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3 days ago

One of my new favorites off the blue ridge parkway! So many spots to look out and see the 360 Mountain View’s!!!

We are pretty sure we saw a bobcat in the meadow on our last hike. It had all the right features -black ears, tawny body, about 2’ high. They sometimes hunt in the daytime. It was disappearing into a thicket as we glimpsed it.

Great trip! Lots of beautiful scenery without being overly strenuous. Excellent for taking pics and for getting so exercise. My friend and I both have some injuries but were able to complete this hike without any problems. It's only an hour from my house, so I will definitely be doing it again!!

Made the hike from Black Mountain Campground to the summit and back 30 times in the last five years. My favorite time for this hike in in the fall. This was on my bucket list. There are two decent water sources. Expect lots of roots and rocks on much of the trail. Some of the trail uses an old creek bed. Be prepared for aburpt weather changes. The trail is becoming better maintained because of those hard young dedicated workers.

11 days ago

Love this trail! Any time we're in the Blowing Rock area, this trail is on the must-do list. It's long, but gradually sloping - well-maintained and wide enough to share with others on foot or horseback. The meadow is gorgeous - during the summer months, it is full of milkweed and butterflies. Views of the surrounding mountains are excellent. From the meadow to the tower, it's a nice walk with switchbacks and plenty of flowers. Any of the Cone trails are worth doing!

11 days ago

An easy calming walk up 3,700 feet of elevation climb...jokes aside it is a fun, strenuous walk. The majority is under tree cover, with an occasional stream or brook. But the end is worth it l, with an open summit area.

13 days ago

my favorite trail yet

nice, short trail. beautiful view at the top.

14 days ago

Beautiful hike. Very vertical on the way up! Great workout.

15 days ago

This is THE best section of the Tanawha Trail (Rough Ridge to Wilson Creek). The views from the boardwalk and the summit are unrivaled along the Tahawha, and the underwood garden (about .25 miles south of the summit heading toward Wilson Creek) is amazing - flowing plants line the path with butterflies and hummingbirds everywhere. The trail as a whole can be moderately strenuous with abundant boulders and tree roots. If you're going to hike the Tahawha, this is a must-do.

The road is pretty gnarly right now, go slow. Really low cars might not make it through the holes and rocks. Still lots of great places to stop and camp along the way and then a beautiful scenic payoff. Very easy hike that takes less than 5 minutes.

Started out as a simple down and back, see the Falls and climb back but there is so much more. While viewing the lower falls at 2 separate places which was great we saw people behind us at a much higher overlook. We climbed back to a midway point and began a .3 mile up to the top. Spectacular views from 2 different lookouts. You could see the bottom side of the falls as well as the downstream. Came back down and there is another midway point platform foe another great view. Kids were down at the bottom and apparently there is a lower parking lot that they are at ground level. This can be easy down and back but we did 2 miles overall and several stairs, up to the top view and the last hill to the parking lot was all we wanted especially after Hawksbill Mtn. This Falls surpassed all my expectations. Enjoy His presence.

Awesome hike. I would classify as moderate. Slow climb 1/2 way then steepens but not too difficult. At the approx. half way point you come to a sign directing you back to the parking lot. There are 3 paths to take. We went almost straight thru a narrow path down...wrong. The main trail is left. Looks like a large disappearing trail but it opens and continue up. Close to the top you come to another intersection. We went straight and climbed thru many rocks. We came back the other way which is easier. Take your pick and you can have a great lunch at the top. Spectacular view. Feel His presence!

Been hiking here for years! Beautiful views from up top!

Went on Labor Day. It was ok. If you have a family with small children or some seniors, this is a good trail to the falls.
Falls weren’t terribly impressive and the trail was super busy, we had to stop and wait in line a few times to get passed some narrow parts. We were never alone on the trail. Maybe it’s different on non-holidays.

19 days ago

My family and I loved this trail. We have four kids ages 6 to 17, and everyone enjoyed this equally. We have hiked a lot of trails over the years, and our kids prefer technical trails with lots of rocks and roots, so I was worried this might be a little boring for them, but the scenery is so beautiful, it was just as fun as some more difficult trails. It is uphill the whole way to the fire tower, so that makes it challenging enough. We also saw chipmunks and deer which everyone loved! It was a rainy day, and we had started out on some more difficult trails, but the slippery conditions forced us to quit those. This was the perfect trail for a post rain hike.

20 days ago

very fun hike!

Fun hike - beautiful at the top. One of our favorite trails now for sure.

21 days ago

Excellent hike for the family. I’d say it’s more easy than moderate. My kids had no problem making it up to the top. It can get a bit crowded on the weekends but it’s still one of my favorite hikes.

great day hike from fine camping facilities. compared to numerous other parks' ratings, this one is strenuous if you do the loop - moderate if you do up & back from upper parking lot.

22 days ago

I just came back from this hike. The trail is hard and very well mark. We ended with 12.3 miles instead of 10. So be prepare for few extra miles. It has been in my bucket list for a while and it was way worthy. Also we got to eat blackberries almost at the top. Tons of bushes of blackberries. If you are looking for a challenge and a reward at the top this is the trail for you.

The hike is moderate but difficult when carrying a large and heavy pack. Campsites are pretty cool and tucked away, good privacy. Only downside for camping is all of the harmless bees and mosquitos around the tree line. Birds are quite loud at night, so I opted to sleep out on the rock. You can’t beat the views though! Watched an amazing sunset/sunrise, and there was a full moon with that rise and set offering great opportunities for photos. Highly recommend staying the night if you can.

26 days ago

Mt. Mitchell has been at the top of my list for a while now and I'm glad that I did this trail. It wasn't as difficult as some of the other trails I have done, but you definitely have to watch your footing because of the roots and rocks. It took my friends and I about 3.5 hours to get to the top and then about 2.5 hours to get down and the trail was closer to 12 miles long rather than 10.4. The trail was very well maintained and marked, so you really have to try to get lost. There weren't many scenic looks along the way - I think there was one spot that you could see out of the trees. However, the view at the top was worth all the pain. There were 360 views of all the surrounding mountains and little plaques denoting which mountains were which. It was a little lackluster because a lot of people drive up the mountain and can park about 500 feet away from the summit. By the end, I felt very accomplished, but I also felt it was one of those trails people do just to say that they did it. Just make sure to pack water (there was a fresh water stream along the way as well) and snacks and be ready for an all day hike!

Trail is fairly steep at the beginning and has many stairs both up and down the trail. Overall a fun hike with and old settlement area to explore, and great views along the top.

27 days ago

Great hike! Starts off pretty easy then gets a little harder toward the end but is well worth when you get to the top. My kids hiked it no problem (5&8). Highly recommend!

A small group of three, we went for the sunset. With a hurt knee, it was difficult. But I would do it again in a heartbeat, the view is unbelievably beautiful. Completely worth the effort.

Very easy trail on the parkway offering great views!

1 month ago

Such incredible views! Absolutely worth climbing the altitude. It’s pretty quick for a fit hiker but gosh you can spend the entire day at each overlook you pass. Loved it.

nature trips
1 month ago

When you get there, they have tons of parking area with a gift shop and bathrooms. The hike is easy but some is uphill. Beautiful views! They keep the area very clean and have wide trails. A lot of people go there! I'll be going back for sure!

1 month ago

Challenging but rewarding hike!

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