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Great hike did it
Three times in my 70s a must hike for everyone

Nice hike and workout. No shade - bring plenty of water even in you go early

Great trail with amazing views of Scottsdale. Bit of a scramble at the end

2 days ago

Stunning views, will def do it again. Wanted to see the wild pack of horses, no luck. Since this trail borders the lake, I'm sure it'll be less than serene on weekends, jet-skis, etc. When I went it was quiet, began around 7am on a Weds. Parking is $8, can get at a Circle k or QT on the way.

If curious about the name, https://www.google.com/search?q=Dr.+W.W.+Jones&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8&client=firefox-b-1

Interesting quote, from AZ Republic.... "Question: Who was Butcher Jones, and why is a trail named after him near Saguaro Lake?

Answer: The Arizona Republic's Scott Craven did some research, and here's what he found:

"Butcher Jones most likely is Dr. W.W. Jones, according to state historian Marshall Trimble. An online search showed Jones to be more than a medical professional. In the mid-19th century, he also owned mines in Arizona as well as a freighting business. He lived in Yuma, Prescott, Wickenburg, Phoenix and Tempe, and later in life became a rancher. He apparently was fairly influential in his day, and he was friends with Jacob Waltz of Lost Dutchman Mine fame. There also was a mention that Dr. Jones performed surgeries on his dining room table, which may have led to his nickname of Butcher (a Parks Department employee said of Butcher Jones – 'I am pretty sure he was a doctor, but apparently not a very good one.')."

Great hike. Seems like it is a little longer than 4 miles, maybe 4.5. Did the hike with my 11 and 6 year olds. First mile was tough with steep incline but the rest of the hike was pretty easy. Make sure you wear good shoes as it is slippery on the rocks on the way down. Amazing views!

Interesting trail. Be prepared for a bit of pathfinding as the trail is poorly marked. I went clockwise and when I was about halfway in, the map took me trough a canyon that I didn’t think I had to pass through at first.
Encountered a lost dog in the canyon if anyone is looking. About 50 lbs, black/dark with a white chest and a red collar with a couple of tags that I could not get close enough to read.

Sunrise is a great hike with light traffic. I access it using the Ringtail Trail that is further East of Lost Dog Wash Trail. The downside to this trail is that it’s really rocky which can be difficult to navigate for those not used to the desert terrain. Otherwise a great view at the top and have always met great fellow hikers on this trail. Definitely worth hiking, running and some even bike it, but it gets pretty tough the closer you get to the top.

I absolutely love this hike, did it my 16 yr old and 13 yr old , all made it to the top through much perseverance, it was tough but worth it

Real nice! Started early...5:30 with a headlamp :) This is my fourth time to the top...and I'm FINALLY able to stay with 20 feet of the trail. lol I noticed the markings were more noticeable on the descent. I was moving really fast, and I made it up and down in just under 3 hours. Probably my favorite hike in the area,. Worth all the stars,

12 days ago

Short, relatively intense trail with excellent views! The parking lot is really big and roads to the trailhead are extremely well marked. Trail is pretty wide and well maintained with regular distance markers. It gets pretty crowded because it's popular for trail running, so get there early or go on a weekday if possible. As far as technical hiking skill needed, this is pretty easy- just wear good shoes so you don't slip. This is a moderate because of the climb. Almost all of the elevation gain is within 1/2-3/4 of a mile and it's pretty brutal. Take breaks and enjoy the views- it's totally worth the climb!

12 days ago

Great hike. We are beginners and couldn’t make it all the way to the top...elevation was the challenge for us. Great views and we will be back to try again when cooler!

13 days ago

Decent trail that leads to other trails. Definitely not hard, easy trail...maybe moderate if really hot.

Great hike ! views on top are amazing ! Same comment as most other reviewers:
1- in summer, start really really early and take plenty of water (I drank 1.5 gallon).
2- I got lost going up .. and coming down. This trail is really not well marked (which as other commented is disappointing since you have to pay to get in the park).
Apart from that, it is an amazing trail.

14 days ago

Great Morning Birthday Hike on 9-7-2018 with my friend Enas! One of my favorites! Helped out a fellow female hiker with a bottle of water and some snacks. Safety First Peeps!!!

The right kind of difficult. Make sure to bring plenty of water though, even if you start early.

