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7 hours ago

This was a great hike. Lots of rocky terrain, my Girl and I took our dog and had a blast.. backside of the loop has a lot more rocky terrain and climbing. Great photo spots along the way.

22 hours ago

Great trail. Very beautiful. Camped out on the reservoir. There was plenty of down trees for firewood and there are bathrooms. Camping by the lake was super peaceful and then at night we could see the milky way galaxy band. Great for beginner backpackers or a great way to test gear.

A nice hike yesterday in beautiful weather.

A nice group of red and white trilliums on the west side of 381 section.

Make sure you download the trail maps from the Western Pennsylvania Conservancy or pick one up at the start. This trail route is actually a combination of a number of trails, and the marking can be quite confusing.

Loved this trail. Fun and beautiful! Terrain was challenging but very doable.

Absolutely beautiful hike with loads of scenic spots. the one side of the trail may be harder especially for kids, but is easily passable.

10 days ago

Nice scenery but very heavily trafficked. To many people for me.

11 days ago

While this trail states 6.5 miles don’t let it fool you. There are ways—and I found them—to tag on at least an additional mile (accidentally perhaps). This is a great hike with many challenges. Plenty ascensions to keep one alert; a couple water crossings (is this where I went off trail?); and you might even come across some friendly hikers as I most certainly did over my 3 + hour hike. I will mark this one on the calendar: must do again!

Great trail. Followed blue to black. Few down trees great views. Fun hike.

12 days ago

I am writing a second review on this set of trails. I completed this loop (sort of) for the 2nd time yesterday (Sunday, April 8, 2018). This time, I managed to start on the Miller Trail. Made it to the point where the Miller and Grist Trails converge. We didn't see any signs that indicated a change from the Miller trail to the Grist trail. There did not appear to be an intersection. We somehow managed to come off the Miller Trail and end up on Grist - which ends in a parking lot. We had to backtrack. Then tried to take a shortcut through the woods to get back on Miller (which runs parallel to Grist). We hit Quebec Run Creek - and spent a lot of time trying to cross it (it was high). We finally managed to do that - and get back on Miller - and after that we were fine. The signage in this park needs to be fixed for sure. Hoping this happens now since it is spring.

Great challenge. As a beginner it was very tough. But we made it to the 6.4 mile spent the night then back out for some burgers and icecream at a great little place by the viewing spot. Took everything we had to get back. Not a good beginner trail but great views none the less!

Bridge down and signage to follow detour was hard. We walked around for 30 minutes before finding the right path. Wear bright colors! This trail goes through a hunting area. Overall great hike!

great view.

I went hiking here on Saturday March 31, 2018. Since a lot of snow has recently melted in the area the trail was very muddy (estimated 20-25% of the trail). So bring shoes that you don’t mind getting completely wet if it has rained recently. There were a lot of flowing creeks to cross, plus many of the flatter areas on the trail were soaked in several inches of standing water. This wouldn’t be a big deal except that going around the trail was very difficult due to many thorn bushes in the area.

I agree with others that it would be nice if there were a few more trail markers. We made it back to the parking lot but not by our intended route. At one point there was a very large fallen tree crossing the trail. But due to lack of visible markers we didn’t know that it was had fallen on the trail (because we didn’t know where the trail was) until foraging around it. Also, if you follow the black trail, beware of a another fallen tree right here:
It carries a trail marker, but since the tree has fallen it is difficult to figure out which way to go.

In general, the trail could definitely use some clean up.

Otherwise it was beautiful, quiet and a lovely day in the woods.

24 days ago

Enjoyed the trail. My fiance n I with our 2 dogs started at the Mineral Spring Trail head by the rangers office n picked up the Heritage Trail. Nice scenery and some good climbs. About 2 1/2 miles in came across a large tree the park must've cut down n left it lay across the trail. Was a bit difficult for the dogs to navigate over but not too bad. Definitely wet n muddy on some down hill. But all in all we had a great time.

