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What a watery wonderland!! :-D

My favorite Maricopa County hike. Cool air, trees, adrenaline, and jaw-dropping vistas. If you have a fear of heights, however, or if you don’t trust your arm strength/balance, do not attempt to reach the top. As others have mentioned, the chute (the area in between the two northernmost peaks) can be quite intimidating, especially for inexperienced climbers. That being said, I’d guess it’s doable for about 90% of people who are reading this.

As a further warning, keep an eye out for the turnoff on your way down the chute. Due to the steep descent, it’s easy to keep your eyes on the ground and miss the trail. That happened to us, but as a result, we were rewarded with a truly awe-inspiring sunset. Best views in Maricopa County.

Great trail! Mostly well maintained and easy to follow. Lot’s of great views of Weaver’s Needle from every angle. Love the Superstitions!

Great short backpack. Got down to about 50 overnight. Also explored down in the canyon where it narrows and the trail goes up.

I’ve always been an avid hiker who puts his fear of heights aside to get up to the top, and this peak was no different. However, I admit it definitely was a challenge for me. The last approx 0.2 miles of the trail gains about 800 feet in elevation. With an average incline of 37 degrees and some parts significantly steeper, my adrenaline was definitely rushing on some of the cliffs that were our route. It was incredibly worth it. The fact it rained made it dangerous, so check the weather (and yesterday’s). The last 1/2 mile before reaching the sharp incline is poorly defined. Follow closely to avoid pushing yourself to go through misleading treacherous ways to get to the same place... although, some of that was great fun! Lastly, the views couldn’t be beat in the area.

Great hike all the way around.

24 days ago

My pup and I love this trail. It's an easy hike with plenty of spots to stop and take a break by the stream. It took us about 2 hours to get to the waterfall and back to our car, but we stopped plenty of times so the pup could play in the water.


Giving this a 5 star review was a great climb at the top. Really I dont think it's as bad as every one was making it out to be it was foggy and rained the night before so some rocks were slippery. honestly the part I thought was the worst was the loose rock about 50' from the top as opposed to the 50' climb right at the top. Drive was long and hard on the jeep but driving out to the north seemed to be a better alternative. 4wd not needed high clearance helps. I would not try in a car but some people do and make it.

climbing the chute is not for everyone. take gloves. go slow. 3 points of contact at the sketchy parts. at 2 spots I basically had to do a pullup and was thinking how the hell am I gonna get down! when you go under the tree at what you think is the top, make a hard left to proceed up the last part. I left a beer at the top in the container. perfect fit! someone else brought the container and notepad. dont drink it, it gets windy and needs the weight! share your photos!

I did this trail a few years ago and it is absolutly worth the difficulty. the Superstition Mountains are a wonder to behold. I would advise against doing this in summer. definitly a spring, fall or winter trail. bring lots of water and some binoculars.

Do not drive this road in rain unless you have 4WD. Listen to the ranger.

1 month ago

This was a great easy hike. We went in October, after A LOT of rain and the stream was running loudly. It was a truly sensory experience, the air was cool and crisp, it smelled so good and sweet, the stream was rushing noisily. The ground was soft from recent rains, so the ground was soft, but it really wasn't slippery muddy. It's a great trail for exploring because you can venture somewhat here and there away from the trail. There is a lovely memorial to the three year old who was killed along with many members of her family in 2017 when a storm hit, causing a flash flood that swept away several members of a family. When we finished the downstream trail, we turned around and walked upstream-both ways were pretty awesome.

Very nice hike up and fun run down! It’s better to have a high clearance vehicle for the dirt road but there were sedans and compact cars at the trailhead too. I can imagine that it could be treacherous toward the top during inclement weather.
There was a spot near the top where a group of us were clambering up a steep area , it seemed like doing a hanging pull-up was the only way to do it. We tried to help a hiker make a scary jump down from there... only to realize that some other hikers had found a simple walk around that area.

