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Great hike.

Great trail for any level of experience. different paths you can go on all with great views. very easy to get to even with a car!

Probably one of my least favorite trails I’ve done. It’s basically just on the side of the highway so it doesn’t really feel like you’re truly immersed in nature. After you tend to steer away from the highway you’re pretty much surrounded by just suburban homes so there’s no spectacular views. Super easy though.

Great hike. Great for the family.

Really enjoyed this hike. Luckily we got there early and therefore there wasn’t really anybody on the trail yet. It had just rained the night before and so the weather and the views were fantastic. Clouds covered the mountains and the smell of rain filled the air. The second half of the trail got a little tricky with the rocks but nothing anybody couldn’t handle. Highly recommend!

Love this hike with my kids!

Great hike. Cool views and lots of plant and cacti! Great views of the superstitions. Easy walk until about half way, then the moderate level kicks in! Loose rocks, so slippery at times. Over All great hike.

Glad I brought my walking poles along!

Nice trail right off US-60. It can be busy in the cooler months. Lots of parking. Great workout, standard small peak including inclines and some boulder features at the top. Overall a solid find.

22 days ago

Walked with grandkids. 4,5and 6 year olds.

Easy loops. Not much of a hike at all but makes for a decent trail run. Safe for the family and you’ll probably even be done within an hour.

Good warm up hike

25 days ago

This hike starts out easy the first half and finishes moderate. There is no information at the trailhead. You can easily see the trail, but be sure to take to take the left fork instead of the one that goes to the right. After a quarter mile or so you will come to a gully. Do not go into the gully. Instead take the trail that goes to the right. A little further along and you will see a trail that meets your trail from the right. Just stay left here and you'll be on the right trail the rest of the way.
The distance to the saddle is 1.4 miles. It took us about an hour, and we're pretty slow. It's a nice view looking both ways here. We turned around and headed back which took us about 45 minutes.
Nice little hike.

Little bit for everyone Some cardio some ups and downs... I like this trail because it’s close and once you hike up to the back of the mountain you can’t hear any traffic and some really nice views. Short route 45 min. Long route 1 1/2 hours.

29 days ago

Pleasant little hike, most of which is flat and easy for little kids, but you can also make it more challenging for bigger kids by climbing up to the peaks; the names of the trails (High Point, Huff and Puff) are good hints which are more challenging.

Pater if you see this, had fun hiking with you!

Easy to moderate. Nice family oriented.

this was a pretty easy trail. there are a few parts that are tougher, and will get your heart rate up, but they're are also plenty of areas where it feels like your just taking a stroll. I would put this at the moderate end of easy. there are pretty views of the superstitions too.

Nice easy hike

very nice views.
lots of rocks in trail. Played hide n seek with several Mule Deer!

My husband and I took our puppies up here and it was awesome! We all really enjoyed the hike. There wasn’t too many people which made it very nice =)

1 month ago

Gorgeous views on the east side of the mountain. Never very crowded. Easy place to hike where there are people, but you can still feel like you are by yourself. A lot of small trails to run around on, and nothing overly strenuous.

Great trails a little rocky, so watch your step. Overall a nice hike with plenty of mountain views.

Cactus galore. My poor pups and I were attacked by jumping cactus and stepped on probably 5. I turned around halfway.

1 month ago

The trail is easy until up to the 2nd half. It’s very rocky also. Had a great time doing this hike! Also only saw about 5 other hikers. It was a really nice and quiet hike.

Spent the morning alone @ Bulldog Saddle which is a refreshing change from the Superstitions this time of year. The only sounds were the wind, birds, my feet, & the ice bouncing around in my hydroflask! I was kind nervous that this rocky incline was going to disappoint but it didn’t. The views at the top are amazing. This hike has a gradual incline until the end where it’s a bit more steep but not difficult. The only issue I could see people having are slipping or rolling their ankle from not being careful on the rock. There’s not really any shade either so water is a must.

Good beginner trail.

1 month ago

A decent workout for such a short hike. I’d have to call it a moderate hike, as we took Huff and Puff to the top.

If you live in the east valley and want a great after work out or early morning easy hike, this is it. My 6 year old daughter and I frequent these trails when we don’t want to drive far.

A nice easy loop with a number of break offs to reach the peaks. Gets pretty crowded but far from the worst. A good trail to end the day with.

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