14 days ago

Awesome trail, be prepared- the first mile is brutal. Make sure you bring plenty of water, at lease 2 liters. (I was surprised how many people I passed on my way down who were carrying a single bottle. At 10 A.M. and the temp was heating up rapidly.
Only issue is this app sent alerts to my lifeline as I hadn’t “checked in” in a while. There are a few dead zones on the hike, so signal was lost. This unnecessarily worried my lifelines- so I am not sure if there is a way for the developers to figure out a way to “fix”.
Also not sure what algorithm is used to determine hike times, again my lifelines were alerted because we didn’t return at the anticipated time (probably spent 15 or so minutes at the peak taking pictures).
Hike is a 10. App is a 5

14 days ago

Went on a sunrise hike - cooler temps, well marked trail, great leg workout, and amazing views! Plenty of shade in the middle of the hike. Hiking poles and shoes with good traction are recommended. Your knees will thank you later. Bring plenty of water (at least 3 liters), and sunscreen especially in the summer. Ample parking. Restrooms available at trailhead.

15 days ago

This is a easy trail, it can be intimidating to a brand new hiker to get all the way to the top but once you’ve done it a few times, it’s a cake walk!

Great hike with a beautiful view at the top. Challenging but worth it. Go early to avoid the heat and brings lots of water!

trail running
16 days ago

Nice trail for running; beautiful view at the top.

Limited myself to an hour this morning due to the heat. Am adding this to my list of weekend hikes starting earlier in the day! This morning I only did the trail along the fence portion (made it an out and back). Moderate bike traffic so was mindful of stepping aside as they were coming through the trail fairly quickly. Quickly came across a coyote on the trail during my return trip!

Good hike pleasant view at the finish. Not unusual to see a snake.

Challenging enough for a good workout this morning, but I’d still consider this a moderate hike. The scenery and views were great. I’d agree with those that said it was closer to 4.6 miles (which took us a little over two hours). I’d suggest plenty of water, wearing a hat, and going in the morning or in the early evening. The sun was no joke (although the breeze was nice and kept things okay until the last 15 min of our hike). The lot was full when we got there and the overflow lot’s gate was broken. We illegally parked in a neighborhood and felt guilty, but weren’t sure what to do. Oh, I’d also suggest having good walking shoes, or even trail shoes as it is a little precarious at points. Last 1/4 mile to the peak is the most challenging and not for those without sure footing. Worth it though, would recommend.

19 days ago

Not kid or pet friendly. Moderate is a better description. And the photos are not from this trail

Such a short but great trail to ease into hiking with my little guy! He loved it. Great views as well!

20 days ago

LOVED this hike! Arrived around 6:30am on a Saturday and it was pretty empty, although when we were heading back around 8 both the trail and the lake were starting to fill up. Seriously beautiful views of the lake and surrounding mountains the whole way, with some outlets to walk down to the water. There was a rattlesnake and a family of javelinas when we were there, so keep an eye out for wildlife and stay aware. Heads up (and my reason for 4 stars)- the lake is popular for boating and jetskis. If you're looking for a relaxing, quiet hike either go really early or pick another trail.

Great hike! Beautiful views. I hiked it in the afternoon. Make sure to bring plenty of water and prepare for a about 12-15 feet of rock climbing vertical. I am pretty sure I went down a different way then I came up and got lost a couple times going up. Difficult to follow the trail. Other hikers said to hug the left side going up. Even though I had a hard time finding the trail, it was my favorite hike in the valley so far.

21 days ago

Went for a walk with my dog one weekend...had never been down here before. It was a beautiful late afternoon. Found the path along the river and there are openings to go down to the river. It was quiet and peaceful...the path kinda winding and narrow but my dog enjoyed it. There were some beautiful views...perfect photo ops. I was hoping to see the wild horses but I didn't. $8 to pay for parking for a 2 hour walk is a little steep...but it's a national park or park fees.

One of the best hikes in the area due to its close proximity to town while still offering tremendous views (best at sunset) and a feeling like you are actually in the wilderness. Bonus: free parking and you'll usually have the trail to yourself. Challenging enough to give you a decent workout, but easy enough that most people can handle it. Sturdy hiking shoes/boots are recommended as you there are some area of fine, loose gravel and others that are a bit rocky and uneven where you'll appreciate having good ankle support (that said, my young kids did it in cheap sneakers!). Highly recommended for some stunning sunset views, as well as when the saguaros are in bloom.

This used to be my go to hike/trail run but over the years it has become so congested that I have shifted to outside of the city. That being said, it’s a well worn trail with consistent elevation rise and the view at the top is hard to beat. It’s not for beginners and despite this, so many visitors go on this because of the easy access location . Be prepared because it tends to get frustrating for those that hike and run trails regularly. Go early as there is no shade from the sun and you will beat the crowds.

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