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Love this hike. Dislike the crowds.

Beautiful trails with amazing views. I was there on Aug 11th. Used a little bug spray and haven’t had a single bug bite. My dog hasn’t had any ticks and was able to handle this hike well. The park offers trails for all ages, a kid and dog-friendly nature center and a butterfly house.

Walked the trail first. It was a workout. Went as far as the meadow at the top and came back down. Then walked the creek bed & up to multiple waterfalls. Did not go too far as the water became too deep. It was beautiful & challenging.
Bug spray is a must!

This hike is not long or difficult but is a little challenging. Some definite climbing on rock and do not ever try hike without proper footwear especially if it’s wet. The trail can be a little confusing at times and you will really need to look for the markers. Some stepper rock climbs in the middle of the trail. The really nice thing about the hike is the sneak peak views you get of the lakes while climbing to the top. Of course the best view is saved for last and the tower is open.

Great hike for all ages and pups as well! Very easy and short hike. Great for beginners.

challenging and awesome. Will be back

Nice hike for the family. For us, it was easy- not something I’d remark as moderate- as we do a great deal of hikes. We checked in early to beat the rush. It’s a popular hike, especially during peak season. Our son loved it. Had no issues making our way to the fire tower and back in a reasonable amount of time. Going up we passed no one, however coming down we passed so many! If you want to beat the crowd, definitely get there early.

Great sneaker creeking! We walked up the creek, which was flowing but not too fast, with 4 children (ages 4 to 9). We made it to the boy scout bridge. Some challenges of course! We then walked down the trail that looped around and didn't go near the water. Felt good about that choice as going down through the water could have been a bit treacherous! overall a great hike!

Peaceful, beautiful and inspiring!!!

Nice easy trail for family

Nice easy hike with wonderful views from the summit and tower.

We hiked in the gorge up to the top. It was a hard hike, couple hard waterfall climbs. Luckily the water was low and not moving fast. Your feet will get wet.
You can climb up one side, cross and go down the other side. It’s a steep climb and descent but doable and fun!!

Awesome hike! I suggest you go early bald mountain is very popular! Beautiful view from the fire tower

1 month ago

This place was busy but...The kids had a blast on this trail. Awesome views. Check out my full write up with pictures and other things to look out for.

Moderate physical difficulty, but the creek bed makes for a treacherous hike — lots of loose and wet rock, so make sure you are confident with your balance and footing before taking the creek bed trail. Impressive views of the rock faces really gave a unique hiking experience. Bring a change of socks for after the hike because your feet will get wet.

Back down, I took the trail on the right ridge of the gorge, which was a safer and faster option. Easy to follow and also provided excellent views of the gorge. Access it as you pass the bridge — you can see it on the map as the black dotted line on the northern side, paralleling the gorge. I enjoyed doing this ‘loop’ and would highly recommend doing both trails to get a change of scenery.

Hiked this July 1, 98 degrees after hiking Gore mountain. This loop is incredible but difficult. Shoes with some grip are a must. Would not do alone. Very steep and rock climbing is part of it. It was extremely adventurous and can’t wait to bring others on this hike. Views were amazing from many look out spots. The pond on the other side is beautiful and wonderful to cool off in. Proved to be a lifesaver on such a hot day. Hiking down just as hard as going up. Will definitely do again.

Easy hike if you are en experienced hiker. We saw a lot of people at this heavily hiked mountain who were not experienced, and thought it was hard. So if you are out of shape or not experienced, dont expect this to be a flat, simple walk. It has a couple of steep spots and is rocky, and spectacular views at the top and at several rock outcroppings before the summit.

I live within the reaches of Crane's shadow, & as a frequent High Peaks climber, I foolishly overlooked Crane, thinking 'what's so special about that?' Needless to say, I learned my lesson. Elevation doesn't equal charm!

A great blend of sharp & steep with views of the Southern Adks; and oh yeah, a fancy pond.

Overall a moderate 3.5 mile hike, great for any day.

Very very easy hike ! Great views and the tower is in pretty good shape.
Perfect for families and beginners
Lots of rocks and somewhat steep areas but more fun than difficult
Black flies were terrible so come prepared !

steeper than expected ..but so glad I did it .. gorgeous view!

Beautiful short hike for the family. We went in the evening and watched the sunset from the firetower. Someone had set up a large telescope on the peak, and invited us to stay and use it. We ended up staying there until midnight looking at stars, mars jupiter saturn and pluto in the perfectly clear sky. Thank you, telescope man. It was awesome!

Great hike if you're up to the challenge! The second ladder is tall and a bit sketchy- especially when you get to the top! If heights bother you avoid the ladder section. The rock scrambles are fun but also demanding! A short but very vigorous hike. Beautiful views. Go early as the lot fills quickly. Overall very worthwhile!

Beautiful view.

Beautiful views at the fire tower.

Great family hike for all ages. We wandered off the trail to go into TI Park for ice cream and Victorian architecture before getting back on track. We saw some beavers and heard some great tail slaps as we walked by. Go!!

Start at the Nature Center and follow the Eel Bay Trail to the potholes. Then take the Narrows Trail to the Middle Trail for your return to the Nature Center. The Nature Center has a 3D Topographical Trail Map, so you can get a good preview of your hike. It was a hot one for us. The trail was empty, but Eel Bay was filled with boaters, so lots of engine noise. Once we hit past the potholes, the trail got quite. We saw lots of chipmunks and one garter snake (on the trail).

Beautiful hike but didn't make it all the way. The bugs became horrendous. We followed the creek up past the bridge then turned around and took trail from bridge back to parking lot. I would start earlier in the day when it's cooler.

Been there numerous times and the view is amazing. Best to go on a good clear day to really get a great view! Some spots are more difficult with steep climbs, but is kid friendly just keep them near as when you get to the top as steep drop offs are near.

the climb up was very steep and there was a lot of rock climbing involved, not to mention one tall ladder. but the view at the top was well worth it! loved this hike!

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