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A very nice day. Unfortunately there were many large groups of mountain bikers, all mostly very courteous but one group who actually said we hikers should step off the trail for them. Moving to the side wasn’t good enough. I wish these kids didn’t get so many trophies along the way. They need to be taught some respect. Many parts of the trail become narrow and easy to slide off when dodging bikes. Especially when you can’t hear them until they slide behind you screaming LEFT. By the way bikers, hikers have the right of way in such (seldom) situations. IMBA offers great guidelines to share the trail. Other than that it was worth the time out.

7 days ago

Loved this hike. Did it on a Saturday afternoon. On the portion of the trail along the creek, I came across 4 or 5 groups camping by the river. Once the trail left the creek side and started heading uphill, I didn’t see another person on the way up or down.

The trail is physically challenging for a relatively short hike, and in places the trail is slippery due to a bit of gravel on hardpack in steep sections. Even though the trail is in an area with a lot of burned terrain, the trail itself is probably 90% in the shade, so not a bad option for a hot day.

Finding the arch is slightly tricky. They key is knowing that you have to go over the summit and down the dome a few hundred yards.

Follow the cairns once you leave the creek side trail and you should be fine.

We lost a dog about a mile up on Matukat road on the way to the trail head. He is a Newfoundland black lab mix and his name is Milo. He has Colorado tags, if you find him please call the number on the tags.

Hiked this trail two days ago and had to take about a 2 mile detour due to trail closures. Still a good hike with decent views and not too many people.

21 days ago

Took the dogs for a late early morning hike the views were beautiful only encountered a few other hikers parking lot was rather empty for a weekday would do again and go further next time beautiful.

Nice trail. Popular area so get there early if you want to avoid crowds.

23 days ago

Really enjoyed this hike/run....It was listed for mountain biking also....I don't recommend it...parts of the trail would be good but still a lot of hike a bike esp. if you hike more along the river....

29 days ago

Good trail. It ends with a relaxing view and a place to rest by the river (and option to rock climb!).

Fun little hike, but I would definitely recommend leaving your dog at home in the summer. Because of the fire that went through (I'm assuming a few years ago), the trail is really exposed. our pup burned her paws a little since there was little shade to retreat to. It is, however, a really good trail to take out of towners who are not used to the elevation.

Tough workout, worth it to scramble over some big rocks and see a great vista. Would do again. True story, the trail is at times hard to figure out, but we followed the cairns, and our GPS when needed, got us there just fine.

Awesome trail before we finally gave in to the storm following us and turned around at the Pikes Peak overlook. Gorgeous views there and all the way up to it

1 month ago

Great loop trail. Largely shaded, with minimal traffic. Mostly bikers coming through. Easy incline.

Lovely trail with light traffic. The overlooks are a great payoff.

Long but not difficult, full of really lovely wildflowers right now I've never seen anywhere else, Eagle Cliffs overlook is especially amazing. I started just before 8am on a Saturday and saw nobody on the way in but tons of people on the way back.

1 month ago

Did this last Sunday and again today with my dog. Didn’t run into anyone today and only two couples the previous time.

Not a ton of breathtaking views but a great hike nonetheless. It’s probably borderline easy/moderate. There is some elevation gain on the way out and back. It’s about 2 miles to the river access - beautiful setting!

This will be a go to hike for me and the dogs.

Such a beautiful hike. Fantastic views at the first outlook, very forested, saw some deer, birds, butterflies and pretty Meadows with flowers. A part of the trail is closed, but it's clearly marked and you can just go around it so it doesn't affect your ability to hike. 7.00 day pass or a yearly option too. Can't wait to do the other trails sometime.

But you know what isn't great? People who hike with their dogs and leave their dog s**t bags on the trail. You're the worst kind of people. If you bring your dog, hike it's s**t back out with you too. That's what you signed up for by bringing them. Have some f**king respect for the nature we're out there to see and protect and appreciate. There was easily 10-15 bags of poop throughout the trail. There is a nicely maintained area at the park entrance with trash cans. Take some responsibility for yourselves.

Beautiful trail. Nice and steady, pretty easy terrain. Great views all along the trail, and especially at a few lookout points. My dog enjoyed the creek that popped up throughout the hike as well.

2 months ago

My son, pup and I had a most wonderful time on this trail today. There was some snow and ice but the majority of the trail was clear. We only saw one couple who was running with their pup. We will most likely come back in the summer

Steady relatively easy long hike. Three very pretty lookout views at the end, part of the Loop is closed for restoration so if you want to see the viewpoints it makes the hike 9.8 miles instead of 7.9.

Nice and cool starting off early, it gets hot and towards the end there is not a lot of shade coverage.

Overall nice hike! $7 entrance fee for state park

Pretty view but a lot more restrictions than we were expecting. It’s dog friends but they must be on a leash and are not allowed in the water. Not much tree cover due to the fire that was there a while back.

2 months ago

Nice little 5 mike RT from trailhead. Once you get down to the water there’s many areas to sit and eat a lunch.

I think this trail is rated moderate, which for the rocks on the trail and having to climb over some logs blocking the trail I’d agree. Easy enough for family’s to do.

Very easy trail. If you are looking for a nice long walk this is it. Not a very scenic trail although there are a few overlooks. Somewhat boring for my taste of trails.

3 months ago

Tough trail, but well worth the effort! If not for other posted reviews, not quite sure we would have made it. Once you leave the creek and start climbing, the trail becomes pretty nonexistent. We went into it assuming we'd get lost as others have commented due to it being poorly marked. Despite our best efforts to follow the trail map, it only gets you so close. There are so many random trails up there, but they all appear to eventually end up in the same place. Definitely watch for the cairns, they are your best resource once you start making your way around the dome to begin to climb. The arch takes a bit of effort to get down to; to the right and down the dome face towards the organ pipe rock will get you there. We didn't see anyone else out there until we were finally heading down to begin the hike back. Great workout, would do it again. Would not recommend for novice hikers

The weather today was too good to NOT go on a hike! The incline is steep but the majority of the trail is a gradual incline that is very nice. The views of the river are nice as well. it is a low-key hike and there was not much traffic. HUGE drawback which may deter some is there were people across the river staying in the cabins shooting. What should have been a quiet day in the woods with the calming sound of a rushing river turned into holy hell-I hope they are shooting safely and not across the river!

Very, very high pressure

Really interesting landscape with all the downed trees from fire damage. Pretty easy hike and great views of the lake and dam below. Very exposed to sun - was hot.

So many trees! The three overlooks are definitely worth it. Went on a Saturday afternoon and didn’t see too many people!

trail running
3 months ago

Nice rolling hills made for a great trail run

Great hike with amazing views. The trail is hard to follow from the river bed. The all trails map keeps you close, but keep an eye out for the cairns they are well placed. We saw a couple other groups on the trail, but for the most part were by ourselves. Will do this again!

3 months ago

Enjoyed this hike. Little foot traffic but well maintained with nice views. Certainly 'easy' as opposed to the 'moderate' rating listed on the site.

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