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It you are fit and fine, it's not a difficult hike. I started around 8:15ish. I was able to hike to top without any break. It took me around 45 mins to reach there with my normal pace. Spent half an hour at the top enjoying the beautiful views and came back which took around 25 mins(I jogged for half a mile or so).
The weather was nice today. While going up befor 9 you can get some shades because of mountains. There are restrooms at the trailhead and lots of parking.

Very fun. Go early to beat the crowds!

Amazing at the summit!!

Tough hike! Almost straight up, but worth it.
I would recommend going early if the temperature is going to be high! We started at 1 pm and it was around 28C!! So hot!
Beautiful views and rocky, narrow trail

Went on a solo hike and it was great. Perfect level of difficulty for me. Took me 2 hours but I stopped a lot to soak in the views. Be prepared for lots of steps, but it’s worth it! The trip down will take probably 1/4 as long as the trip up.

Challenging but doable

Fun, challenging and endless views with mild weather yesterday. My first time hiking Camelback. Take plenty of water.

trail running
4 days ago

Fun Run. Enough elevation gain to get your heart going!

lots of stairs but fairly quick! As someone who doesn't hike this took me about an hour and a half.

Excellent hike, great views. The 23rd street entrance provides a far-quieter initial hike (although less clear trail) before the busyness of the peak trail

fun easy to moderate but very busy

Lots of steps :) Worth the trip.


Awesome view at the top... pictures don’t do justice! Make sure to bring plenty of water... no fill station at the beginning and entire trail in the sun!

Difficult and worth it! Come prepared with lots of water and hiking shoes/boots. I wore fitness clothes (running tights and a tanktop) but am so glad I opted for hiking shoes instead of my regular sneaks. They really helped for the rock scramble at the end, and for keeping grip the whole way down.

Definitely trickier than the Echo Canyon side & more walking at the bottom cause of parking situation.

Hate to be in the minority here, but Camelback is just meh. My issue is the crowd and just the general traffic of the mountain. I have done this hike 3 times. The first time was 117 at my truck when I started out. as you can imagine there was only 5-10 people on the trail. The second time up was just about 10 degrees cooler and was also uncrowded. Today the temperature was about 76 and was very crowded and kind of unfriendly.

Yeah the hike is strenuous and a scramble for most of the way, but what I find lacking is soul.

For an in town hike I am all about Piestewa. People just seem happier, less aggressive and I like the views better. Given the opportunity a short drive to the mountains ringing our valley and points beyond seem to offer what brings me happiness and peace. I understand the draw here, but I think I'll reserve Camelback for the crazy hot months when the crowds are sane enough to stay away.

This was a little more challenging towards the summit. Ready to go back for more.

Only went half way up Echo Canyon Trail, because one of our hikers has a bad knee. Nice views and a good workout going up. Going down the footing is a little shaky.

1:30 to make it up... how’s a good time to go... great hike for kids... 12+.

Easy trail, better for mountain biking than hiking in my opinion.

Decent hike, not the best in the valley. Very popular mountain so if you don’t like crowds I’d stay away from this one.

Make sure you go very early in the morning if you want to complete this in the summer months. Pretty challenging hike -took me about 4 hours total.

Beautiful Sunrise if you get up there early.

Not for beginner hikers. The extensive and steep rock gardens extended far beyond my anticipation! Invest in quality hiking or trail running shoes and a hydration pack.. carrying your water via bottle would be very uncomfortable as you use all limbs to make it up and down this beast. Once to the top; the 360 degree views are priceless!!! Definitely added this hike to my favorites!! Do NOT go off the trail and heed all signs! Have fun and be safe!!!

on Pyramid Trail

20 days ago

Great workout and not as populated as many other trails

I love this trail! It’s steep and tough, and there are several areas with steps/stairs. But, the payoff upon reaching the summit is so worth it! Great views! And, usually a nice breeze at the top. I love it because it’s an excellent cardio and leg workout, but it’s not too long so it’s definitely doable. I’ve always gone very early - no later than 5:45am. Amazingly, there are usually more people coming down at that time than there are going up! I’ve heard this is a super-popular night hike. And I believe it! Overall: Nice people; Excellent workout; Great views. Can’t wait to do it again!

My favorite moderate trail for a morning hike

Nice workout. Started at 9.30u, a bit late on this very hot day. Only made it to the top with 2 Liters of water, good footwear and multiple stops but the views were worth it. When you’re halfway up you understand that the warnings at the start of the climb are there for a reason (not used to these in the Netherlands)

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