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10 hours ago

Great hike! Saw a coyote when we first started out on the trail. Nice views from the summit. The path was decent and easy to follow throughout.

First hike we did in Sedona. Very easy. Beautiful views of Sedona and the canyon plus we saw a few coyotes which excites things. Will certainly do this one again.

5 days ago

The trail and the scenery are just beautiful. The way back to find is very hard because no signs anymore. It took us 2 miles more to find back. I recommend to take a good map with. All in all we made 6 miles in 3 hrs.

7 days ago

Amazing trail with gorgeous views. We were able to go off the posted trail and find the secret cave. Absolutely worth it. Truly breathtaking views.

8 days ago

Beautiful surroundings! Trail not marked too well so got off path a few times.

Did the trail in October. Weather was great cold at the start but warmer near bottom. Some tricky spots and not for younger kids. The hike down was pretty easy but back out sucked the energy out of you. At the bottom the river was flowing and sound of water was relaxing

I have done Fossil Creek through Camp Verde but my kids and I were anxious to complete the hike through Strawberry. We could not have picked a better day for this hike on 8.25.18. We went with a group of 13, ages 8-45 and thankfully, everyone survived and had an amazing time. We were blessed with dark clouds the entire day though it never rained. The hike is definitely a workout but the views and waterfall at the end were absolutely worth it. Spent about 4 hours cliff jumping and swimming. Definitely bring food as you will want to sit and enjoy the scenery and the water. The hike out was a challenge for my 8 year old as it was very steep and it definitely got my heart rate up. If you have young kids, I would recommend the hike through Camp Verde and save this one for the older kids. Would absolutely do this hike again next summer!

15 days ago

I did this in my 3\4ton extended cab short box Chevy 2" lift and 33's wasn't too bad didn't bottom out at all. I took the FR10 trail after a rainstorm no mud it was almost pure rock, very bumpy. Not much for views.

Great hike! Took my time walking clockwise, making photos along the way, with the best views especially around the mid-way point. I missed the trail that cuts across bypassing point B to get back to the trailhead which added a few more miles. A great case in point to know before you go. I had been rushing without paying attention to the sign posts thinking I needed to make it back before parking gates were locked around 5. I got back 20min after and there were still cars in the lot. My phone's GPS helped me navigate the return and I also carried a headlamp/plenty of water.

The loop was great the summit was even better, beautiful view. Easy hike.

Your glutes and calves will burn!
but it's an amazing site to see 4 miles down. The Spring is fantastic to explore. Bring a hammock to hang & perhaps even a float!
Warning: our doggy suffered ripped paw pads and he's a malinois. We had to carry out a 70 pound dog in a backpack.

Completed the trek down in 1.5 hours.
Completed the trek back up (3/4 of trail is uphill) in 2 hours 15 min.
I think I'm slow compared to the guys i hike with, but we kept pace quite fast, passing some hikers on our way out.

off road driving
27 days ago

Friend I just drove this, coming in the day after a big rainstorm. No mud at all, but also no dust. We were both in Toyota Tacoma’s—mine which is a 4x4 and his which a 2WD (although it does have rear locker). Couple parts where you need the right line and to take it slow but neither of us needed to use my trucks 4WD.

1 month ago

As mentioned before, you are not able Park until 8am. The trail near the top is not marked at all, so it is very easy to end up on Brin Mesa trail without realizing it. We backtracked and found Soldier Pass trail which was grown up and mostly in a dry gully. The trail was pretty, but quite hot. Unfortunately, much of the red rock views were obscured by smoke from a distant wildfire.

Beautiful on the way down, strenuous hike on the way up. In actuality, it's a total of 10 miles round trip.
Here are some helpful tips:
- don't take your dog unless it's in good shape and you bring it booties for its paws. The trail is VERY rocky and tore up our little girls pads :( we also had to take a lot of breaks for her in the way up. If you do bring your dog, make sure you have a bowl, and plenty of water for cooling body temp and drinking.
-take enough water for the way down. I'd say 2 liters per person. When you get down to sign that says dam (right) springs (left) go right to the dam which will take you to the waterfall. On you're way out, go back toward the spring to fill up your water supply. YOU WILL NEED IT GOING UP. The water bubbles straight from the earth and is the best water I've tasted. It's not that far back... it's off to the right, you'll see it feeding into the springs from underground- very cool!
- start early! It'll take time coming up and you'll want to spend time swimming, etc. We hit the trail at 9am, got to the bottom around 1130 (we had dogs and kids), left at around 1pm and didn't reach the top until 4. But again, took several breaks to water our dogs, kids and selves.
- watch for Rattlesnakes! Stay to the middle of the trail when you can, and be aware. My friend almost got bit, but was able to jump outta the way. Beautiful 2 yr old rattler off to the side sunbathing, but could have been the end to a beautiful day.
- I cannot stress enough- water, water and more water, especially if bringing pets. They get thirsty and their body temps rise quickly. Ensure you keep you're pup alive if bringing. Our 5 yr old barely made it out. Might take her again, but with booties next time.
-kids do ok, they'll slow you down a bit, but as long as they have enough to drink they'll do great and absolutely LOVE swimming under the cave.
Water is cold, refreshing, and perfect in September. Best time of the year to go, in my opinion.
We'll be back!

off road driving
1 month ago

Took this trail in my Tacoma and I didn't scrape the bottom and I didn't get any pinstripes. This trail is very easy. There is a few difficult areas but you can go around them if you want. This trail took me about 1.5 hours.

