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2 days ago

Starting from my home at the Dover side of Pine Street you've got 10 min to bike to the top of Snow Hill then another 10 min to get to the top of Cedar Hill (Rocky Woods) then another 10 min to get to the top of Noanet Peak. I got the first two, have to rethink my way up Noanet. I will add Pegan Hill next and give myself another 10 min to do Quatre Femmes! I'd add Miller Hill but somebody built a mansion up there.

Great first time here. Did the green trail. Didn't get lost. Will come back and try the red trail next. Trail markings were good.

This is not a moderate trail- the skyline trail as listed above is hard- it’s a long grueling walk from Quincy to the Blue Hill and back. Easily could consume a whole day- I’d advise starting before 9 if you plan to do the entire loop

A ton of stairs, jagged walkways, and numerous spurts of scrambling make doing this entire hike a pretty big challenge.

A bunch of great views- the best of which in my opinion all come from Buck Hill in the middle.

Fun, quick up and down. Nice views.

Great trail. The Skyline is a great quick trail for a weekend morning. We had a lovely day and it’s very clean despite the traffic. We did half the skyline trail for a 2 hour hike.

I love this trail. It’s called Blueberry for good reason - plentiful blueberries here. Definitely gives you a good workout but moderate is a good rating. The trail gets difficult to follow in some places so pay attention! Beautiful views at the top. The freezing cold natural pool at the bottom is always a great way to refresh afterwards too.

You can easily spend the entire day on this trail. Many difficult slopes and interconnecting trails. I cast my vote to categorize this trail as 'Hard'.

Excellent hike. Great view from the peak.

A beautiful day to be on the trail! A bit muddy but expected after lots of rain the last few days. The caretakers at the fire tower are so welcoming and nice, with lots of knowledge of the area. It’s a short hike to the ski area.

20 days ago

The trail itself was lovely! We used a photo of the map to navigate the trails. The trails were poorly marked, so many times we had to guess where we were and bushwhack until we crossed the trail. We enjoyed the railroad trail the most, but combined it with the "regular" trail. (see my Recording) Overall, it was a lovely park to hike in and well kept. I'd hike here again!

Nice wide and well marked trails. The woods were nice but the view at the peak was nothing special. It was a nice afternoon walk in the woods!

21 days ago

The trails are clearly marked on the white trail on the way up until you get close to the top, but you can easily follow the trail to the summit. If you continue down the white trail, following the loop rather than turning back, the markings almost disappear. The trail is still easy to follow but it's much smaller. Once you reach the Orange trail the markings are great.

21 days ago

This is a scenic and well-marked trail but unfortunately I had to turn back as I was swarmed by bugs despite multiple applications of 30% deet bug spray. Will return in a cooler, less buggy season.

Well kept trails, great variety of terrain, dotted with ponds. Be sure to take a map! So many trails, you can make it a different hike every time.

26 days ago

This trail definitely earned the hard rating, but if you’re up to the challenge it’s a lot of fun! The views from the observation tower are fantastic!

28 days ago

Nice hike for the full day, very rocky indeed! We liked the view of Boston skyline at the top of the hills. We saw a really big snake, a deer, and on our way back heard some other animal roar and just ran along the trail to get away from that spot ASAP:) it was getting darker though, so I guess that’s why animals were coming closer with almost no people on the trail. So definitely a great trail, but better go in the morning-early afternoon to get back before dark.

29 days ago

Nice trail. We went up white and down orange to avoid a long steep downhill. Nice lookout at the peak and nearby. You can climb around the tight squeeze on the way down. Then it is a lovely walk in the woods.

1 month ago

Amazing view, the way down is at first a bit steep, but then levels out (and is a bit boring).

This is no doubt a difficult trail: we kept joking that it goes uphill both ways , because it goes up and down a lot weather you’re going in or out. There’s a LOT and difficult areas with big rocks , this is definitely not for beginners or anyone with injuries : you could shorten it to any length you want because it is a loop you can just turn around when you’re halfway to what you want to do’ we did this in preparation for the Spartan Beast and it was a great workout with challenges !

1 month ago

Hiked this trail yesterday (7-17-2018) and a year ago as well. Trail is very poorly marked and the map is not useful. Yesterday there were lots of bees, some were marked. Went over one large fallen tree and there was a hive in the tree (not marked) that I din not see until half over the tree. Got stung! would be a great trail for a Scout troop to take on and provide better trail markings and a better map! Trail is very nice and not difficult but definitely needs to be better marked!

The initial push up the hill can be a tad bit tricky, but nothing anyone can't handle. Big rocks to climb over and plenty of roots in some sections. Overall, I really nice hike and it wasn't too busy when we went.

The Park is nice, well kept. The trees are fairly dense so on a hot/humid day like today, it provides some good cover. The M-M trail cuts through the park, and there's nothing tricky whatsoever about the trail.. no climbs, just a couple areas where the inclines could be described as steep. There's some old ruins up near the north end with a fire tower that is blocked off by a fence... someone of course pulled the fence back so the tower can be accessed... not that I would ever do that; I assume it's some great views. I'd summarize this as a good place for someone not looking for anything too consistently strenuous, but provides some work. Access to the park is $5 for MA residents; $10 for non-residents. You can access the M-M Trail outside the park off 141 - there's no loop however there are a series of trails you can drift around a little and arrive back to the M-M trail and get back to your vehicle... this is worth a 30-40 minute drive to get to if you want to stretch it out a bit... enjoy!

Hiked this at 10am on a Wednesday. Not another person around. Beautiful views and easy trails. Very well marked. Chose trails that took me in a mile summit loop. Looking forward to seeing what it looks like in the fall!

Trail is dog friendly but there's a rod and gun club nearby with a range. You can easily hear the gun shots from the rec hunters and if your dog is skittish from thunder or fireworks, it may take some work to get your pup on the trails. Good hike overall though.

Love this place. Nice place to get out in the woods on a regular basis.

A great day for a hike in the woods. We did 5.5 mile hike and enjoyed the different trails. Some of the rocky inclines were tough to navigate but a fun day for sure!

VERY difficult to follow. Once we FINALLY found where the trail head was, we went clockwise as some suggested. we weren't even sure we were on the right track. the trail is called the Shell Pond Loop. No mention/signs of Blueberry Mt or Rattlesnake Pool. thankfully we ran into a couple who tried to give us directions. once we made it up Blueberry Mt, (it was steep near the top but my 60 # dog did just fine) we kept going over the top and ran into a Summit Overlook loop. Then started down, much easier trail on that side! Passed Rattlesnake Pool...No sign at all, just a trail leading left of the main trail. At the bottom of the trail there was a sign, so we turned around and went back up to the trail and went to the pool. Very beautiful and Cold! Took a quick stop at the bottom to view the gorge. once off the mountain, you come to a house on the left. to continue the loop, you must take the "two track runway"to the left. We lost 30 minutes going back and forth trying to find the trail. Take the runway, through a meadow and orchard. Hopefully it's mowed! Eventually you end up back in the woods on the trail. If it were not for this app and the people we saw on the trail, we would probably still be out there! Very, very buggy. Beautiful views and really liked the pool, but I won't be doing this one again.

Our loop didn’t include the pond. We went from the gravel road turned left at the trail sign and back down around rattlesnake pond to the road again. Stop for a swim it’s great.

1 month ago

local.fun trail. check out Gillette stadium from the top

moderate hike, steady incline after rattlesnake pool but not difficult. took two dogs, off leash whole time & they didn't have an issue. great views, large summit...plenty of room to enjoy lunch without seeing anyone.

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