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Rated hard but if you’re in shape and have okay balance this shouldn’t be any trouble at all. Be sure to hydrate, take water and good shoes.

This is my first time hiking camelback Mountain! I’m disabled and it was brutal! I made it 50 or so feet from the top. But didn’t feel safe scaling the rocks to the top. I’d be willing to try the echo canyon trail, I’m told it has more support. It’s definitely a challenge both physically and mentally. The energy of the mountain is definitely different! It’s super crowded! I’m still wrapping my mind around it

Trail is xtremely well traveled. Rated hard but with the well groomed and placed steps, handholds and rails its overrated. I'd say it's an easy hike with plenty of opportunity to stay safe for fit individuals. Big falls possible if careless or weak. Lower body injuries will require rescue and dehydration is most risky factor. Slippy gravel at times recommended grippy soles.

on Yavapai Point Trail

1 day ago

Nice hike. Great to do during December. Not many hikers. Cool breeze. Easy hike with beautiful vista of the lake. If your lucky you’ll see the wild burrows. Head to Dillons for BBQ after the hike. Note- your entrance fee does not get you into the entrance for the main marina, which is privately owned and not operated by Maricopa County Parks.

The views are awesome!
Good challenge, but really crowded and people don’t yield:(

Nothing special....exactly what I expected from the reviews but a decent place to go for a walk nonetheless.

Echo Canyon is a great workout, no question. A little scrambling the last part and of course 'the rails' will test you but they aren't nearly as bad as they are reputed to be. It's a great morning hike late in the season because the last part has a lot of shade. Is it harder than the Cholla trail? Overall in my opinion no. There are some challenging spots but all in all I feel it's slightly easier.

Parking sucks, no question. Best bet is to get a ride to and from unless you want to camp out on McDonald in the wee hours of the morning hoping for a spot.

2 days ago


Super short hike but amazing views and the kids love it.

Always a tough hike but rewarding at the top

A bit crowded on a Saturday morning but what else would you expect on such a beautiful easy hike trail!

Expected it to be a little harder than it was but great views nonetheless. Would definitely would reccomend a sunrise start!

A beautiful hike with incredible views of Battleship Mountain and the Superstition Wilderness. Trail is really well marked and taken care of!

We went tonight at sunset and the views were so lovely! The hike itself is quite easy/minimal incline. It is hard to tell which trail you are actually on. Nice view of the Phoenix skyline and surrounding mountains.

Great hike. Harder and more challenging than anticipated but well worth it. I recommend a backpack for water so you can use both hands to climb up the harder parts.

Great trail it gradually gets harder closer to the top

Decided to give it a shot in the mid-afternoon instead of super early in the AM. Got a nice parking space and didn't have to twiddle my thumbs behind slowpokes or get trampled by speed demons. I think I passed about 10 people and was passed by about 10 people. Guess that makes me pretty average.

Hiked Camelback in Feb 2018. Great workout. Fun and challenging climb. Beautiful view at the top.

Hard but worth the effort!

Such a rewarding hike!

Fun little hike! Easy :)

This was the most difficult trail I have ever hiked. I can say I've achieved to the top and would never hike it again. Check mark it off my to do list. done ! I fell on my butt 2x going down. very easy to get lost. no wonder people get rescued every year up on that mountain.

Hiked it today. Santa was at the top giving out candy canes. Fun hike! Watch for blue dots so you can stay on the trail

My favorite around PHX.

This was a cool hike. Wasn’t too much special about it although it did offer some really cool views. The return had some nice elevation gains at points, nothing great though. The bridge mentioned in the below review had been destroyed by the time I hiked it on 12/1, so it was just a hike across a dry river bed instead. If you’re here, be sure to hike Yavapai Point Trail, too. No shade, so take plenty of water if you plan on hiking both. $7 to enter, and I might would hike this again when I return for Yavapai Point, but just to see if the bridge had been repaired.

9 days ago

Excellent hike! The view at the top was well worth the short hike. Mostly flat, but there is a noticeable incline close to the top of mountain. A small bench is located on top so you can sit and enjoy the view for a moment. Not being a longtime local, it was good to see that much water again. Visited with some cool people, too. Also saw my 1st ever tarantula on the trail! Shout out to Rocky for giving me the courage to walk past it. I hiked this on 12/1 so it was perfect weather, but like most AZ trails, there’s not much shade. $7 to enter, I would hike this trail again.

We are so glad we practiced hiking in the South Mountain first before tackling this last week. It is for people like me who likes scrambling, clinging and finding my footing. My 13 year old son did it without much difficulty. There are false summit but keep pushing till you reached the top. I prefer this trail over cholla trail on the other side. There were families with small kids and they made it to the top, the parents just had to carry them in some points, all you need when hiking with small kids is PATIENCE, and water.

Hiked this side november 2017, it’s hard to find a parking space since you have to park on the roadside. To get to the summit we had to scramble and cling on some parts, but if you not comfortable going all the way to the summit, it’s alright, you can still see a great view around, afterall, there is the echo trail on the other side

Great trail, not difficult but if you like a challenge this trail presents a few options that branch off of the main trail that I’m sure you’ll enjoy, great views of downtown, SkyHarbor, Camelback and the entire valley

Fantastic walk. Great view of the city. Beautiful desert plants and scenery. Very steep in places.

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