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The bridge is very cool but most of the trails are overgrown with vegetation.

Trail let’s you hike out of the noise in the rest of the park. My dog loves going in and out of the creek!

Currently, the meadow trail is pretty much closed. As no one has gotten back there to mow at all. Since it flooded with those huge rain storms we had a little while ago. The ground has been to soft to mow on.

2 months ago

Just 4 stars because it’s so short! But very easy to follow, well kept! Even a playground on site! And the falls are BEAUTIFUL!

short but a nice view

Not a hiking trail, but it's easy to walk for children or pet-walking.

3 months ago

wouldn't go back

4 months ago


Lovely place! If youre planning to hike any time soon, be cautious of the slippery mud.

5 months ago

It’s a nice trail to do with small children, but mud is a problem. Not much variety to see but a nice walking trail. I’ve been twice where owners didn’t leash their dogs and one time was s problem attacking another dog

Decent trail. some of the bridges could use some attention. It was muddy the day I visited but it was still a pleasant walk. I would visit again.

I started in the parking lot behind Panorama Plaza and the trail is not that pretty (behind businesses and an apartment complex) until after the 441 bridge, which is where Linear Park/Channing Philbrick Park is. The trail is well marked and has red blazes while inside the park. This trail is busy! It was very cold and drizzling and I saw at least 10 people. This would be good stroll with kids but I prefer less foot traffic. The trail just ends randomly (see picture). I would recommend starting at the park, not at the plaza like I did.

9 months ago

Beautiful Park! Great blend of tree covered and open areas, well maintained, little muddy in a few spots but manageable. Loved that it didn't feel like you were on a trail in some spots with the leaves down. And my dog loved exploring the area too!

So where it is marked is a little miss leading. You will park at the Pathways entrance but a little down it splits off to this one which is a side trail running closer to the water. Other than that the trails (Pathways and Double) are nice. I wouldn't suggest taking young kids on the Double because you have to cross part of the river/stream but it is actually nice.

10 months ago

Good shade, not too tough. Bring a fishing pole!

Great trail took my 5, 7 and 13 year old kids. They did it easy.

The main trail is alright and the water is pretty, but the side trails are full of graffiti spray painted on trees and garbage on the ground. Also, if you bring a dog, be careful as there is broken glass in many places on both trails.


Beautiful scenery. Easy to walk. Easy trails. Much to see. Access to water. Pet friendly. Not too long. Amazing overall. Highly recommend. Definitely would go back!!

went with my little dog and it was beautiful.

Trail was nice with the waterfalls but we were disappointed that it just stopped. I would have rated it a "5" if it circled back.

11 months ago

The path seems to disappear at times. Some steep areas, so make sure you have hiking sneakers.

Monday, July 24, 2017

Very pretty. Very easy to get to. Like less than 5 min walk

scenic driving
Saturday, July 22, 2017

Quick pit stop after Chimney Bluffs State Park. Nice falls.

scenic driving
Saturday, July 22, 2017

Beautiful falls! Small little area to hang out and have a picnic if you are on a long drive or looking for something to do in this area. There is also a little playground in the park for little ones. The trail to the falls is behind the playground. I took my 2 year old daughter and she loved it!

For directions just type in wolcott falls park into google maps.

Tuesday, July 04, 2017

Short walk to close up view of the falls. Nice quick diversion on road trip.

Good trail for walking, dog loved it.

Sunday, June 25, 2017

easy hike, nice views, good for dogs and kids.

Sunday, June 25, 2017

Super easy walk. Not so much a hike. Perfect for running and for kids. Lovely stream and beautiful woods. Nice and relaxing. Perfect for a picnic.

Sunday, May 28, 2017

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