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Pinhoti Trail Map

Really nice hike, quiet and wide trail. Although it has been raining, Trail was still quite firm.

6 days ago

Fun trail. My knees took a beating coming down the Jenkins Gap side though.

Challenging, but fun.

Very scenic and beautiful. Even more beautiful after a good rain. Makes a perfect early morning hike.

pretty trail. lots of exposed rock, choose appropriate shoes. very well kept path, and clearly marked. I did a mix of running, and power hiking.

bring adequate water. I didn't see any on the trail.

good for hilly trail running. it's rocky at times, but not too bad. there's a split that's easy to miss. if you end up at a gate that says "private property", go back down a little bit and look for Pinhoti blaze. it's not at the turn, but after the turn somewhat.
hunters aren't supposed to be out there (according to DNR website), but I ran into a few around the trail head.

I really like this trail. I would rate it moderate+

trail running
1 month ago

There's almost always something to look at. It's a very scenic trail.

If you plan on running
It's very, very rocky.
There are several down trees over the trail.

I had no issue following the trail. It's not overgrown.

1 month ago

Had a fabulous overnight out on this section of trail. Stayed at the shelter there by the dam. Beautiful area!

Nice trail. Hard climb on trail to top. Nice views.

This trail is awesome you can go even further if you would like. We'll do this trail again and spend a night or two hiking it.

Good track well marked and I thought it was in good condition. Make sure you bring walking stick if you have a heavy pack, the stairs around the waterfall are steep and any help steadying things is a good benefit. Almost to water on the trail and the site we camped at had no water, we did stash some water at the top of the mountain where the trail connects at a parking lot which has a observatory deck. We then carried water (about .2 miles) to the site. Was a great site for hammocks, tough one for tents since the amount of flat area was limited.

Great short hike. Trail was very well marked. Sweetwater Lake is a very beautiful, peaceful lake.

3 months ago

Love hiking on this trail. Rarely run into another person.

Good hike - obviously someone went to trouble to blaze and even make nice stone steps, but needs to be better maintained .... nice views, waterfall

Lots of blow downs and thick vegetation. Besides that, its a pretty good trail. I went about 4 miles in then turned around.

This was a great trail for young kids. Trail was well-marked and not a lot of up and down. It’s about a mile until you get to water, FYI for dogs, and the shelter is right when you get to creek. The shelter is adequate with a great fire pit & beautiful creek wrapping it. Nice place to hike to camp or hike to & hang out for the day. I’m not sure of park requirements for camping.

4 months ago

We did the route clockwise and it was up hill most of the way. Took about 2 hours. View at top was blocked by summer foliage. Nice day out in the woods.

I had heard about Keown Falls and living close by, I decided I would go. The weather was picture perfect. Clear and sunny with a temp of 70 degrees. Loaded up daypack with water and snacks and packed up the dog with his harness and leash along with water, and away we went. When we got out of the car, the transformation was amazing. Gone was sounds of the city and rural area that I live in, replaced by the sounds of a small creek running and making its way over rocks. Of course, the dog had to go for a quick dip before we could hit the trail. The area out of the parking area is a little grown up, but it is summer, so it is to be expected. We crossed the small stream and we got on the main trail. I like this area because it is wide and fairly clear, so you can see if there are any snakes. We continued on the main trail and came to a resting bench, so we stopped for a moments to drink some water and have a small snack. As we got close to the falls, the trail narrowed quite a bit and was grown up, but it was still hikeable. The view, stunning and beautiful, were a welcome sight. We continue around and arrived at the falls. Nice, nice, nice. The dog wasn't too sure about the falls, but then we got in front of it and loved splashing in the pool of water. We decided to continue on around, but it was severely grownup and we backtracked and went to the overlook. At this point, we rested for about 30 minutes taking in the beauty while resting our feet and joints, then we began our return to the car. It's a nice trail and secluded enough that we did not encounter any crowds. I wish it was maintained more than it is, because it is a truly spectacular place. I will definitely go back again, probably in the fall.

This is a beautiful trail. Approach from Keown falls for the best up/in down/out route. Cap off your water if needed from the stream above the falls, and be sure to filter. The trail IS NOT well blazed once you pass the falls and get to the John's mountain loop. It's also very grow over right now in late June, so anyone who wants to bring some loppers or a machete can help everyone by cutting back the trail overgrowth. Go in the morning, as afternoon storms make the trail very slippery. There is NO water past the waterfall, so in June I carry about 2 liters.

just did this trail. the first 2 miles was really challenging because it was steep and very humid, there was 4 Creek crossings which is fun but wear waterproof hiking boots. once you get past 2 miles it's less humid and more flat. but you need to prepare for tons of bugs, even using deet it wasn't enough. the path is very narrow and overgrown in many areas with many trees you have to climb over so be prepared to walk straight through bushes and branches and where long sleeves and pants. you also need to be very aware of ticks. even with deet I found 2 on me and my boyfriend and my dog had one even though she has medicine for it. overall I like this hike bc it was challenging and adventurous but it certainly can be exhausting with the spider webs, gnats, and ticks.

5 months ago

Thankful for the reviews about taking the trail clockwise! We took marble mine trail to Pinhoti loop. It was decently marked but glad we had the AllTrails app because we probably would have taken a few wrong turns. The trails are very narrow and overgrown in some places. There aren’t really any great views besides the marble mine. Other than a heck of a workout I probably wouldn’t do this one again.

beautiful place.

Great place for a short backpacking trips. We were able to carry one liter of water each without running low due to the stream that the trail follows.

I really liked this trail, It has waterfalls and plenty of overlooks. We had the entire trail to ourselves except for around the falls.

Truly my moderate trail. Some parts are narrow but I personally like it like that. Will definitely be back.

7 months ago

Beautiful park. The hike up to the marble mine is nice. The lake is beautiful. There weren’t a lot of people there for such a pretty day.

This can be an in and out or a section
hike from Pilchers Pond to Snake Creek Gap.
This is not a trail with waterfalls or impressive hemlocks or one that draws crowds.
It is a trail the takes you through a beautiful hardwood forest, a grove of pines, over a several creeks, through a clearing, past a pond with a large beaver family, up Horn mountain, along the crest of the mountain revealing impressive views and through a sizeable granite boulder field. During the spring the wildflowers are abundant. It is a wonderful and very peaceful trail to hike.
One of my favorites. Fortunately I live 10 minutes away.
I would not rate this as difficult. It is moderate only because of the climb up the mountain.

7 months ago

If you start this going up Jenkins Gap trail expect a VERY difficult mile. It was very tough, but worth it. Going counterclockwise made the remainder of the trail a breeze. The marble mine was really cool, but I wouldn't make the trip just for it. If you happen to be in the area definitely check it out.

8 months ago

You need to be Ninja Warrior fit to make this loop counter-clockwise. We did it clockwise and coming down 'the hill' at some points we were sliding on dry ground wearing good shoes. My kids (10 and 8) and a friend (13) did the full loop in about 2 hours with breaks and lunch at a picnic table. The temp was in upper 60s so we all enjoyed it. The waterfall is really pretty and to/from there would be an easy/moderate if you go clockwise (take the trail labeled 'back country' from the parking lot which goes along the lake). The really steep parts are after the waterfall if you go that route. And lastly, you REALLY need to plan if you're doing this in summer--plenty of water, etc.

We camped at Sweetwater Lake which has no showers, toilets or other fancy things and we loved it! We parked our cars right by the lake and set our tents right by the lake. We hiked the trail there and back which was pretty tough just because of the overall distance but there are no challenging areas though. My dog loved it!

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