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Just as good at 5 DegF!!!

Can get somewhat busy on a nice day, but very nice and easy trail for a shorter day walk. There’s a mailbox on the top with a notebook and I always liked that little touch.

Absolutely amazing! Strenuous for sure but such a wide variety on the trail it keeps you going. There are rock scrambles (and easy bypasses if they are not your thing), views, cliffs, bare rock ridge walking, rhododendron forests, a little bit of everything. Blue trail harder so do that first. Also rock scrambles will be going up not down. Come back via blue/yellow unless you have stamina to repeat the blue. Blue/yellow trail doesn’t offer much and trail is very rocky with a rain gulley down the middle in many places. But blue is totally worth it!

Cool views in the power line clearings, nothing spectacular scenery-wise but a good hike to be aggressive on to get the heart rate going without feeling exhausted.

10 days ago

Nice quick hike with beautiful views of the valley.

Great views. Short steep ascent, but would rate this more intermediate than hard.

Have been here a few times. Always a great walk/hike. My dog loves it too!

Nice range of inclines. Roller coaster hills make it “uphill both ways”. You can make this trail a really rigorous hike or at a slow pace still gives a good legs (and heart) workout. Nice range of pine and deciduous, and vistas. Now if they could just relocate Logan airport (flight noise) and Rte 128 it would be perfect.

trail running
20 days ago

Rugged challenging traverse, akin to some trails you might find in the Whites

21 days ago

Steep and rocky on Norwuttuck Mt. If following MM trail (whiteblaze) you will end up on Long Mountain which is not as high of an elevation but a long steady incline as the name suggests. I tried using the south side trails that are "blue blazed" but these are poorly marked and the trade off for a shortcut through lower elevation is really that you and up walking in swampy areas and along creek beds. Poorly marked...half blue half orange with white arrow. The end of the MM white blaze goes through private property and down a steep embankment and empties onto Bay rd. Past the storage area the trail continues across rd.

nice short day hike

Amazing trail!! So many options with various difficulties and views.

Enjoyed my first run of 2019 here and I was not disappointed. What a wonderful trail.
There were lots of hikers at the parking lot but the trail system is big enough that I wasn’t bothered by anyone.
The trail was well marked and I would say on the tougher side of moderate. There were water crossings, steep inclines and declines, nice views, an amazing lake, overall a great trail.
There were a few technical areas where as a trail runner you will have to slow down to navigate and the rocks are extremely slippery. Probably the time of year, but be careful.
I will definitely be coming back here. Maybe I’ll bring the fam next time and do some fishing.
Great park.

Happy running,
Ultra Ryan

My favorite hike in western ma. Awesome view

trail can be pretty difficult at first if you start with the white trail, but completing the loop proves much easier for a relaxing and rewarding return back. a great hike, not more than 2 hours or so round trip if you’re going slow!

fun with family

Great hike with lots of terrain changes - ridges, streams, forest, etc. 95% of the trail I would say is moderate, but that 5% is a real challenge!

On the first loop, go to the right (counterclockwise). You'll encounter the boulder climbing at the start while you're fresh, and coming down was nowhere near as fun as going up would have been (but it was still a fun challenge).

By the way, this hike measured just over 9 miles for us.

Clean and easy to get around, trails well marked.

Did this in early March with plenty of snow and ice on the northern slopes. Stunning views of the basalt outcroppings and Easthampton beyond. Lots of history for those interested. The ghost of a ski mountain, a plane crash, and a botched horse cremation are just the beginning! Easy hike for the whole family, a waterbottle each. Steep at each end but mostly flat up along the ridge.

1 month ago

Nice property for sure! A cold day so started with a trail run down the RF Trail, that was nice! Then went up to Rattlesnake Knob to catch some epic views! Descended there into the valley then came upon a path diverging...so took the one that appeared less traveled! That took me back up to the Horse Caves where I met a nice gent, his wife and dogs. We discussed Shay's Rebellion and the cool geology there. Ascended via bushwack, a really less traveled approach, to the Norwottuck summit. That was pleasant, and scary at times, as was the quick trek out from there, back to the visitor center with patches of rock solid ice hither. Do this hike NOW!!!

1 month ago

7-18, This trail map was not clear to follow. The trail was also not marked or maintained very well. Gillette’s castle itself was beautiful and I’m very happy we went. The views of the water were great. Took us a little over 45 mins

Went up on November 11th, full snow cover and a little muddy at the start but a great hike all in all! Fire tower was too icy to climb up though. As far as trails go, I think this one is definitely closer to a moderate hike than other hikes classified as hard on here. Definitely recommend!

This trail is beautiful but it is definitely challenging!

This is a really cool trail. I think it wouldn’t be as enjoyable in the spring or summer as I imagine it can get quite overgrown; but for fall/winter hiking it’s perfect. Tons of variation, changes landscapes, different plant life, and we even saw a hawk.

Beautiful area. But the trails were not marked well at all. I saw trail names and colors painted on trees, but not at all intersections. There were a few intersections where we had to just pick a way to go. Went with three other adults and a baby. Do Not Bring a baby carriage unless it’s used in off roading and rough terrain. Lots of hills, but great for a first timer without a baby carriage

This is a great place to start off roading. I just started and went there with my buddy and there were some nice mud puddles and some rocky areas... definitely easy but can give you an idea of what you need to get I order to do more difficult off roading trails.

Excellent trail. Well marked with some nice views along the way. Might be better suited as an Easy than Moderate, but a really enjoyable walk and hike. Would highly recommend to anyone in the area.

I found this to be a very enjoyable hike. Overall, it’s fairly easy. It’s a bit steep towards the top, but doesn’t require any scrambling. Great views from the fire tower.

I have found many exciting things to see on these trails.

went up stone cairn trail very steep but the views from the top were spectacular. came down stone hut trail, not well marked but easy to follow great hike

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