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Love this trail. Hiked twice — once in the spring and once in the middle of summer. Would like to try again in the fall. Can be very crowded, but the falls are breathtaking and worth it. Good idea to bring bug spray on this hike during the summer.

Great trail

Unsure if the leave or poorly marked Trail was the reason, but we may have got a little of trail (aka lost) but it was terrible! Lot of nice views, friendly hikers helped point us in the correct direction. All and all a good day! Only advice is pay attention to the trail markers!!

10 days ago

Beautiful trail for a nice walk in the woods! Trails are well marked and well maintained. My friend and I went in the autumn and the trees and leaves were beautiful. It was great for pictures, I will go again!

Great trail and really surprising that this is in the city. It's good for a leisurely walk, running, or biking. You can take smaller trails that are off of the main path if you want a more challenging hike.

11 days ago

Nice hike with variety of scenery (rocks, stream crossings, etc). Be warned, if has rained heavily in past few days, many of the springs flow right down most sections of the trails. Although hiked this on cool November day, have done this in the past during Spring/Summer and would agree with other reviewers that the gnats/bugs can be pretty bad on the eastern trails of French Creek.

Made this into a larger loop by taking the first unnamed trail off to the left which returns back to main trail a little before trail to Miller's Point. This 1.9 mile section of trail is not marked at all on the French Creek State Park map, but would be worthy addition...if it only had actual blazes on it. There are very faded maroon blazes with white in center down hill of 1st mile, but once you get to the power line clearing, the blazes stop and you have to locate the trail on your own the rest of the way back up. Do not recommend unless you have AllTrails/GPS app with signal. Without those issues, it would be a nice extension to the French Trail hike (about 8.7 miles) as the trail is much thinner and more remote feeling on it. The spider webs during warmer weather would probably be terrible given the minimal traffic.

This is obviously a great hike, though it can be crowded at times. Awesome falls just about the entire hike. It took us about 4 hours to do the loop on a less crowded day. It can be slippery so use caution. Must do hike and IMHO late October early November is the best time.

It’s tougher than you may expect but worth it! Also if you visit the day after a rain storm expect about 4-5 water crossings so bring a change of shoes for everyone!

Wish they had a bike rental store in this location. Would really inspire people to experiment the great outdoors and spectate this extraordinary historical sight.

Trail is beautiful! Falls vary in size but all are great. Just hiked today and leaves made for slippery rocks and trails but the scenery was perfect! Great fall hike for sure. I will definitely return. My German Shepherd who is almost 11 years old pretty much ran this whole trail which means I did as well. Also lots of detours into the water for fun! Great trail for dogs (if larger in size and in good shape) lots of well marked trails and plenty of spots to step aside to let people pass. Highly recommend this trail! Experience it because it's worth it!

Great Trail! Nice Views of the Bay!

This hike was a nice walk around a marsh. It was very peaceful and my dog loved it. It is not very hilly and I would recommend it to anyone.

No bugs Nov 1 and the foliage was lovely

15 days ago

There is a steep incline for about a mile straight in the begining of the trail. It was really pretty when you got to the top of the cliffs, seen a couple hawks fly away as I approached. The last two miles were on a stone road, and relatively busy. My dog loved it!

15 days ago

Lovely hike around a beautiful marsh full of life. Fall colors and the sun peaking through the canopy made for a nice scenic short hike. Interesting pathways with many large fallen trees. Turn right at the beach and feast your eyes on a great view of the Chesapeake. Well marked trail.

Hiked the lighthouse trail(not to the actual lighthouse, that is at the end of the peninsula) which is roughly 2.5 miles. Easy hike, but nothing to write home about. Stay in trail, as hunters abound.

Great trail. For those who said that it’s muddy, we got nearly 50” of rain this year. If you don’t like mud, stay inside.

The only iffy part was the quarter-mile or so on the windy road. Luckily the vehicles I saw were DCNR who were working on the trail.

Markings are clear, scenery beautiful. Very nice.

Nice easy hike. 2 waterfalls about a quarter mile opposite each other from the parking area. Walk along the Lehigh Gorge River for a very.leisurely walk. Grandkids loved playing at the bottom of Buttermilk Falls. Gets busy on weekends with bikers coming down from White Haven during the summer. We go about once a month even during the winter and see something different evrrytime.

23 days ago

Easy trail that leads to awesome rock climbing area with a view of a waterfall. The parking situation is a little weird, but its well worth it for a short hike with great views.

25 days ago

What a great combination of terrain. Finished this loop with my brothers-in-law and (then) five year old son. T’was fun crossing THROUGH a small creek.

Great trail! I felt the blue blazes were easy to spot and the trail was well marked. I did this trail on Friday Oct 19, 2018. Start at the parking area noted on the map, and work clockwise. The meadow portion is NOT boring - there is a great bio-diversity in the meadow. This path features woodlands, meadow, and mountainous streams. You will get into the water on this trail. You have to cross the water in a few places, so get your waterproof boots ready. Also recommend a stick / hiking pole as there are some pretty good hills that you'll be tackling. My dog loved this trail as well.

Beautiful hike but the way the trails are marked can be confusing

heavily packed on weekends.

This is one of my favorite hikes that I’ve ever done!! It’s amazing to see so many waterfalls in one day! Each big & beautiful! Easy trail. Don’t miss the little red lizards!

Beautiful walk around tidal marsh. With lots of nature to observe. Very unique as you are near planes, trains, and automobiles! Can also see Philly skyline in the distance.

Wish trail was marked a little better. Backside of trail is dirt so can get a little muddy if it’s rained recently.

This is one of my favorite hikes! It is very crowded during the summer because people swim at the base of the falls, but the trails are never overpacked. The rocks can get very slippery so you need to wear shoes with good traction. The views are incredible every step of the way!

This was such an amazing hike that I came back 2 days later and hiked the loop again. A must see for everyone.

Nice place.... lots of birds... nice walk... bring binoculars and bug spray! Boardwalk is nice too!

1 month ago

I wouldn’t rate a hard. A lot of it is through fields. Only a couple places with a good view.

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