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This trail was a great challenging trail for beginners . Beautiful view once you are at the top. Went around 8am- not very many people .

good workout. beautiful views! a bit busier than we expected but still a great hike.

Very scenic and steep going counter clockwise to bell pass which you gain 1,700'. Then you descend and wind through the valley and up and over three false passes to wind gate pass. That's 5.2 miles to there and around 2,100' of elevation gain. Then it's another 4.4 miles back to the trailhead over very rocky terrain. Great views of camelback and other mountains and valleys.

Good hike but always busy on the weekends

3 days ago

excellent climb

I think it’s doable for most average fit people. If possible Uber to Echo Trailhead an finish through Cholla, way less bouldering on way down. Go early if possible.

washed out
4 days ago

great trail, I'd say more moderate for an adult. young children I'd have a hard time bringing them to this trail. careful of moist,wet conditions could be dangerous. very scenic worth the whole home up and down! another one off the list

This trail is moderate at best. I guess the only hard part is mentally preparing yourself for a long hike with a slow yet challenging incline . It’s not a steep incline until the very end, even then it’s not bad. It’s a beautiful hike, with gorgeous views throughout. I went around 2pm and the sun wasn’t too bad, there was a lot of shade. There were bikers on the way down with zero etiquette. It was like they expect people to hear them coming and jump out of the way, even though mostly everyone these days hike with headphones on or music playing. There is absolutely not enough room for bikers and hikers. So just be aware of what other people are doing and occasionally look back just in case. Also, there are bathrooms at the top, but they are not for the weak lol they’re like permanent port-a Johns, and literally smell like urine and death.

10 days ago

LOVED IT!! So many beautiful sights, it changes up a lot, moderately challenging. My only complain is that the end of the Holbert Trail is nothing really worth working for, but the first 85 percent of the trail is great.

Not too busy, the hikers are all polite. I really appreciate this trail being here. I will be back

If your body can handle the hike then definitely do it. The easiest parts are until mile marker 16. If you find it hard before then you should not continue. A lot of people get hurt on this trail and need to be rescued. Definitely intended for the more experiences hiker.

The trail isn’t too difficult at all. There were some extremely wet/slushy spots that made some parts rather slippery. The waterfall itself was nice, and the water was still a decent temperature to swim. Scenery is nice, but again, nothing out of this world. Wouldn’t rate this hard like AllTrails has it, but it is a decent hike. Happy to have done it, wouldn’t be one that I did twice.

I’ve hiked this trail several times. It’s a good hike, but there is lots of traffic on the trail anytime after 8am and a significant part of the trail is in direct sunlight at almost any time after noon, so bring your hat, shades and water. It is a beautiful hike with several great places to stop, rest and take in the views of Phoenix.

The views were good. Would definitely not consider this to be a difficult hike at all. Although what they don't tell you is - there's a parking lot at the top. In other words, you put in the effort for this grand view and you're sharing it with about 30+ other people that didn't earn the view. That said, if you want to take a great pic of Phx lights at night, that drive up to Dobbins would be a great way to do it.

Also, there's no cave. Nope. Doesn't exist.

This was a awesome climb and a real challenge at times ....great views

Nice hike. Wouldn't rate it hard, more like moderate. Continued past Dobbins on Holbert to National trail and walked up to the TV towers.

Out and back is a great way to experience the whole mountain. 2:49

Was a beautiful hike! But was a little disappointed that it says “cave”... i looked for one but never found it.

Definitely challenging! I’d reccommend hiking boots because you’re scrambling towards the tops on both sides of the mountain

17 days ago

This is a semi challenging hike with great views of the valley of the sun.

beautiful trail to hike. nice and clean. starts moderate but gets a bit tougher as you get higher on elevation. good break or rest areas along the way. we did it up and back in 2.30 hours. we are doing it again in one week. highly recommend it.

good trails for families

A moderately difficult hike about one hour up and half that down. Toilet facilities at the top are not for the weak stomach. This hike has a great view to the north on a clear day.

Very heavily trafficked which took away form the experience. Otherwise amazing. Great workout, amazing views and lots of fun exploring the summit,

Loved the challenge!! So beautiful! Can’t wait to go again! The waterfall left me speechless

Very busy, better parking than the cholla side and easier climb.

it was pretty good :) slipped a couple of times. it was definitely worth it. views are amazing. MAKE SURE YOU BRING WATER AND WEAR TENNIS SHOES. there were fire trucks and it was kinda scary. would definitely go again tho.

I clocked the trail at closer to 2,000ft elevation gain overall. But none the less it is a great loop with excellent views. Hard to believe this little paradise is in the middle of such a large city.

great hike. not to hard if you’re experienced. the look out at the top is pretty cool. kinda crowded

Great first hike up a mountain.

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