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2 days ago

Nice hike and can become busy with mountain bikes down a particular stretch. Trekking poles or walking stick suggested after a recent rain due to slippery rocks. Beautiful landscape.

on Quartz Peak Trail

2 days ago

I love this hike! I enjoy the drive to it. Steep incline is a definite workout. Go early because one the sun is above the mountain range very limited shade. I didn’t make it to the peak, but if you do wear reliable shoes and a walking stick or trekking poles recommended for balance.

A nice little hike with some scenic views on the needle at the end. We will return soon to do the whole weaver’s needle trail! Some running water in places today, may be more after the rain tonight.

Awesome hike! As a pretty experienced hiker, this trail was difficult because of the lack of markers. Easy to lose your way if you are not looking up to find blue and white dots throughout. Amazing views at the top! When in doubt, stay left on the way up. Gloves would be very helpful for the way down as you are rock climbing down for the first mile descend. Not for someone who is afraid of heights or is a nervous hiker. Definitely recommend this bad boy if you are in the Mesa/Phoenix area!

2 days ago

My favorite hike in Scottsdale!

Great long hard hike. Best done in cool weather as it is hot and steep! There are sections of climbing and scrambling back down, not for the nervous hiker.

Really demanding hike. Come prepared with plenty of water and hiking boots. There are times where you will face 20ft rock climbing walls. This is not a breeze in the Park but easily doable with some common sense. Heavily traffic at times. The only downside is that a lot of the trail markers are not as legible anymore or non existent in places hence why I gave it 4 stars. Beautiful 360 views. This hike is definitely a worthy feeling of accomplishment when completed. Don't give up and just go slow. Cheers.

Relatively easy hike.
Reached the saddle in 2 hours.
Then walked down to the needle base and back in 1:15 hours.
Water used was 1.5 liters.
Forest service has a real bathroom at the trailhead.
Total hike time 5.5 hour includes two 15 minute breaks.
Dress in layers
Gravel road last 5 miles.

Pretty hike! Unlike another trail I was on the last time I visited, it’s got good elevation changes to make it interesting and some really lovely views. The summits are both doable (in one of the duplicate listings for the summits on AllTrails, they’re listed as hard. They’re not hard.)

I always end up registering more mileage than AllTrails lists. I think it had 6.9 miles when I got back to my car. Beware of loose rock. There’s plenty. My poor boots and their wearing soles can attest to that.

3 days ago

Pretty decent hike, nice if you like flat hiking for several miles before ascending. A little tricky to find the trail to start going up, but we used the GPS marker on the trail map (AllTrails) to back track when we accidentally passed it. Kept us on route

So many people parked at the trailhead head use the Overflow parking there was a line to get into the restrooms six deep thought I was at Disney World needed a fast pass. other than over a hundred people on the trail betrayal was fairly easy someone climbs up to the saddle and then down to the junction for Weaver's needle. once you get over the saddle you lose the crowd and you're just mesmerised by the beauty of the needle.

Hiked this for a second time and loved it! Definitely one of the more scenic hikes in the PHX area.

Awesome hike! Definitely not for beginner hikers but not terribly difficult either. Trail isn’t marked too well — when in doubt go to the left. Took about 3 hrs to get up and back.

Awesome hike with great views! I saw a few pets and I wouldn’t recommend them as it’s very steep at points.

Challenging to say the least. Views are spectacular all the way up. Caution on the way down. Recommend gloves for the last mile.

If you plan on taking a mountain bike, only ride on the west side until the the trail starts to get rock on the north side then turn around. east side of the mountain is too rocky to ride.

Great trail and views of the valley

Really enjoyed this hike! Did it back in May, started early and was able to avoid the harsh heat. Challenging parts, and the views were worth it.

Great trail!

Spectacular views! Will definitely hike this again.

8 days ago

Completed hike three times over the holiday break

Pay good attention first time where the boulders and the two wash area can get you off track.

Not well traveled (hikers or bikers) except the Saturday after New Years. Really had to watch for surprising amount of mountain bikers coming down from south end.

Great hike - so happy to have this hike close and finally nailed it!

Moderate hike (few steep sections, a lot of easy or flat sections, and some moderate inclines). Smooth trail attractive to mountain bikers. Didnt seem to be crowded at all, and those we did cross were very friendly. Easy to stay on the trail with trail markers. It is a beautiful hike and we will definitely do it again. By the way, we did the hike as it is shown on the map and it was 5.4 miles. I read some other reviews stating it was 3.x miles but it's not.

This was a pretty okay trail. Good elevation gain to reach the loop. FatMan’s Pass and the Natural Tunnel were very cool and worth the trip alone. They are counter clockwise off the loop, fyi. The trail was very busy. You park on the side of the road. When I returned to my car, several other cars had a window that had been broken. I’d go back, but just for the Pass & Tunnel.

My favorite hike I've taken in Tonto Forest/Superstition area! I absolutely loved it. Parking available across the street in the Marina lot (the trailhead/hiking spots are nearest to the fence/road). Super varied trail with phenomenal panoramic views of the lake, Four Peaks, Battleship, Weaver's Needle, and Superstition area. Was moderately crowded on a Saturday, but thinned out the further we went. Agree with other hikers - trail was well maintained and well marked, just be sure to pay attention to the rock cairns at the river bed near the end. There isn't any specific "end point." If hikers want to try this one out but are intimated by the "difficult" rating or other reviews, I'd recommend trying it out and going the first 2-2.5 miles or so. You can always turn back whenever! The incline was the perfect workout. The only difficult part, was just the length and by the time you're coming back up on the return, you've already been hiking for 6 miles or so. Overall though, it's 100% worth it. There's also a steamboat tour at the marina and the Goldmine/Ghost Town on Route 88/Apache Scenic Drive. Not hike related, but would they seem cool if you wanted to add other nearby activities to your day.

Awesome hike! Be warned its goes up, up, up but once on top there is so much to explore. Beautiful but very busy with people. dogs and bikers

Went out on this hike yesterday around 1 pm, there was quite a bit of traffic on the trail, mostly others returning at this time, it served it's purpose to get a hike workout it in but I wasn't wowed by the scenery. It was an easy ok hike for my brother and I. Don't think I'll return to do this trail though.

If you’re a beginner like me, here are some things Ive learned:
One wrong move/footing and you can potentially have a serious injury.
Take caution and take your time.
Wear gloves because you will be grabbing rocks to climb. We went when it was cold and it had just rained, so my fingers where numb on top of getting scraped up.
When it’s wet, wear boots where water can’t get through because there’s some puddles. Unless you’re okay hiking with soggy shoes like me.
It’s the most rewarding feeling when you make it to the top. You’ll look back and feel accomplished that you hiked this beast.

Very scenic hike. Path easy to follow. I enjoy the scenery as it isn’t all cacti and super desert. Some parts of trail are narrow and can be slippery if after rain (or ice on our hike because it was only 36°F). Sometimes you’ll be lucky to catch small waterfalls. We had snow as we got closer to the top. We also go off the trail and boulder some to catch views not on the beaten path. Plenty of space at the saddle to view Weavers Needle. Moderate traffic with people of all ages and abilities. Sometimes annoying as you run into people who don’t have good etiquette, but what ya gonna do. Done this trail multiple times. Can be quite a good workout if you actually hike it at a fast pace and work on agility. Will probably be back many more times.

Great hike, lots of great views and desert landscape. We also went to Fat mans pass and hiked mountain boulders. There were friendly families, dogs, mountain bikers. Fun for all ages. I would definitely recommend.

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