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Our foursome started around 8:30a with temps in the lower 50s. We were layered with a light backpack carrying water and snacks as temps projected to be in the 70s. Trail was in good condition, easily marked. Some shade on lower elevation. Very little shade up towards the saddle. Great views and worth everything at the top. Overall about 3.5 hours with steady pace and a couple stops to take photos.

Parking lot was not super large, recommend getting there early. This was almost more of a scenic lookout than a hike. Took about 10 minutes to walk down and 10 to walk back. Lots of bathrooms which were pretty well maintained. Great stop during our long day drive.

I would rate this trail as moderate. The ruins at the end of the hike are a definite bonus but it's a beautiful hike. Nice that there are very few people that we encountered along the way.

no shade
off trail
over grown
washed out
2 days ago

I was hiking the trail and I slipped in mud and Broke my leg on a rock. I had to go to the emergency room

Super easy trail.

Amazing Hardest Hike Ever! I’m Over Whelmed with accomplishing this hike....Best Ever! Gloves are a MUST as you’ll be crab crawling down steep rocky terrain. It is definitely a Hard Hike, Epic Summit with amazing views! GTAH,AZ 1-20-19 I kicked Ass on Flatiron !!!! 7.00 entrance fee, clean bathrooms on site :). Plenty of parking. Took me 6 hours total

Loved this hike great views and a lot of shade along certain parts! Great for dogs too

This was a great hike! Definitely a solid challenging workout, but the terrain wasn’t difficult to navigate. Lots of shady areas and the view was amazing the entire time, especially at the top! Highly recommend.

Hiking is a misnomer for this trail as rock climbing is pretty much the theme for a long stretch of the trail. The trail started out deceptively easy and lulled you thinking it's not so difficult then after an hour into it you are suddenly facing a terrian in its most primitive form with very steep incline. bring enough water and two snacks. gloves are highly recommended

first time on this hike and it was very fulfilling. a group of boy scouts went up around the same time and managed very well. we arrived at 6:30, park opens at 6. bring plenty of water, a flashlight for early morning, small snacks, and gloves for rock climbing. the trails are marked very lightly with either blue or white. plenty of shade for early risers. definitely going back!

Did the hike today started at 10:20 am,. 2 hours up to the top view point, going down took 1.5 hours. Heavily trafficked . the difficulty level is about moderate, but a lot of rocks on the trail. at this season I would go in afternoon, after 1:30 pm to start, it will be more shady. and more parking slots. nice view!

4 days ago

Crowded, nice walk and views. Some trails not shown on the maps are not open to the public and they’re fun to explore.

Great trail. Heavily trafficked on a Saturday morning. Nice shade along the way. Great view at the top. Had dogs along with no problem.

This was one of the most satisfying hikes I have ever done. Start early, as it is a long one if you want to go all the way up to Flat Iron. Bring lots of water. We wish we had brought both camelbacks. Some of my best hiking pictures came from this hike. You can see at kels_marin on Instagram. We also had a helicopter fly below us when we were sitting at the top. It's not for people afraid of heights. There was a woman at the top crying because she was terrified to climb down.

Tough, very technical hike for the inexperienced. Amazing views at the top and well worth it. Very poorly marked trail. Even harder coming down. Go slow and watch for cairns.

Not a difficult trail, lots of shade along the way. Beauty of a sight at the top!

this was an amazing hike. the views were incredible. the ruins at the end were a fantastic finish. I really cant describe how awesome this hike was.

the drive to the trail head wasn't to bad. I made it in a 98 Honda crv which has 4 wheel drive. it was slow going (about 2 hours) but totally worth it. I did scrap the bottom of the small SUV a couple of time.

great hike, good I brought my hiking poles they really helped mostly on my way down.

Great hike! Definitely not for beginners and please don't bring your dog(s) if you plan on going all the way to the summit. Stick to the left on the way up. Views were amazing.

Pretty easy hike to see something that I have only seen in many photos. Very beautiful.

An incredible trail. The natural and man-made beauty along the way is insane, and the trail allows you to meet some very friendly locals and animals as well. If you do one hike in your lifetime, do this one. Simply amazing.

Did this the other day solo despite reading previous reviews it is what they say. Loose gravel, small cacti everywhere, bush wacking, scrambling up wet washes, and the worst marked trail I've ever encountered. If you've never done this then please do yourself a favor and go early in the day. I lost an hour on the way up and almost another hour on the way down. I think going down was almost more confusing. You think you're following your previous trail then you end up almost going off a cliff. no joke. Otherwise the summit was amazing, ate lunch on the bench and signed my name in a notebook inside the mailbox. estimate 5-6 hours total. Bring gloves, snacks, and plenty of water!

7 days ago

AllTrails should probably update their rating system and include expert level, because this one would definitely be that. I didn’t feel this was so much a hiking trail as it was a rock climbing trail. You were using all fours for a good majority of the last mile. That being said I’m from the Midwest and am an average hiker at best and I did feel overmatched by this trail but a more experienced hiker may feel right at home. Be sure to pack water and maybe a snack or two. Also the notion that dogs are allowed on the trail is absurd. A dog can maybe handle the first mile and a half but after that it’s impossible for a dog to go on this trail.

A nice little hike with some scenic views on the needle at the end. We will return soon to do the whole weaver’s needle trail! Some running water in places today, may be more after the rain tonight.

Awesome hike! As a pretty experienced hiker, this trail was difficult because of the lack of markers. Easy to lose your way if you are not looking up to find blue and white dots throughout. Amazing views at the top! When in doubt, stay left on the way up. Gloves would be very helpful for the way down as you are rock climbing down for the first mile descend. Not for someone who is afraid of heights or is a nervous hiker. Definitely recommend this bad boy if you are in the Mesa/Phoenix area!

Great long hard hike. Best done in cool weather as it is hot and steep! There are sections of climbing and scrambling back down, not for the nervous hiker.

Really demanding hike. Come prepared with plenty of water and hiking boots. There are times where you will face 20ft rock climbing walls. This is not a breeze in the Park but easily doable with some common sense. Heavily traffic at times. The only downside is that a lot of the trail markers are not as legible anymore or non existent in places hence why I gave it 4 stars. Beautiful 360 views. This hike is definitely a worthy feeling of accomplishment when completed. Don't give up and just go slow. Cheers.

Relatively easy hike.
Reached the saddle in 2 hours.
Then walked down to the needle base and back in 1:15 hours.
Water used was 1.5 liters.
Forest service has a real bathroom at the trailhead.
Total hike time 5.5 hour includes two 15 minute breaks.
Dress in layers
Gravel road last 5 miles.

short hike very beautiful place a lot of people I enjoyed

So many people parked at the trailhead head use the Overflow parking there was a line to get into the restrooms six deep thought I was at Disney World needed a fast pass. other than over a hundred people on the trail betrayal was fairly easy someone climbs up to the saddle and then down to the junction for Weaver's needle. once you get over the saddle you lose the crowd and you're just mesmerised by the beauty of the needle.

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