Very nice forest and I had a very enjoyable day hike! My hike along Tracy Ridge was very nice and well marked with white diamond trail markers. Scenic Trail was beautifully marked with freshly painted blue blaze and had some wonderful views through the trees to see the Allegheny Reservoir. But my hike on Johnny Cake trail was very brutal!!! Many of the trail markers were missing and had to depend on following the herd path from other hikers and pink ribbons placed by a trail angel. Lots of down trees to climb over or go around, and mini streams to forge from run off water from the top of the mountain which is expected this time of year. The only downfall going this trail head, was that there is a gate at the road which was closed and locked. So I had to park my car there at the gate instead of the parking lot at the trail head, because it also serves as a camp grounds, which is closed this time of year. So there is additional 1/2 mile hike from gate to trail head that I was not expecting, and did not have calculated during my planning stages of my hike.

30 days ago

Did a small portion of this trail. Created a loop that included the Wetlands Trail, Forest Trail, and Heron Trail - possibly a short portion of the Palomino Trail. Made for about a 5 mile loop. Great trail - well marked, good sights and challgenging! Will do again!

Awesome Trail! A Friend and I completed this on 3/24/18. We tracked 12.59 miles, not 10.6 But we did mess up at first and headed down the access road instead of Miller Trail. We reconnected with the Miller Run Trail by taking Brocker. That might have made the hike longer. You have to be careful in two places. When you park in the parking lot, the access road is directly in front of you and seems like the logical place to start. Really, Miller trail is off to your left (if you are facing the access road and trail information board). The sign for Miller Trail was missing - but the post was still there. All trails after that were well marked EXCEPT for the Rankin/Hess trail split. Down by Quebec Run (along the stream) the trail splits - you can go straight or left. If you go straight you would be heading onto Rankin Trail, NOT continuing on Hess trail which tracks off to the left. We searched for a sign that had fallen but didn't see one. I've sent a message to the Forbes State forest office, hoping they will fix the signs now that winter is over.

Lots of challenging parts to this hike. Lots of rocky stream crossings, and several somewhat steep uphill parts where the terrain was quite rocky. GREAT time. I will definitely do this loop again!

Words can’t describe the beauty of this trail. We hiked from Hell’s Hollow to Alpha Pass - 6 hrs. Very icy and slow going in March. Will do again and go the Kildoo path when the ice melts.

Did the blue trail. Very well marked and easy to follow. Easy hike as well. Will be doing the black trail next trip for a little more distance and hopefully more elevation gain. Didn’t take as long as predicted.

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1 month ago

As others have noted, make sure you take the entrance at the right as you pull in. The hike was a bit difficult through several inches of snow; however it was well worth it.

Love the area. It may not have vistas and not overly difficult but the area is great to hike in. Plenty of trails to do 10 miles to 40 in a weekend. Very nice camping spots along most of the trails as well and established camp grounds, with privys, if you're not interested in backcountry camping.

as a new hiker it was hard to keep to the trail. I keep trying to do the loop but always end up turning back.

I will definitely do this again but I can tell why almost every review says you'll get lost. It is maybe one of the worst blazed trail I have ever been and is the worst around the baseball fields. But I loved the hike and the challenging hills. When the elevation says it's going to go up just be ready to climb.

Great hiking trail, very well maintained and beautiful views, always something new to discover. My wife and I hike from Hells Hollow parking lot to McConnell's mills and back. I don't recommend hiking it in the winter, can be very dangerous. Early spring is usually muddy and U have a couple of small run off creeks to cross over.

1 month ago

Didn’t love this one. Went in March and not much to look at with planes flying overhead fairly often so you don’t get to much of a nature feel. Good practice for the AT though with the steep climbs.

Brought a friend who has never been backpacking for a quick weekend trip and this route worked well. We parked at the north lot and arrived relatively late in the evening but there was a good place to set up camp right at the beginning so it worked out. Water was low but there was still plenty of water available. Relatively easy hiking. Great for new backpackers and a weekend trip.

1 month ago

Great loop walking along the creek the entirety of the hike. Easy-moderate. Not much elevation change except at beginning/end, but there are a few squirrelly spots with slippery rock in narrow passages (pun intended). Definitely muddy and some points where our boots got wet from shallow running water down the hill.

1 month ago

Fun hike but trail not marked well, so when your hiking keep your eyes out the trail markers or you’ll get on the wrong trail fast.

1 month ago

Beautiful hike offering a variety of activity options! Clearly marked , well maintained trails.

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