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24 days ago

We came here for a short hike and wanted to see some wildlife. We were here on a Saturday afternoon in February and it was busy but didn't feel too crowded. It was a nice walk around the lake on a boardwalk and allowed for an interesting point of view. We did see an alligator, lots of birds, turtles, and some fish. We also heard two Barred owls calling to one another.
A nice introduction to Florida's wilder side.

1 month ago

trail is great!!!! However, it is shared by mountain bikers and hikers. It is distracting and at times dangerous. If you are hoping to see any wildlife forget it. There should be designated days or something for different uses or designated trails.

Definitely not a hiking trail better for mountain biking.

Nice secluded flat trail that offers a variety of Florida style views. Palmetto groves, cypress domes, tall grass prairie land and a beautiful creek spot. Would definitely recommend for hiking, walking and trail running.

Excellent mix of pace and good dirt trails, lots of wildlife

Pretty hike, but so confusing. The big loop trail does not exist. It’s a combination of several marked trails in the park, but doesn’t follow them accurately. Sometimes it goes off, reverses, loops. If you want to spend the day staring at your phone, wondering where you are, this is the place.

Fun, great place to take pictures.

Nice trails but you share most of them with bikes. Some trails are only for bikes. Many small trails crossed each other. Never sure where you are on the map.
Would return if we get a chance

Really nice trail, well maintained, and exactly what I'd expect from a short paved trail.

Honestly, my favorite trail in this part of Florida. Tons of wildlife, elevation change, and different terrains.

Nice flat trail! Mostly open fields with a relaxing covered area by the river!

amazing wildlife find something everytime!

It was amazing

mountain biking
3 months ago

Great place for a mountain bike! Nice trails! Have to be alert as it’s poorly marked.

trail running
4 months ago

We had a great 8mile run through the trails.. they have green, yellow and red trails red being most challenging ... we liked all of the bridges and obstacles and narrow trails ..great workout! Their were a few bikes but were considerate of runners! We are going back tomorrow love it! When you first start out you feel like is this it and it quickly gets fun fast!

Its a good, short trail and you can see some wild life.

trail running
4 months ago

great park/trails for jogging! loved the absolute beaty of the nature views and wildlife. went this morning for the firat time and it was a great and peaceful experience. definilty recommend this park

Awesome trail, definitely worth checking out the river!

Beautiful lake, lots of wildlife if you go early.

Nice park and at least it's open again. Some trails blocked off due to flooding. It doesn't have many miles of paths so only do when I have limited time to hike - gets too boring otherwise to do the same trails 2-3 times in one day.

Walked this trail for the first time August 12. It had been raining most everyday so the trail has fairly tall grass the entire length of the trail since its been impossible to mow. As a result you must wade in a couple places on the trail. It's a nice trail and fairly well marked. Recommend long pants even in summer with the tall grass as ticks were a fairly big problem. Had to stop two times in the 4 mile trek to pick them off. But it is a nice trail and I will definitely hike it again

nice walking path and trail's. we enjoyed being in the woods and looking for birds. we seen red belly woodpeckers and lots of butterfly's.

Beautiful place!

8 months ago

The lost bridge is worth the trip in itself. The wildlife is very calm. Saw pigs, raccoons, dark brown rabbits. Lots of birds I don't know the names of. And the oaks are magnificent. Pictures don't do it justice

I walked this with my 7 year old. We had a nice walk. I do feel like most of it was shaded which was nice. Trails would have been difficult to navigate if I didn't have this app.

Been to Lettuce Lake many times. This is our "Go-To" hike for weekend mornings. We always take our camera because the wildlife is different every time. Never know what you will see there.

Gatorland, Bird Paradise- go before the rains hit in June, when the water is scarce and the creatures flock at the waterholes... Easy hike, but the reptilians and feathered friends make up for it!

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