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10 hours ago

Well maintained trail with lots of great views of Saguaro Lake, as well as Four Peaks and even Flatiron in the distance.
Nice change from the typical Phoenix desert hike, and though the trail is fairly flat, there is just enough elevation change to keep things interesting and to improve the views.
I saw a couple of wild horses at the trailhead. Beside that I barely saw any trash on the trail. Someone must have come through and cleaned up after the party pig summer crew!

Incredible hike! One of the best in this area!!
It is, however, a looong 7 miles. Go up the west side first to the saddle. It tends to be a bit boring until you start up toward the saddle. The ascent is not nearly as steep as people portray it to be. The saddle is, surprisingly, rather flat at the top. Great place for a picnic or break.
I cannot stress enough how important it is to go up the west side first because the back side of the mountain has some of the most beautiful views I have seen in a long time! There are no houses or buildings in the valley there, and you will be “awed” most of the way as you encircle a great portion of the mountain from high up. The only thing you need to be careful of is that there is lots of gravel. Take a stick or pole, and of course plenty of water and a snack.
Save the best for last by going up to the saddle first and come down on the back side.

Maintain three points of contact and move deliberately...

Last whoa before hiking Grand Canyon R 2 R next weekend. Hiked both directions. .....awesome for distance!

good trail. nice hike . but somewhat dull

26 days ago

Stunning views, will def do it again. Wanted to see the wild pack of horses, no luck. Since this trail borders the lake, I'm sure it'll be less than serene on weekends, jet-skis, etc. When I went it was quiet, began around 7am on a Weds. Parking is $8, can get at a Circle k or QT on the way.

If curious about the name, https://www.google.com/search?q=Dr.+W.W.+Jones&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8&client=firefox-b-1

Interesting quote, from AZ Republic.... "Question: Who was Butcher Jones, and why is a trail named after him near Saguaro Lake?

Answer: The Arizona Republic's Scott Craven did some research, and here's what he found:

"Butcher Jones most likely is Dr. W.W. Jones, according to state historian Marshall Trimble. An online search showed Jones to be more than a medical professional. In the mid-19th century, he also owned mines in Arizona as well as a freighting business. He lived in Yuma, Prescott, Wickenburg, Phoenix and Tempe, and later in life became a rancher. He apparently was fairly influential in his day, and he was friends with Jacob Waltz of Lost Dutchman Mine fame. There also was a mention that Dr. Jones performed surgeries on his dining room table, which may have led to his nickname of Butcher (a Parks Department employee said of Butcher Jones – 'I am pretty sure he was a doctor, but apparently not a very good one.')."

Challenging but worth the views!

1 month ago

LOVED this hike! Arrived around 6:30am on a Saturday and it was pretty empty, although when we were heading back around 8 both the trail and the lake were starting to fill up. Seriously beautiful views of the lake and surrounding mountains the whole way, with some outlets to walk down to the water. There was a rattlesnake and a family of javelinas when we were there, so keep an eye out for wildlife and stay aware. Heads up (and my reason for 4 stars)- the lake is popular for boating and jetskis. If you're looking for a relaxing, quiet hike either go really early or pick another trail.

Good hike with outstanding views. A few steep vertical ascents - cable in place to assist, and not hard finding footholds. Sharp drop offs at some points - not hard to navigate, but requires attentiveness. Fun!

1 month ago

Great challenge.

Nice trail, Wild horses, lake views, easy access to the water. Very nice, will definitely do again!

1 month ago

It’s a nice trail with a little elevation change but definitely for hiking than going fishing. There is some good shoreline at the beginning of the trail but then it is up over and around before you back to where you can access the shore again. That’s ok! Have you mind set for hiking vs good fishing. Much better to be on the water. Kayaking or on a boat

1 month ago

Beautiful hike that I do often. Not difficult though footing in places can be tricky . Gorgeous views of the water most of the way. Trash is becoming a problem so please please pick up after yourself!

good exercise, try to hit in the am before it gets hot.

1 month ago

Beautiful trail. We were able to see a ton of wildlife from lizards, to chipmunk, and even a coral snake. Didn't see any of the wild horses, but the trail runs right next to Saguaro Lake and provides you with some amazing views. Not too difficult of a trail, but always pay attention where you are stepping.

This would be a 5 star trail if there was some trail maintenance done, especially in the first mile or so. There is a ton of trash all over, there are parts that are very overgrown, and areas not well marked. Needs a little TLC.

I wanted so much to love this trail. It has water, great birds, horses, cool plants, and is pretty unique among places I've been in Arizona.

There was trash everywhere. I just wanted one spot on the hike where my partner and I could sit for 15 minutes overlooking the water without an empty beer can within 20 feet. Couldn't find one.

If Arizona cleans this area up, it becomes an easy 5 stars.

My kids loved it. Out for a picnic and hike turned out perfect. Water is cold but worth it after the heat.

8.17.18 Payson trails are now open. Did this trail, I dont think I did the same route as other people because I didnt see very much running water, mostly stagnate. I might try it again after a few more days of rain.

overall I'd give the challenge a 4-5 views and the adventure factor 8 was a fun trail. Check out the ostrich farm while down there.. who woulda thought that would be way out there.

2 months ago

Great hike through the desert. Relatively close to the East valley. Well maintained and we'll traveled. Great views at the top.

Nice hike, easy and quiet.

Fun trail occasionally hard to find. Some great views of red Mountain and the salt River. There are many other trails and washes that intersect. This makes it easy to take a quick short cut back to the beginning. We cut about 2 miles off the main trail by doing this. We didn’t want to do the whole 7 miles. We did about five.

Yikes, a lot more fun and challenging than we expected! This was difficult! The view, however was a lovely stretch of I-10... lots of awesome hiking for a less than stellar view

Park for free by the bridge just before Granite Reef recreation site or roadside just after. Granite Reef requires a paid pass.

This is a great MTB trail. I was hiking and went off trail most of the time. I did a Little Rock hounding and found some nice quartz.

It’s straight up desert crossing, not featured, maintained hiking trails. I like that.

Quiet and relaxing.

3 months ago

Decent views - started at 0615 finished at about 0855 as we stopped for lunch - I hike a lot in Arizona in the summer but the last mile was oppressively hot. At 108 my backpack thermometer read 120 in direct sun. I’d recommend not doing this one during July/Aug unless the high is below 105

This hike is absolutely beautiful! You really get to experience a little bit of everything this desert has to offer. The views are fantastic and the hike easy, so even with the 100+ degree temperatures it was pleasant. Tips- Pack lots of water, be mindful of snakes!

Hiked Picacho yesterday, the trail is really bad. It got washed out by the rain we had last weekend. I have done this trail before and it was nice last time. They have a lot of work ahead of them to fix the trail. Boulders and rocks have fallen in the trail. Some of the steps have broke. If you go be very careful and take your time. I really love this trail, I hope to do it again when it gets back to how it was.

I think the only parking area is about a mile away from the trail. You have to get a permit at the Walgreens on the way in ($8). I skipped this trail.

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