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3 days ago

Great easy and beautiful hike!

4 days ago

Take a left at the fork. There is bit of a scramble going down. Beautiful out! The falls was streaming but not as much as we hoped even after 4 days of rain. Still worth it!

Awesome trail Jan 16th. not a soul on the trail very easy hike yet very enjoyable. Lots and lots of trees my fav and the big meadow in the middle. It's a very nice loop will do it again.

Love it very much. It’s everything you love about hiking.

Nice little trail down to a creek and a few small waterfalls. Just to the right of the median you can enter the trail. It looks pretty rocky, but the trail becomes clear pretty quickly.

15 days ago

Beautiful. My fiancee and i hiked this today. Full of snow

Did about 5 miles of this trail today and it has amazing views.
some parts get a little narrow so if you are the nervous type... just be careful.
also, the trail gradually decreases in elevation, so the way back feels way harder - make sure you take enough water for the way back.

Good, short hike. Some parts of the trail are pretty rocky and it’s a bit of an uphill. Still very manageable. Close to sunrise highway and cabins. There are better hikes out there but this is a good one to stretch your legs.

It was a great hike/walk.
There are a lot of loops so you don't have to do the full 8 miles if you don't want to.
Lots of bicyclists on this trail, but everyone was courteous.

This turned out to be a pretty cool hike. When you park on the huge landing up top, you will just go to the right of the guard rail and start your journey down. After about 100 yards down you’ll come into some bushes and it will look like a narrow squeeze, once you pass those the for about 50 feet the rest of the trail is pretty well groomed.

Overall you go down for the most part, until you end up at the strewn. Once at the stream there’s plenty of room for exploring just make sure to watch your step as it is slippery.

Plan for going all uphill on the way back and if a hot day bring lots of water! Also there are not many people on the trail, so let someone know where you are going beforehand.

Great hike, nice views, single track, rocky.

Overall this was a very short hike. I would consider it great for beginners. There is some incline, some mild views (you have to look over the brush and trees when you get to the top), and parking at the start.

When snowing, this could be a great snow hike for those trying to see if snow hiking is for them.

I took my mountain bike on this and it was a fun little trail loved every minute

Easy Hike, Beautiful Views!!!

Really beautiful when you get to the top of the ridge. A great hike.

1 month ago

This was a wonderful hike with some amazing views at the end. You can park on the side of the road, there is enough space for about 5+ cars depending on how close the cars park.

The hike starts off fairly flat, then just goes up at a consistent rate to the top. The trail is easy to follow and well maintained.

Will definitely come back and do this hike again.

1 month ago

Great little hike. The initial drop into the canyon is on some loose rock but nothing crazy. I went after a rain and there was a good amount of water in the canyon. The hike back out gets the lungs going a bit, but it's short.

Easy dog and kid-friendly trail with beautiful foliage in the fall. This loop intersects with many other trails in the area and it is easy to veer off course. Be sure to use AllTrails or other GPS to navigate. There is a designated parking lot with restrooms at the trailhead off of Sunset Hwy on Wooded Hill Rd. Need to have an Adventure Pass ($5 day pass, $30 annual pass) to park in the parking lot.

Took the dogs today to scout out the hike. I want to get into backpacking and thought this would be a good beginner trek to take on in the future. The views were unbelievable but I had massive vertigo from the extreme cliff-side. I literally froze and had to, very slowly, turn around and hightail it back. Hoping I can muster the courage to go farther next time! Just keep that in mind if you get dizzy around heights...

2 months ago

Absolutely fantastic. Just the kind of trail I was looking for. Hiked in, camped, then hiked out the next day. Some great places to camp along the side and only mountain bikers once you get 3 or 4 miles down the trail. Water source at around mile 3, then nothing until you get to the road at the end of the trail, so make sure you have enough water. Gorgeous and peaceful.

Nice steady climb to begin on the road. Very beautiful and feels isolated. Some great places to take pictures.

Awesome views! Glad I found this hike on this app and gave it a go!

2 months ago

Amazing at sunrise and sunset (pictures from a few different trips I took). Relatively short hike for the awesome views of Anzo Borrego and the surrounding area. I love this trail.

A good walking trail. More of a nature walk than a hike but good for distance walking. Somewhat crowded on weekends. Lots of mountain bike riders, most are polite and warn you when approaching. Not much elevation change at all. Views are mostly of the meadows and pines, not many scenic long distance views from the trail itself. Walking in there was a lot of strong winds on the west side of the loop so be prepared for that. We did see a couple of bikers that were blaring Drake music from some type of bluetooth speaker and filming themselves with a drone which sort of takes away from the quick mountain get away experience, but most people are friendly and polite. Plenty of parking along Sunrise HIghway, make sure you have an Adventure Pass.

Great trail! More off the beaten path than the meadow for sure. I wouldn’t park at the place it shows on the map though because you end up hiking past the first main trail head anyways. I would just start there. The hike up the side of the mountain to get back to your car was ridiculous! Not too many people it was great. Easy hike with my infant.

3 months ago

Excellent trail, plenty of parking space on the pine valley trailhead but don’t forget your adventure pass in the general store right as you enter pine valley! Great place for a solitude getaway, with plenty of spots to lay a tent down if an overnighter is your thing, like myself. Not much of a water source in mid October so bring water. And be sure to be mindful of where you leave your food for there were mountain lions all over at night. Just the trail I was looking for.

Just did this hike on Saturday and the creek is bone dry. No falls, no water, not even a tiny little stream. Overall it’s s relatively easy hike with nice foliage and breeze. If you feel like going further past the falls you can continue on this part of the PCT onward to Mt Laguna where there are random spots to camp. We bumped into a few people carrying packs and they were doing a quick weekend trip. Will likely come back to give that a try.

3 months ago

Fun trail with great views throughout. Especially on the eastern portion of the loop!

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