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Absolutely a beautiful hike. We did the hike on Sunday January 20, 2019. Perfect weather, very easy to moderate hike. Very well maintained and well marked. Recommend to do.

this one was a challenge for me. going up was fun but coming down was really hard. The middle section was the hardest for me but it was worth it. I did it in August in the hottest day. was a great accomplishment for me.

Great hike especially for January. Literally got bit by mosquitos... it felt like summer. My brain was confused. It was a killer on the knees coming down but we didn't do the loop due to the sun going down and not having a lot of time because they close the gate at 4:30pm.

3 days ago

Great hike!

nice trail to hike for winter

Great hike but only saw 3 of the 10 views

Relatively easy....if youre in decent shape. Lots of stairs and lots of people. Would do it again first thing in the morning. Viewpoint spectacular.Wish Kayla

trail running
9 days ago

Ran this trail today. Very nice trail, very rewarding views to the south and north sides on a clear day.

On your way back down the summit, once you’re back on the wooded trail, be aware that the orange trail markers can lead you off VRT down on the north side of the mountain at one point. I went straight when I should have turned a hard right! I was about 200m in elevation loss before I realized this!

Otherwise a fantastic trail for running. Very challenging gains.

10 days ago

Great hike - tough at the get go but gets easier as you trooper on

11 days ago

Great hike

Nice view at the end!

12 days ago

I did this over the summer and oh boy. If you are doing this hike, know what you're getting in to. If you hike like a normal person, it's about 2 hours to alter flats, where I overnighted. I was then up bright and early (about 5:30) for and 11 hour there and back again. Like every other comment says YOU NEED WATER. There is basically none from the flats to the emergency shelter. speaking of the shelter, once you're there, you have another 45mins to an hour to the peak. A bit of a grind but definitely worth it. It was the most fun part of and coming down we slid down the snowpack. 10/10 would reccomend. That was the fastest I went that day. All in all, 2 hours to the flats, 6 hrs up, 5 hrs down and another 2 out. Take your time and have fun cause the view is stunning! oh Yeah, and that scary thing to the left is edge peak. don't worry about it.

14 days ago

This seems like it is much better snowshoeing than hiking because it seems to follow a wide "skidder-track". Because of that, it is very easy to follow. Being from Vancouver, it was great to be on a trail that actually requires snowshoes. Deep beautiful powdery snow the whole way up. The view was partially obstructed by trees on the south side but North was very nice.

definitely worth doing again.

15 days ago

Did this hike in October! Definitely think everyone should do it. Views are beautiful especially the last 1km to the viewpoint. Not a busy trail as we only saw one other person hiking it. As we were coming down we hit golden hour and that was something else. 10/10 hike, a good workout as it was a steep climb but worth it!

Hike/run took 1 hr 50 min.

too many tourists.

too many tourists aviod. Do Baden Powell instead to mount Seymour Hwy instead

Before my review, I think I left my avalanche shovel by the first lookout of elk mountain (if not there, it's in the parking lot). If anyone has seen/moved/taken it, could you contact me at 7783189930. Thanks!

Did this hike in Dec 31. Hike up to Elk was very icy, and microspikes were useful if not necessary. Beyond Elk, snowshoes were handy, but I think we could have done it without. Great views of the surrounding mountains and baker as well. We only went to the false summit of Thurston.

Easy to moderate hike: easy in terms of technical skills required but moderate in terms of fitness level. There are lots of steps which are very well maintained and the only way to get across three creeks and gorges. Beautiful, tall trees and a wonderful view at the end. In all, a very well maintained trail with lovely scenery along the way to a beautiful viewpoint.

Dec 31,2018 went snowshoeing on a beautiful day. Was short hike but worth it. Walk across the lake. Would deffinitly would camp over night next time.

22 days ago

I would agree that this trail is not all that "easy". You will need good shoes to tread over some rocks and inclines/declines near the end of the trail. Any age group can do it though, from kids to seniors. Took me 1 hour and 45 minutes both ways on a relaxed pace. Jug island beach is quite tiny but the view is worth the exercise.

25 days ago

Last time I hiked this trail was 30 years ago - much has changed. Crushed gravel laid on potentially muddy sections, bridges over creeks and hand railings on steep side slopes. Great accessible trail for all abilities.

I learned 2 things today that reacquainted me with the Westcoast rain; 1) touch screens on cellphones don’t often work and 2) OR Foray Rain Jacket and matching rain pants work awesome!

So many steps

Nice trail. Would not rate as easy at all. Maybe easy to the 2.5km mark. then certainly not after that.

Easy trail. Not much for views or amazing vistas, but perfect for those times when you have only a couple of hours and want to stretch your legs, get some fresh air. I've done this trail at least a dozen times and still enjoy it. We usually go clockwise around the lake to get the minimal bit of elevation out of the way first. Sometimes we pack a lunch to enjoy at the picnic area at the north end of the lake.

It typically gets quite busy, so we usually try to get on the trail early. Lots of people, lots of dogs (about half of which are running off-leash). The busy-ness is the only reason for my rating of 4/5 stars. The trail itself is great.

Did this hike with my bestie today and I gotta say, waist deep snow is not a whole lot of fun to hike in, especially when you don’t have the proper gear! But it was an amazing experience, and an even more amazing view ☺️

We were hiking for a total of about 7 hours today. after you reach elk (which is straight ice on the way up be careful), it turns into knee high snow and then thigh high, and then waist high the closer you get to Thurston!! We made it within 1 km of Thurston and had to turn around due to the snow and not having proper gear and day light.

Definitely recommend this trail though! I will have to retry after winter is over ❄️

1 month ago

This is a good exercise trail. A little busy even at noon on a gloomy winter Monday. I'm guessing it's mostly people who live in the neighborhood. It is 400+ stair steps one way but don't forget to go past the steps for a longer route that reaches Bramble park. Note that you'll be crossing some roads to reach Bramble. I would go back for the exercise.

1 month ago

Easy Trail

on Needle Peak Trail

1 month ago

Went yesterday, easy to drive to and a great challenging hike in the snow. We didn't need snow shoes (we did see other snow shoe prints) but we're so glad we had microspikes with us. A little slippery going down, watch for frosted or ice covered rocks. Poles would've been a nice extra.

1 month ago

access road was slippery. one car got stuck.i put snowshoes on at the top of forested part of the hike. we were rewarded by an awesome view of surrounding mountains.

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