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Great walk in the woods in the middle of the city. Easy trail with some interesting historic spots along the way.

13 days ago

This is a nice easy trail that takes you through some beautiful wooded area and wetlands, with the benefit of being about 6 feet off the ground.

I love the AllTrail App because most trails are not well marked. This trail is very well marked and enjoyable. Thank you to the volunteers for maintaining the trail!

Super easy. Beautiful views and best of all, wheelchair accessible

When I want a bit more of a fun hike where I have to look to find trails and solve problems to get past obstacles(mud) the 5 mile loop is it. There is also a nice mile walk to the Bayou that's great for walking with children. It's complete board walked and wheel chair accessible. The view at the end is wonderful.

Great trail. Needs better markings for the different routes within the trail.

If you’re training for a tough mudder, this is your trail. I don’t mind running through mud or streams, but stagnant swamp water completely covering the trail is not ideal. A couple bucks entry on the honor system means the park has no operating funds (saw a half dozen people all just walk on in without paying today), so I’m not too surprised. Despite that, somehow they are managing to do work and add new trails that are ever so slightly less underwater. Unfortunately they are not always well marked and I ended up going the wrong way in a couple places. But where the trail isn’t submerged, it’s in great shape! The views are nice enough—not really anything noteworthy. Overall, didn’t have a very positive experience.

There is no walking trail or camping spots. This is a water trail only.

1 month ago

Dogs are NOT allowed on this trail. We were unable to hike here. Gulf Shores State Park is not far from this location and offers numerous dog friendly trails.

Very nice set of trails. All paved and boardwalks. My wife and I walked with our black lab and enjoyed it. It was very heavy traffic even for February so I imagine once tourist season gets in full swing there will be little solitude. Great park!

Narrow trail. One section under water.

Good boardwalk.

Really nice trail especially during a sunset!

update - The Jeff Friend trail loop has been completed renuvated with a new level walking surface. They installed wooden foot bridges with composite decking material that border the water shoreline. just beautiful.

Easy Florida trail. Great views of the bayou.

Saturday, January 13th, 2018
Cloudy, breezy, no rain.
As someone who has lived in Northwest Florida my whole life and being a Milton, Fl resident for the last fifteen years, it's hard to miss the signs for Arcadia Mill Historic Site on Hwy 90 near the Milton city limits. This historic site was saved from further modern development in 1980 by both the Santa Rosa County Historical Society and the University of West Florida. You can learn more about the site at their website:


The hiking trail at Arcadia Mills was the first real hike that I have taken, but with that said I had an excellent time hiking the trail with fellow hiker, Bryan B. The trail is well managed and includes a visitor center, with adequate parking, picnic tables, and garbage cans at the trail head. The trail features multiple terrain types such as boardwalks, widely blazed trails, narrowly blazed trials, and small sections of off-trail hiking. Due to this site being a protected archeological site, most, if not all off-trail hiking is restricted. The only real con of this trail is the massive number of roots exposed due to washout. Hikes must be vigilant.

2 months ago

Flat and exposed. Be prepared to jump over large puddles and walk through long grass to get around flooded sections of the path.

I loved this little hike-the trail was a little confusing at times but I figured it out and enjoyed it overall. Trail is mostly soft sand which wouldn’t be so easy for those with back issues. I loved seeing the colors of winter, saw the cutest armadillo, a family of deer and waterfowl playing in the cove.

I love this little hike through the woods and then down to the beach and back!

Nice and easy!

Walked trail with my three year old granddaughter. She loves the bridges. Easy flat trail. Well maintained.

An "ok" place for walking but it was no hike. The trail was not properly marked.. Also not properly marked in the app... so we did get "lost". The trail is almost all sand.. Not a place I will be returning too. No military discount. $6 per car

Such a wonderful place!

great trail for walking or running. nothing challenging about it. nice place for a decent walk. was clean and we'll maintained.

I grew up coming here, East Hill boy. First Ill say, this place is not used as much as it should be. There are signs saying its under renovation, but I dont see much work happening. The stairs are cumbersome for people out of shape, so a more logical approach would be replacing the current steps and employing a ramp system. Clear out a few trees and create a view, update the area and bam, our forgotten bay can be loved properly.

Now for the walks.....great walk along the boardwalk where some beautiful scenery comes into the view. You do have access to leave the boardwalk to go on the coast, but be cautious of the railroad tracks, trains DO come trough often.
Its a great area of Pensacola that needs some attention, but very enjoyable as it is!!

Its one of my favorite places to go relax on a nice day...

great in December, no spiders

2 months ago

there is no trail. unless you have a canoe. then it's a river not a trail.

a little rough in the beginning churned up muddy path, but still passable. We took a slight detour and walked along the beach very peaceful.

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