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This is to be an awesome place to take novelist mountain bikers and to go horse riding. It had a little bit of everything. Then somebody with their Infinite Wisdom decided to make it off limits to everybody except hikers. This caused all the trails to get overgrown with weeds and jager bushs. Very sad.

Awesome trail if you’re just looking for a short adventure! Not many trail markers, if any but if just keep some sense of awareness of where you are, you’ll be fine! The several bridges you’ll cross are kept up on pretty well.

on Angel Falls Trail

25 days ago

I almost always give 4 or 5 stars I like hiking and I find joy in most trails. Angel falls is by far a favorite. I have taken many friends there and if you can get up there while the Mountain Laurel is blooming I would!

1 month ago

Hiked this as a loop... followed the old LT out along the creek then climbed up to the falls. Very little trace of old blazes but it’s a pretty clear trail. When you intersect with a small (dry) creek bed just past a fire ring, turn right and start climbing uphill to the falls. Once you start seeing the blue blazes you are good to follow up to the rerouted LT. Waterfall was just a small trickle when I went two weeks ago.

1 month ago

Fun hike, some parts of the trail weren't well marked.

1 month ago

Fun hike, we did on a dry week not much water going over the falls. Some mud along the way, pretty impressive falls.

The Rachael Carson Trail Challenge is an organized event held on the first Saturday closest to June 21st (first day Summer). It alternates start/ finish each year from Harrison Hills to North Park and vise versa. Rain or shine. There's a check in/ rest stop about every 7 miles with food and water. It's limited to 600 participants with a big cookout at the end.
If you've never done this and appreciate a good challenge then I highly recommend this.

love this park... period.

Great trail! With a beautiful waterfall

3 months ago

A beautiful trail with a nice babbling creek running through the middle. A joy in every season to help you forget that you are in the city.

I love it. I like all the views and it is tricky but awesome. It gets very muddy but it is so fun. I recommend you try it.

3 months ago

@Greg Michaels and whomever else needs to know: The easiest way to get to the trailhead is to either go to North Park (near Hampton, PA, western trailhead) or Harrison Hills Park (northern most part of Allegheny county, near Freeport, PA, eastern trailhead).

Going from West to East:

Going from West to East though is rather complicated. Basically you start by walking from North Park to Hampton Community Park. A few years back a large part of the trail ended up in a suburban development, despite protests from the community.

Then you walk to Hartwood Acres, following Dorseyville Road and meander along roads and power lines, and eventually end up at Emmerling Park, Rural Ridge area, Indianola, on Rt 910, north of Harmerville, which is near Springdale. You walk from Emmerling to Springdale, and Springdale through New Ken to Harrison Hills Park near Freeport, PA. It's several ups and downs, starting in the mountains of North Park and heading to the river valley near Springdale, then back along the river and eventually along the cliffs that lead to Harrison Hills above Freeport bridge.

Going in reverse you simply start at Harrison Hills and follow the yellow blazes -- though sometimes it is unmarked.

One time I did bridge a gap between Hampton and Hartwood on the Google Maps but it's very hard to find that information today (it seems to be missing). Takes some serious research or go with a group to map it out. It's too bad people didn't find the proper way to protect this trail, some of it has been paved and some of it has been built on.

Great small hike for family! Took about an hour - pretty steep going up and down mountain but not too long. Would come back in a heartbeat!

4 months ago

Beautiful trail!

Great trail! A little soggy in places and had to cross the stream on downed logs a few places but unlike the adventure! The Fall are beautiful! I did loose the blazing but was easy to follow the stream back to the Loyalsock Trail.

6 months ago

Truly a beautiful / easy hike that is suitable for the entire Family.

8 months ago

This trail is more like a walk through the woods than a hike...but what a walk it is. You are almost guaranteed to see deer, alot of deer! You may also come across horse back riders. I recomend this trail for families.

8 months ago

Definitely worth the hike out...followed LT from road...wet trail in spots then to Blue Dot Trail to the Falls....did in and out trail was marked good and Blue Dot picks up Blue with X...I hiked back the LT back where I started.

10 months ago

Beautiful walk around the lake. Perfect for families with bikes and strollers. Next time I'd bring our bikes for sure. Lake was beautiful and people very friendly. Loved the wall so much we decided to rent a boat and enjoy the water. ❤

Great dog friendly park! There's even a fenced in dog area behind the Observatory on top of the hill. There's also a beautiful clearing down at the bottom of the park with a stone pavilion. Quality city park best for quick trips.

11 months ago

Well maintained, easy to access, and shady spots to rest.

We've stumbled across the trail before and weren't sure if it was worth it. After reading the reviews here we decided to give it a try. It was definitely worth it for our family which includes 2 adults and 2 teens. Harder than we expected going in and can be tough for some coming out on a decline. We did the in and out trail which was well marked. We walked past the Spring Window to go down the trail in order to get into the falls. Ate our lunches there then headed back out. Overall, we all liked it and would do it again - at some point.

Sunday, July 09, 2017

fine 1.3 mile loop hike with three small kids. nice playground. cool to see the observatory.

Saturday, July 08, 2017

Monday, July 03, 2017

The lake shore trail was nice. Has some shaded areas. Good for getting out for a quick hike.

Monday, July 03, 2017

Trail is becoming overgrown in July 2017. Had to beat back brambles and other jagger bushes with a stick before taking steps. Not a very pleasant hike in shorts.

Possibly nicer in early spring or fall when there is less vegetation, but in summer time this trail is an exercise in frustration.

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Fun hike! A few notes: the hike out to the falls follows the Loyalstock Trail and then a blue dot trail to view the falls, both are well marked. To come back on the loop as the map here shows we followed the old Loyalstock trail which is not frequently travelled and possibly no longer maintained (large trees down on the trail). We had to search hard to find the faint yellow and red markings still barely remaining on the trees. It made for an adventure but may have been easier to do as an out and back.

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Great hike to get out and see nature at its finest. My girl friend and I did this as a overnighter to just get out. As we started our trip, within the first mile we encountered 5 bear in two different locations. Scared my girl friend but we survived. The hiking is a bit rough from the start with an uphill trek from the start. Uphill most of the way to the falls. I will be doing this again with my son very soon. The falls are beautiful and worth the trip.

Sunday, May 21, 2017

I'm not sure where to start on this? We followed our GPS and parked by the VFW. We followed a couple up what we thought was the trailhead. From there we ended up at the Rachel Carson House about a half mile after getting slightly lost. From there we asked several people how to get to the Rachel Carson Trail and no one knew. So after walking about an hour through the streets of Springdale we found our way back to our car. And then there we decided to head the opposite direction by foot, and finally found what looked like a trailhead. There were no signs, no designation.
So this was actually the trail, about an 1/8 of a mile past the VFW. The trail itself was subpar at best. We hiked 3 miles and most of it was on a 4 wheel drive/pipeline trail. There was one decent view of the river at the top about 30 minutes in, and that was the highlight! After roughly 3 miles the path led us to a major road. We walked it for nearly a quarter of a mile, with no berm, as the cars sped by. Again we thought we were lost, but after seeing hikers going both ways and the trail still marked on the highway, we realized we weren't! We decided to turn around before we were run over. This might be the worst hiking experience we've ever had and I'm surprised this trail is even listed on any site!We'd never go back!

Friday, April 28, 2017

Awesome! Upkeep with bridges and stepping stones is wonderful. It shows that love goes into the park.

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