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Great hike, difficult for a fat boy but the crowds of hikers are friendly and encouraging. Good views but mostly did it for the accomplishment and was well worth it. If attempting in summer, bring buckets of water.

I hiked counterclockwise so I would be on the sunny side earlier in the day. Fun desert trail around the peak with great scenery but in town too. Tough climbs. I would estimate 25% level or close to level hiking, and 75% up and downs. Not so crowded early, but extremely crowded later and going to the peak. Mostly hikers, a few runners, no bikers.

2 days ago

Nice hike, lots of wildlife, lots of dog poo right in the middle of the trail. Poorly marked at times, we definitely got ‘lost’ once. Saw a total of 8 other people. Would recommend and will be back for sure!

3 days ago

Did Holbert-National-Kiwanis today. I had done that trail before, but not in a few years. As many hikers know, Holbert is a little bit tough going up. Most times on Holbert, I have stopped at the lookout that is up about 1 mile. Today, I knew I had to reach End of Trail on Holbert, and then continue to National and Kiwanis. It was harder than I remembered! I actually fell off trail on Holbert while traipsing through the desert east of Dobbins Lookout and had to bushwhack up to the summit road, turn left and then hike up the road to the continuation of Holbert and then the link to National West. National is beautiful right there, sweeping within just a couple hundred feet of the radio towers that are visible from all over Phoenix. Kiwanis is essentially all downhill from right there, bringing an easy end to the difficult hike. Cactus flowers were out today! Fun stuff.

Difficult but enjoyed lot

Great challenge and view.

I’m very sorry to be writing this review, especially about such a beautiful trail that is so accessible right at the center of Phoenix.

The hike unto itself is great: a good workout, beautiful scenery, and amazing city views. The thing that ruins this hike is the people. It is understandably busy, being in the middle of the city and all. Nonetheless, a large contingency of this mountain’s hikers are constantly so rude. I’ve hiked this hike four times in the past year and a half. Unlike every other hike I’ve ever hiked, people on this mountain yell at one another to get out of the way, trail runners nip at your heels, and people blare music on portable speakers despite signs telling you to use your headphones. Of course there are plenty of friendly people, but sadly the bad outweighs the good to the point that I’ll sadly never hike this hike again.

If you’re looking for a similarly tough hike, try Camelback. If you’re looking for another hike in the area, try literally any other hike in Phoenix Mountains Preserve. They’re all beautiful with far friendlier people.

A great sub-hour run for those good on rocky terrain looking for a short trip outside and feeling fit. Otherwise a pleasant use of part of the day with some scrambling to keep up the Interest. The top views are amazing.

The hike is well worth the views. Wear appropriate footwear and gloves would be a bonus. Bring lots of water!

Hard hike, but worth it!!

Very fun but difficult trail, steep with lots of scrambling. Great 360-degree view of the valley from the top.

This is a great trail! Be prepared for a lot of people and some steep inclines.

Challenging and fun trail. There were many others on the trail, all enjoyed the mountain.

Great hike get there early

10 days ago

Amazing hike with challenging points throughout. We went early in the morning (5:45am) and it wasn’t too crowded. Quick a few sections needed hands to climb up but the climb to the summit was beautiful! Took about 45 mins to get to the top doing a relaxed pace about 4.5 mile return in total.

Really good workout up Piestewa and added miles with the Freedom lop.
First time there so at first didn’t realize how many parking lots are available if you just keep on driving.

Love this trail. Way more challenging out than back.

Good hike, especially for a short one. There are lots of people on the trail, however, on the weekend, apparently. I’d guess that around 1/10 to 1/8 of the trail, especially above the saddle is Class 3. Great views from summit. Take a backpack or water bladder pack to free both hands up for upper part, and bring gloves.

If you are afraid of heights, I would suggest not going. I saw a couple of people turn around because of that. It’s a fun hike but the only thing challenging is the amount of people. You just have to be mindful of other hikers and make frequent stops. The hike itself wasn’t too bad.

This was a fun, challenging hike. We also happened to have the best weather possible, 69 degrees with a cool, light breeze. I highly recommend this trail to everyone!!!

Very nice hike today.

This is a fun hike. I'm 60 years old and in average shape. I took my time, resting when needed, drinking plenty of water, and always looking for the easier way. If your joints are ok and you have average strength, you can do it. Go slow, be smart, and have fun!

12 days ago

Good hike. Steep at the beginning but a nice break about halfway through. Ended the hike a little early so didn’t get to the top. I’d bring visitors to this trail. We didn’t see one person the entire hike. Very quiet

Second time I’ve done this and I have to say I was pretty underwhelmed. It’s pretty much like walking up paved stairs most of the hike. The crowds are insane and people seem to have no hiking etiquette at all. Not even that attractive of scenery on this mountain, so I don’t get what the hype is all about. The view at the top is nice- if you can find a square foot of space for yourself to enjoy it. This hike was not difficult at all, I’d say it was barely moderately difficult. It’s not a hike I will come back to.

This is a really pretty hike that is easily accessible to people in central/south Phoenix. I come regularly just to get a nice workout in. It can be busy which is obviously not ideal.. but that’s the trade off for it’s great location. In the summer you will see tons of lizards. Chuckwallas, desert iguanas, zebra tails.. it’s flooded with them just keep your eye out. As for difficulty, it’s definitely not hard. I would rate it as moderate. All in all, great hike! The lookout unfortunately is crowded with tourists who drive up for the views. No avoiding that.

Quick hike in town! 35-40 minuets up 30 down. Bathrooms and easy parking. Few lizards spotted and well fed squirrels. Strenuous enough to qualify as a cardio workout.

30 minutes flat, 40 minutes up to top

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