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amazing hike done MLK weekend 2018. view at the end is beautiful

Trail offers great views and an amazing scenery. My girlfriend and I were able to do this hike quite easily and we are not regular hikers. Going to see and experience the inside of the Soldiers arch is well worth the entire hike. The 7 sacred pools are pretty cool too. Good hiking boots/shoes are recommended since there are a lot of rocks and mud that you can step on/in. Great hike and will definitely make this a yearly trip!!

Beautiful trail with many hops over the creek. I did this trail during winter and was a bit icy.

Great trail with great views! Whole family loved it and got great photos.

Easy hike that doesn’t take too long. Only a few good views but those few views are awesome. Ends at a T intersection with another trail. Definitely worth the hike.

8 days ago

Beautiful views from the ground of the rock formations and canyon. The trail end does not have any Wow factor and the views are consistent along the whole trail. We did it in the winter and spring or summer might be more fun with the creek crossings and blooming wildlife. I would recommend this trail as a sight seeing activity rather than a trail hike. Good to go in 1 mile and out or for an easy day walk.

Beautiful hike throughout. Good mix of woods and open space! I did it in the cold rain which I don’t recommend but it was still beautiful. Be careful though because it’s easy to start heading the wrong direction so pay attention! It’s easy to realize and find your way back on track at least!

been there and it's amazing!

Fun hike. Relatively easy. Just some areas really change in elevation. Beautiful scenery all around, wherever you are on the trail. Fresh smell of pine. We went between 10am and 1pm and there was very low traffic.

12 days ago

I hiked this trail back in September on a weekend. Parking was a nightmare so beware. The trial itself was pretty cool even though it was pretty crowded. We packed our water shoes and our lunch, so once we got to the end of the trail, we changed shoes and continued on past the point that most people turned around. By this point, there was no one else around us (which was awesome) so we ate our lunch in the shade on a big rock. Overall I thought this trail was kind of boring though. It’s beautiful, don’t get me wrong, but, it took us a long time and there wasn’t all that much to see. You’re basically stuck in a canyon looking at the same thing for miles. I also got stung by a yellow jacket on our hike out. That could happen anywhere, but it didn’t add to my excitement of the hike. We did this hike in between our stays in Sedona and Flagstaff, so it was nice to see some greenery. But, I think next time, I’d find a hike with a little more umph to it!

16 days ago

Giving this a 5/5 even though we didn’t fully finish. Originally planned to do Solider Pass with the Mesa loop to add some more distance and views. About an hour into the hike we got hit with some snow which started to pick up as we got to the end of Solider Pass so we decided to turn back to avoid getting lost. Pretty well marked and trafficked is not too difficult to find your way around unless it ends up snowing a few inches while you’re up there.

Awesome rock structures, sink hole, riparian forest. Do the loop with Bryn Mesa but don’t take the Jordan Trail unless you don’t mind following electrical wires. Soldiers pass =great hiking. Decent elevation and good workout!

3 stars because of its underwhelmed ending. The main part of the hike is the sink hole but it is cool but not as exciting as the other hikes around the area, hikes like devils bridge, cathedral rock and bear mountain. Definetly do not do this hike before doing some of the other ones in the area.

on West Fork Trail

19 days ago

Great hike. Highly recommend it. Loved the river crossings because it added some fun. The end of the trail is amazingly beautiful and peaceful. Wasn't too crowded since it was the day after Christmas.

Great hike. Beautiful views. Stay on path easy to get lost!!! Must do while in Sedona....

20 days ago

Went with wife and pups last weekend. Parking opens at 8, get to the trailhead before 8:30 if you want a spot. Also you don’t have to listen to or see the Jeep tours if you go early which is nice. Sedona always has the most beautiful hikes. The sinkhole was awesome and the pools were pretty neat. Didn’t do the full trail because I was only interested in finding the cave. Look up online how to get there. It did not disappoint. If you’re physically capable, do yourself a favor and go to the end of the cave and climb the boulders that go out the very top. The view is amazing.

21 days ago

Make sure to climb down from the rim trail and experience the red badlands behind the inn. One of the quietest places I have ever been.

21 days ago

Beautiful example of desert badlands- very distinctive blue gray color and plenty of petrified wood uncovered.

This was the last trail we did in Petrified Forest and while the size of the logs was impressive, the colors were nothing like Jasper Forest.

Park at the Jordan Rd trail head and take the clockwise eye via Cibola, then up soldiers to Brins Mesa and back to the parking lot. Excellent walk. Moderate is accurate

So much fun. I ran it and would highly recommend this to trail runners.

Great trail with many shallow river crossings. Waterproof boots were really helpful. Plenty of shade resulting in a few icy patches. Beautiful canyon walls and greenery make this one of the best trails I have ever hiked.

This is a nice long, but easy hike into a beautiful canyon. Pretty creek to rest at by at the end of the trail.

The trail was very hard to follow, got lost at least five times if not more. Was unable to find the cave/arches and the sacred ponds were very underwhelming. A long distance for little reward. Parking space was very limited as well.

Nice long trail with good views and fun stream crossings. Got lost a few times so helped that people were around. I bet this is beautiful in the fall with the leaves changing!

1 month ago

Was a blast! Cant wait to do it in the warmer months to swim in the water holes!

on Soldier Pass Trail

1 month ago

Great views! There is a large network of trails in this area and numerous trails that link up to this trail. Pay attention to your direction as you can easily start walking on another trail and not realize it. They are all great trails so can’t really go wrong, but you may end up on a longer hike than you initially planned on.
Great views and landscapes along the way! Love this trail!

In the winter this is a moderate trail because crossing icy rocks many times isn’t easy. Still fun, but bring a walking stick, carry an extra pair of socks, and have dry shoes waiting in the car.

An easy hike with a gradual elevation gain and several stream crossings. Views are amazing.

Parking space is extremely limited, due to this we did not do the hike

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