Tapped out at the wall about 100’ from the summit and decided to live to tell the tale. Ah well, still an awesome hike and I’m sure that I’ll make it the next time.
Go slow and be safe...and yes, the dirt road is pretty bad. It’s a long drive from Mesa to Roosevelt Lake, but it’s worth it to drive less on the dirt road in my opinion.
I’ll be back!

Beautiful! We brought our kids on it and they did great. Our youngest was 2 and he had no problem at all.

Our group of 4 started out at 5:30 am in the dark with headlamps heading up Peralta Trail following a clockwise direction of this loop. Morning broke and revealed stunning views of Weaver's Needle and some hidden back country Superstition Wilderness gems. Stopped a few times for rest and drinks. Once you get near the half way point the trail becomes more overgrown with strands of spindly prickers and loose desert grass and the trail becomes more rocky as well. As the day wore on the sun became more intense. Saw two snakes, a small frog, a mule deer, and an uncountable amount of butterflies. The last half of the trail wears you out but the views are worth it.

Recommendations: bring plenty of water we each had 3 liters plus xtra bottles and we needed it all. Bring sun hat, sun screen, and i would advise chap stick.

I would do this hike again but next time I would just take a day pack to save the weight. ( we were fully loaded and training for a multi day back country trek in Zion ) Under our specific circumstances I would rate this hike as difficult.

We loved this hike. last minute planning so we were only able to get a parking permit at homestead. This meant 6.2 miles round trip to the waterfall. once we hit the waterfall trail head. it was a delightful hike with a rope swind and of course waterfall jump! the road to the parking wasnt horrible. it could he done carefully in a car up till the bridge parking lot. anything past that would need a 4wd.

1 month ago

Hiked this on 9/15 with my wife and almost 3 year old son and our large dog. Amazing family fun and easy to access even with a small child. Had him hold a hand at all times since the terrain is rocky and uneven. The stream was very calm when we went, but still plenty of opportunity to wade in the cool water. Not a long hike, but lots of up and down over the terrain so make sure to bring plenty of water if its hot. Great place to pack in lunch and just enjoy the moment. Definitely worth checking out if you are in the area. The Tonto Forrest is a special place and we will certainly be back to this cool little trail.

I’ve never enjoyed doing something as dangerous as the level three scrambling you must get through to make way to the summit of Brown’s. The trail to the saddle was moderate and just slightly over 2 miles. The scramble after the saddle makes this a difficult trail however. I will say, if you do not feel comfortable, turn around Remember, it’s not just up you have to go but back down as well!

after all the flooding it's pretty rough looking. slippery rocks and brown waters. busy and only small area to enjoy the 'water fall'

Hiked the trail at the beginning of September. The weekend was very hot, with no water in the river, or anywhere along the way. Camped in an open area not far from Tonys Cabin. There is a spring for water on your way to Tony's cabin (about half way to Tonys cabin from the campsite). There was water available at the spring, which we filtered.

Keep an eye out for ribbons at the river crossings, made it easy to stay on the trail.

Great backpacking event, though if I was to do it again I'd wait for a cooler weekend.

Great hike! I had an easy time following the trail and loved the climb at the end. Beautiful views

great spot. be careful of flooding

2 months ago

Great day trip. Hike is good for all ages. Bathrooms at every parking lot. Beautiful views!!! Who doesn’t love a short hike that leads to gorgeous waterfalls!?

My kids favorite hiking / fishing spot!

2 months ago

Great family hike, took the 3 grandkids ages 4 to 8 and they all loved it

Great hike, a little raw but my kids loved it! The water at the end was cold but after the hike, you’re going in! Water was crystal clear and the go pro shots from jumping off the log were awesome! Wet rocks are slippery so watch out.

Have done this hike twice since moving to Arizona 6 months ago. I love it! Great workout and beautiful scenery. Really isn't that hard. I see people of all ages and sizes hiking this loop

Awesome hike. Hard to tell if you are going the right way, but if you follow the river upstream then you will get to the end. I was disappointed that the water was brown the whole way through because I was wearing my swim shorts and hoping for a swim in a pool. I'd still recommend this hike though! It was beautiful and a lot of fun.

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