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Great hike, long but not overwhelming allows you to feel empowered after hiking it. Not many views until you get to sunfish pond at the top. It’s literally alongside of Mt. Tammany. There is also a campsite just before arriving at sunfish pond that you can overnight at.

Great hike, but you need to take it to Crater Lake for the reward. Like everyone has said, the first section heading up towards the Appalachian trail is the toughest. Pretty smooth after that. There aren’t really any scenic overlooks besides the lakes. The pond is nice, but Crater Lake was beautiful. Lunch and a quick swim and back towards the falls. Five hours round trip with a nice break in the middle. Went the wrong way a few times too.

3 days ago

Not good for family hike with kids. Encounter Cooperhead and Rattlesnake on the trees and in between the rocks.

3 days ago

This trail is great for families to hike together and practice safety since is easy but it has some challenges. You can get prepared together so you'll ready when taking those moderate and hard trails out there. Hooyah!!!

4 days ago


5 days ago

short and simple. cool trail through low trees.

this is one of my favorite trails in the area! some buddys of mine and me started it around 9am and went counter clockwise first part of the hike was brutal but worth the pain. we completed the whole loop in about 4 1/2 hours with take a few quick breaks for food and water. would definitely recommend this to anyone looking for an adventure

We hike with our kids (5 & 8) and none of us liked the hike. Most of the hike was a stone road that was 80% in the sun. Very boring. It's not a "hike", it's more of a walk in the sun.

Relatively flat hike to the overlook and the view is very nice.

Great short hike. Rhododendrons are lovely and the falls, while not huge, are very attractive. Fun bouldering opportunities for kids.

Well marked trail through the woods. Peaceful but nothing special.

14 days ago

Moderate is correct. Good workout. Decent views.

We started from the pond side and did the loop to hackers and then Raymondskill. It was not very crowded and it was early enough that we had hackers to ourselves for a little bit. The pond allows you to fish which was a nice activity to do after.

You have to PAY to hike this trail. No thanks!

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15 days ago

We did the red trail. I understand the purpose of the wooden steps everywhere, as they provide views over extremely rough terrain, but this is not what I would consider a “hike” by any means. I paid $16.50 to walk up and down a bunch of steps. The views are beautiful but you don’t get much of a chance to take them in... not worth shuffling around multiple families on steep, narrow steps. Overall, disappointing for someone looking for a hike but a good place to spend the day if you have a family.

15 days ago

Nice shaded trail. Very crowded on Sunday of Labor Day weekend to the point I didn’t enjoy - but drove by the trail head on my way out and it was very quiet. So I would imagine it being perfect with light to even moderate traffic. The trail is a little slippery but manageable. The waterfall is a great reward for such a short hike and with the littles ones it was a perfect break spot before returning.

My friend and I went to hike for the falls. we learned when we got there you do need to pay to hike. it's beautiful but I wouldn't wanna take my dogs with because it's mostly wooden built bridge and steps until you get to an overlook area. I am glad I did it, but would rather go elsewhere.

This was our first time at Delaware Water Gap and parking threw us off a bit! Get there early to avoid waiting for a spot to free up!

My dog and I started in Dunnfield Creek and took the AT white trail up. We cut across on the red trail and down back towards the parking lot via green. It’s not marked clearly and somewhat overgrown near where the green and white trail merge. Just cross the creek, hike up the mini cliff (my dog did it) and stay to the left once on top! Near the end is Holly Springs and Dunnfield Creek waterfall, was beautiful! Lots of people though.

We will definitely be back to hike Sunfish pond!

really nice hike, difficult to drive to. first miles is difficult (And last) but waterfall is beautiful

17 days ago

The side road to the trail is scary for smaller cars. Half of it was washed away and the other half was covered by overgrown trees/bushes (which means scratching be belly of the car and beaches etching the doors — don’t even fathom passing someone). Find a friend with a Jeep or a truck to drive to the start point. The falls are right at the start with a nice wood stairway to a viewing platform. If you just have a day in the Gap and are working your way through, this can be an easy stop and go if you skip the test of be home. After the viewing platform there a walk along the river and a steep (steep) up with not a lot of scramble leverage (dirt and maybe a riot here and there — I didn’t mind going up, but the way back was a skid from tree to tree to avoid bowling for hikers). Ridge walk and views were low payoff — wasn’t impressed. Hemlock lake was a nice drinkable spot. My advice: if you want a hike, bring your Socrates and go out to the lake and back. If you want a photo and a waterfall, go up to the view platform and call it a day. The parking lot is small and if you’re not in a spot by 9 am you may be parking creatively.

We did the yellow trail with three kids (age 7, 2 and 3 months). The two older kids had a great time hiking and enjoying the Mother Nature, and it wasn’t that tired to carry the baby while finishing this trail. We were able to get all the way down to the bottom to see the main fall and we were lucky to see rainbow down there. We spent about 2 hours even though the suggested time was only 45 minutes.



Trail is open now. Raymond and Hackers are not the same loop! Raymond is on one side and Hackers on the other of street. Overall there was plenty to see and falls are worth the hike. Raymonds loop is short and falls a worth a look. Hackers is longer and connects to other trails. Like most trails on the gap most areas can be very steep.

Trail is open now. Nice hike that does loop around and connect to cliff trail and others but very poorly marked. We did this hike first to Hackers fall and tried to loop around to cliff but missed it somehow so ended up back on same trail. Right across the street is the Raymond trail and falls, easy and short loop. Raymond and Hackers are not the same loop! Raymond Falls is on other side of the street. Overall there was plenty to see and falls are worth the hike. We spent 3 hours there between three trails and falls.

Nice easy outing with kids 6, 8, and 10 with nice water views. Trail gets muddy so definitely wear boots/good shoes after rain!

This was once a beautiful trail but due to the storms this year it will take years to recover

Absolutely amazing!!! We did the yellow trail with 4 kids (ages 14, 12, 10 and 3) and everyone did great. Very well maintained - even though you have to pay, it’s worth it!! Friendly staff too! We’ll be back!

Some great mountain top views, but was a lot of aimless walking waiting to find the waterfall and then the way out. Waterfall had trees down obstructing the view and on the upper level were a bunch of younger men in their swim trunks taking a dip. Felt uncomfortable, made us not want to get the view from the upper level. If you’re going for “a picture is worth the memory” save your time and do another trail.

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