 4 stars, though, be cause it challenges you and there are great views.

This trail is mislabeled on this app. It’s called the browntown trail. You get there by parking at the gravel springs parking area. The hike takes you on to private property and out of the park. We heard shooting and were with our dog so we didn’t finish the trail. I proposed to my gf here a few weeks ago because I knew it would be empty and our dog could run off leash. The hike itself is fairly boring for this park, but one of the few places you can be alone. Not a hard hike

7 days ago

Moderate ascent with some great views of Durango and the valley to the north on the east side of the loop. Full loop is 6 miles, so it makes for a good 3 hour hike. Also a pet friendly hike. If I do it again, I’ll just do the east side up and back as it offers great views and terrain. The west side is a straight descent through the forest with little to no views.

Fantastic trail with varying terrain and scenery. I love taking landscape photographs and my only “complaint” would be every expansive vantage point was inhibited by fauna (I wasn’t even going that wide at 24mm).

off road driving
7 days ago

PLEASE HELP! this trail looks AMAZING but I was wondering if it is an off roaring trail or do you have to hike it?? If it is an off roaring trail can you get to the top of that ridge in a off road vehicle?

From our campsite in Vogel we tracked this as 8 miles. After the first mile it is all uphill to Blood Mountain. If you are used to hiking elevation it is not bad, if not it will be a challenge. The view at the top is beautiful. You hike a combination of the Bear Hare, Coosa, Duncan Ridge and AT trails. Favor left on the way up and right on the way down but it is marked well.

I would not call this a hike. It’s a long walk with a disappointing end. The trail is Mostly flat with a few little hills. There are always a lot of people on it. Lots of better hikes in the canyon. Rock garden is way better and the same distance.

So much fun and absolutely beautiful

8 days ago

loved this trail, though there is a lot of noise from the resort and some of the rocky areas make it more moderate than easy. great sunrise photos of color on the red rocks

9 days ago

Slightly snow packed at the top, but beautiful and we almost had the trail to ourselves.

More on the easy side than moderate. Views are amazing though!

10 days ago

Great hike, great views not to congested. Dawgs encouraged!

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