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I proposed to my wife on Babel Towers 25 years ago. Went back today with our daughter and her finance. Beautiful day!

I chose it for the elevation gain and it delivered. I made the "summit" in 2:10 and the whole hike in 3:53. My All Trails app recorded it as 10.4 miles with 3,225 elevation gain. It's not as hard as I thought it would be. The steep, rocky parts are short. Most of the incline is pretty gentle.

As you drive in, the trailhead is on your right and looks like a dirt/gravel road. Parking is on your left about 50 yards later. There is a creek to cross at .3 that was difficult due to lots of recent rain, but I think during "normal" flow, it should be easy enough to jump from rock to rock to cross.

I almost did not do this one as there are no water sources past .3 and it was August, but I started at 08:30 and the temp was cool. There was a little spring at about 4 miles up that would offer dogs an opportunity to drink, but I would not count on it when we've not had rain in a while.

One yellow jacket sting on the way down.

We hiked this after a huge rainstorm. Flat creek was full of water which made Graybeard Falls extra beautiful. This hike was everything we were looking for. The first stretch is a fairly steep climb over rocks and roots with a few creek crossings. It was challenging but we were still able to do it fairly quickly. 10/10 will hike again!

Currently pretty wet, so some added difficulty there. Hiked solo to the summit and back with a couple of side adventures for a total of about 10 miles in just under 4 hours. The view from Walkers Knob overlook is incredible. Prepare to sweat!! I slipped a few times coming down the steeper sections, and the stream crossings are fairly well under water right now, so make sure you have good tread on your shoes! Advise doing this with trekking poles if you are headed to the summit!

beautiful trail would go again

I found this to be a difficult hike but well worth it.

Beautiful views along the way. The end of the trails ends at blue ridge Park way. Pretty tough hike. Found water pretty high up there. Heard a water fall but it was not in sight.

Great exercise like most have commented, had 0 visibility at the summit and other lookouts which were small a bit disappointing (even if there was visibility), but the trail was beautiful and serene. The last 1.5 miles to the summit is difficult and technical. As others have said as well, I caught a goat trail on a missed switchback so pay attention.

Has a nice visitors center w/ a gift shop. Life size Lincoln logs area. Several picnic areas around the hike. Steep climb but has sturdy steps & structures to get you to the top of the waterfall

24 days ago

Very nice trail! Great scenery and fine rest spots. There are some great camping spots along the trail but not on it.
I did it bare foot, as I do most trails, I'm not sure if I'd recommend that to everyone but give it a shot.
The road to the trail itself is also a lot of fun... I did it in a 20 yo 4 door sedan; everyone else in the parking lot had a truck. If it was wet at all that day I would have been stuck there so keep that in mind.

Fun hike. The waterfall portion gets a little crowded, but views are amazing. Did not run into anybody on the HQ portion.

26 days ago

Enjoyable hike with a lot of elevation but over a long stretch. Much of the time you barely feel like you’re ascending. The toughest part by far is from the shelter up to Graybeard. When I was there I was clouded in and got pretty wet from the condensation near the top. Coming back down I stopped at Walkers Knob. Beautiful views! I changed it up by cutting over to the Old Mitchell Toll Road via Old Trestle Trail and then rejoined at Pots Cove Gap. Near the bottom I took the Bryan Woodward loop and was rewarded with a rabbit right on the trail and a group of swallowtail butterflies. All told with side trips and detours it was about 10.3 miles.

Some sections are tough for younger kids (7 yo). Trekked about half way. But still a great hike. Kids enjoyed it too.

28 days ago

Walkers knob and the waterfall are both great. Totally worth the hike. The Greybeard summit was a bit disappointing. Good for exercise and getting in mileage, but I didn’t feel like it paid off in a significant way. Watch the switchbacks for sure. There are little paths leading from them to nowhere.

Very hard hike and the waterfall wasn’t amazing to me. But it was probably just because the time I went.

trail running
1 month ago

I only did 6 miles (RT). I started at the Walker Knob overlook, off of the Blue Ridge Parkway. Take path to the Left that points in the direction of Big Butt. You will be on Big Butt Trail. In 6 miles (RT), you can ascend and descend Pt. Misery (no view), and climb to Little Butt Overlook. There is a rock outcropping with a view here. I kept going pass Little Butt overlook for another half-mile. The trail is a bit less well-maintained after Little Butt, but still very obvious for the additional half-mile that I took. When I got to 3 miles, I turned around and returned to parking lot. Nice trail. Enjoyed the hike. Ran for much of it. Do this is you want a great walk in the woods. Trail has lots of steps--see photos.

Great trail with difficulty but worth every bit of it. Be prepared with proper shoes and water supply. Had a wonderful day!

1 month ago

Scenic even though low clouds limited visibility and views. I want to do it again on a clear day.

Lots of old growth. Hiking down seemed harder than the hike back up.

1 month ago

We hiked from Craggy Gardens visitor center and was 6.23 miles. Beautiful secluded trail and narrow at some parts. Vegetation undergrowth at some parts is beginning to overtake the trail so pay attention as you get closer to the falls.

The waterfall was underwhelming and the hike back was tough. Prepare for 3.24 miles uphill on your return.

1 month ago

Awesome hike, great views and extremely interesting flora. A few campsites along the way, a couple boulders with overhang acting as shelters also. Views of the river, table rock, hawksbill, and shortoff mountain. If you go past the all trails marker for the end you can wrap around and climb the tower. Make sure you have adequate supplies and that you have good weather.

Hiked in from Graybeard overlook. 7.42 miles there and back. Beautiful wild flowers out today and the fall was running. Great hike, the way back is tough but not as bad as you might think. Worth the effort!

The trail is easy to follow. No tough forks or question marks. Enjoy!

2 months ago

This is a go-to when I want to take my pooch for a hike near where we live.

I’ve been three times, and there’s been very little traffic any time. Nothing much as far as views (at least in the section from Arboretum to intersection at Blue Ridge Parkway). But if you like an uncrowded hike where you can let your dog off leash, this is very solid.

Great half day hike! We took our dog and he had plenty of places to get fresh water. Hiking alongside the stream was lovely. Decided at the last minute to go to Walkers Knob instead of Graybeard summit. It was a beautiful spot to sit and enjoy snacks. Great vista! The path is pretty rocky so you definitely have to pay attention to your foot placement but overall it was a not-too-strenuous option for us.

2 months ago

Loved the trail with the creek running along side it in the lower section. The waterfall was beautiful and a nice resting place. We did not hike to the top but out to Walker’s knob instead as we were moving kinda slow and it was unclear how many more miles to the top. Walker’s knob has amazing 360 degree views.

Great hike. Waterfalls are beautiful.

I did this one on June 2, 2018. There was plenty of water (I filtered), including a spring close to the summit, but it has been quite rainy this Spring so your mileage may vary.

It's tougher on the way down than it is up. I made it up in three hours, including longish stops to drink and filter water. Coming down, the ligaments in my knees hurt bleddy awful.

I got on the trail about 8 a.m. and there was no one there. By the time I got back around 2 p.m., cars were lining the road.

I'm going back to do it again when the leaves are off the trees.

2 months ago

Tough but fair, pretty technical with rocks roots and mud but the falls are exactly mid way and a great reward. I had a pack with me so without a pack I’m sure it’s easier. A great training trail!

Confusing. No a loop. Neither a landscape appeal.

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