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12 days ago

Good trail. Nice and quiet.

This was a really nice hike about 1 hour out of San Diego and really easy acesss to the trailhead, I actually went to Foster Point then followed the PCT to Monument Peak a little back tracking but turned out to be a nice way to add more milage to the hike :)

My family and I loved this trail. Will most definitely do it again.

I almost did not want to post a review because I don't want people to know about this trail. It goes down an old road, but then weaves through the forest and fields. We saw some large mountain lion tracks in the snow which was pretty cool. Along the way there are good views, you can see out to Cuyamaca Peak and Stonewall Peak and beyond.

This trail is pretty flat other than the entrance/exit to the trailhead which is more like a steep animal trail than a hiking trail, if you catch my drift.

barely half a mile after starting the hike, the trail was mostly covered in snow. May be a mile in, the trail opened up to a beautiful sunset view along with the gorgeous view of the valley. After which we took u turn to get back. no elevation for a mile or so.

Did it at sunrise and completely worth it, even with sub 20F temperatures. A great hike and beautiful view!

Did Laguna to Pine Valley 10.5 miles. Being 64 somethings were challenging for me

1 month ago

Short hike down to the “falls”... more like stream, but I’ll take it! Very slippery along the water, even on the dry rocks. Check yourself for ticks after. Found tons on us and the dog. Very nice surroundings and shaded.

The path was well travelled and easy to follow. I did hike past the side trail to the falls because I wasn't paying attention. The granite rock around the falls is beautiful. It is a nice place to rest or eat a snack around the creek and there are plenty of good views along the hike.

Did this today with my mom it was a nice hike found the falls no problem

trail running
1 month ago

Great trails. The big lake has water but the other ones are dry. Wonderful hike/trail run beautiful up here the weather is great.

This trail is part of the PCT trail so, about the 2 mile mark you need to turn left to go down to the creek. It can easily be missed. The creek was flowing nicely. Very cool area and nice hike to it. Recommend

Beautiful, easy hike!

Nice trail with great views! It was super super windy, and even though there was a wind advisory, we suspect it’s pretty windy anyway. The trail down to the creek is a bit overgrown with aggressive vegetation, so we regret not wearing pants. It’s also a challenge to find the trail back up once you’ve been puttering around on the SLIPPERY rocks by the water. Don’t wear a hat that you don’t want to blow away, bring a wind breaker, and a towel to dry off with. We brought our older dog and he did great. Will definitely come back to hike more of the PCT.

off road driving
1 month ago

4wd may not really be needed. Did it in my stock Lexus GX470 no problem. Even after it rained the week before, there was only a little bit of mud but was easy to gain enough speed to splash through. I took it to Thing Valley Rd. There is steep drop at this intersection, not recommended for low clearance vehicles. Good views and close to SD.

It was a little confusing to get to at first because the entrance is hidden and unmarked, but I followed the trail map on this app and found it fine. Beautiful and serene views near the creek/waterfall

1 month ago

hiked it while it was snowing.

the clouds cleared away to reveal the desert floor below, the sun peaked slightly out of the clouds, and snow was still falling.

can the timing get any better than that? 6/5 stars.

Nothing to see there, not much panoramic views... no wonder is all alone. Pine mountain not for me- Garnet Peak is in a higher level though

Drove out here 4 days after our first rainfall in January. There was some water in the falls which was perfect for rock scrambling around the falls. I would imagine in the late spring that you would not be able to climb around as much since the falls would be full. We started the hike on the PCT and climbed down some rocks to get to the falls. We continued to go down some boulders and went off trail for a more adventurous route. After bushwhacking our way back up to the ridge for about an hour, we finally made it back to the PCT. Thank God I had long pants on. When we got back on the official trail, we headed back to the small parking lot that we started. The total route we took was about 4 1/2 miles. I would like to go back again after we've had more rain and I get on the official trail the entire way. Beautiful hike!! We were the only ones there on a Sunday in January. Perfect hiking weather with a high of about 69 degrees.
Here's the link to Google Maps on where to park

The trail is rocky, but worth the effort.

2 months ago

Headed up Garnet Peak from Penny Pines. Beautiful addition and the view from the top was unbeatable. Great view of the Salton Sea. Warning: it’s pretty breezy up top.

on Fred Canyon Road

off road driving
2 months ago

Started from the Kitchen Creek Road side and followed the trail to Morris Ranch and La Posta Truck Trail; I recommend the opposite route for a better challenge. I drive a Stock JKU Sport and had no issues on this trail but there are some fun spots where you can test your 4x4. There are a couple tight switch backs and a few steep rocky hills but most of the drive is relatively smooth and scenic. Definitely a good “get out of San Diego for the day” adventure.

2 months ago

I live in South San Diego, close to San Ysidro area so this was a drive for me. Awesome first hike of 2018! It was chilly, check the weather before driving here. The view is amaaaazing! Easy trail with a bit of incline at the last half mile or so.

Beautiful view of Downtown San Diego on this trail. Came across a bobcat on the trail near the lake. Busy trail as well with the mountain bikers.

2 months ago

I completed this hike after two days of heavy rain in the county, and the falls were beautiful! They were not tall, cascading waterfalls; but rather a series of small ones with multiple deep pools in a granite-filled section along Kitchen Creek. The hike itself wasn't my favorite because you can hear the traffic from the I-8 freeway for the majority of it. But once you descend down to the falls, it is quiet and peaceful, and you can sit and listen to the water. I recommend this hike on a warm, sunny day after the rain. Follow the well-maintained PCT until the junction - which I found using the GPS feature on AllTrails - and make a left to the falls. (The PCT continues on to the right.) It is an easy day hike for San Diegans.

Beautiful hike with not-too-strenuous of inclines. You could choose to take a shorter route back to the cars at multiple points throughout the hike. Some of the forks weren’t super clearly marked so having the app was handy. There is a fair amount of parking at the trailhead but I believe you need an adventure pass to park there which can be bought at the local convenience stores. Looked like a great trail to take dogs. I would highly recommend!

Great views on a full moon!! If you're looking for a easy stroll with stunning views at the end this hike is for you!

Well marked and maintained.

Very nice views but not much of hike tbh. I’d say go out there though.

2 months ago

Beautiful views the whole way!

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