1 month ago

Great hiking trail that offers awesome views of Sedona in a very peaceful setting. Easy access from 89. Recommend that you do the "loop"...but definitely go up the summit that is shown on the map as a "dead end". Quick walk up with excellent panaramic view.

1 month ago

Beautiful hike! You go down, down, down and more down to the waterfall which was hard on my hips. Also meant you will be going up, up, UP all the way back!! Like everyone else said bring LOTS of water and save most for the way out. I filled my hydro at the waterfall. The water is crystal clear, cold and moving quickly so its fine. I'm still alive after drinking! I wet a towel there and wrapped on my neck for the way back. That helped a lot. I wouldn't recommend kids or dogs going, but they could do it if in good condition. We left our kids and dog home and were very happy we did so. Its very very rocky so you have to be constantly looking down so you dont trip. The group I was with are all in very good shape. We gym several times a week and hike a lot and the next day we could hardly move! The way out seems like never ending and gets tough with all the rocks. Take your time. Get there early and bring lots of water and snacks. You won't regret it!
There is a ranger there checking permits, so make sure you have one and its for the correct lot.

off road driving
1 month ago

Let's be honest here. This is a "road", not a trail. It's a great choice for the "family SUV" if you want to take the family for a Sunday drive - nice views and a nice cool place to have a picnic at the summit. You'll get your SUV dusty, but if you're looking for an off-road excursion that takes any amount of skill and a vehicle not designed to get groceries, there are many better choices in the same vicinity.

1 month ago

This hike was absolutely amazing. The reviews were a little daunting so I almost did not do this by myself, but I had no problems whatsoever. I'm in pretty good shape and did not find this difficult at all. BUT, that's completely relative to an individual's fitness. I would recommend getting there early (9am) because I had the whole waterfall/spring to myself for a few hours. Once it hit 12:30p.m. the crowd started showing up. I drank about 3L of water, but I stayed hydrated and ate well all week before coming. It's not just about the water you drink during the hike, it's also the prep the week before. Just be smart, come prepared, and enjoy yourself! This is definitely worth the 4-mile in and out.

1 month ago

Great Hike, Would recommend when you visit!

off road driving
1 month ago

I love this place. Great trails everywhere. Hard to get lost.

on Soldier Pass Trail

1 month ago

We really enjoyed this hike. Fairly easy with great scenery. Trails are periodically marked and easy to stay in route. there's a sink hole along the way that's cool to see. to do a loop you can connect to a couple other trails that are explained at trail head. Get here early, parking lot gate opens at 8am and only 14 spots. fills fast

off road driving
1 month ago

Just ran this trail yesterday in a stock 2001 Grand Cherokee. This is not an easy trail unless you’re in a lifted rig with big tires and even then its a challenge. (I need to note that it had stormed hard the night before and the entire trail was heavy mud and rock down in the washes) The scenery is awesome, way better than I expected. We entered the trail from the Usery Pass gate and finished at the Apache Trail exit. I probably won’t run this trail again after heavy rain until I get a lift and some skid plates. In dry conditions it's probably a moderate trail.

TAKE NOTE: Easy in, strenuous out! The waterfall and pools at the end of the trail are absolutely breathtaking and perfect for swimming! Save your water for the hike out, it is long and ALL uphill, with loose rocks for the majority of the path. When you get to the sign at the bottom that says Spring left and Dam right, go right! Much shorter trek to waterfall. Like many others have forewarned bring LOTS of water and bring sunscreen/sunglasses/hat— the trail is mostly in direct sunlight. 200 people are rescued on this trail every year, so be smart and wear appropriate hiking footwear. I wore my bathing suit underneath my clothes and brought water shoes for the falls. A ranger is also at the trailhead to check permits, so make sure you get one ahead of time online!

Great views. Must go to sacred pools in the spring.

Fun easy trail, great for first time off roaders. Some fun spots and lots of great scenery and photo opportunities.

off road driving
2 months ago

took my DRZ out for a first time ever off road ride. This trail (I took 10 and 3554 entirely) was quite a workout! I would put this as an above average start for someone who hasn't been off road but knows the basics of riding and has been on road for a while. the DRZ handled it just fine and the views were spectacular. if anything, I'd do it again just for the view! for now, I may try to find something a bit more beginning friendly for my second ride. pretty sore after this one. great trail though!

Nice short easy hike. Great view of the surrounding area.

My first time hiking this trail...and LOVED it!! What I learned:
1) Trail is rocky, wear comfortable, supportive HIKING shoes, your feet will appreciate it. Take water shoes or sandals (Teva is my favorite) for when you’re ready to jump in the swimming holes
2) Have PLENTY of water to drink!! When you think you have enough, take some more. Other option is to fill your water bottle at the spring.
3) Watch our for critters...2 fellow hikers saw rattle snakes and 1 saw a tarantula...I got lucky and saw a deer.
4) The sun can be a bit brutal so make sure you have a hat, sunscreen and sunglasses
5) Pace yourself on the way back up, take breaks in shady areas (when you can find one), the trail is exposed to the sun
6) Pack light snacks
8) Have fun!! Happy hiking!!

off road driving
2 months ago

Fun trail to start with lots of wildlife and breathtaking views. This trail, most likely due to the monsoon season, was incredibly technical with a lot of washouts and sharp rocks.

The issue with this trail is it is not marked and has a lot of intersections with no direction. You WILL need to follow the directions exact or you will find yourself in very dangerous territory quick.

You will drive in a few washes with varying difficulty depending on storms. My recommendation is to drive in, stop at the Gila River to eat lunch and take in the views, and drive back the way you came.

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