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Awesome workout! Treacherous hiking! Short trails, beautiful falls.

Mixed terrain, rocky in certain spots, one down hill that could be a little difficult with small children or pets, part of the cockscomb loop is not marked so well, but it's clear enough if you just avoid the 'No Trespassing' signs from the quarry below.

Personally, I liked it a lot. Not terribly challenging, but interesting enough. We hiked around the cockscomb trail, up to the money rocks and it was a great little 3 mile loop. The money rock overlook was neat. Not much of a vista in the summer when the trees are full, but a nice spot all the same. The money rocks have interesting rock carvings of names from the 1870s, which were cool to see. They're a little covered by graffiti now, but I think it added to the charm.

Definitely would hike again.

It is a very nice place to take your dogs and just have a nice day walking and playing. Highly recommend.

4 days ago

what a surprisingly great hike. trails are well marked, scenery is amazing, nice climbs to get your heart rate up. definitely buggy, but nothing bug spray won't cure. I got just over 3 miles in and you can add more distance by utilizing the Brandywine Creek trail. I'm definitely coming back to this spot

beautiful trail, but not marked well. got lost lol.

Love this loop

Moderately difficult trail. Definitely wear boots. Wet and slippery in several areas. Do the Orange trail to the left to go up. At the top turn right at the fire pit and take the Red Trail. Ironically the first marker you see is a Blue Marker. This is the Red Trail even though the first market is Blue. Several sections could use a grab wire or rope. One slip and you are over the edge. Winter time be prepared for lots of ice.

Great, scenic hike. Take a waterproof backpack, wear proper hiking boots, bring water and a snack. On very nice days it can get busy and there are a lot of people who don't hike with proper attire, but it didn't bother us. People were very courteous and friendly. Take the Orange trail to hike up the falls, it's nice and cool, lots of great waterfalls! We didn't hike the whole Orange trail, once we got to the top we cut over to go down on the Blue marked trail. It is very rocky, slippery in some spots, but the adventure is fun!

Beautiful trail! Will go explore it again!

Good beginners trail. Enjoyed the walk. Three hours with nature!!!!

Fantastic hike. Very difficult climb and certainly dangerous at many spots along the climb. We took our 15 year old and 6 year old (who is tough as nails). They did really great. Do NOT attempt this climb without hiking boots and pants. We were crawling in spots and on all fours going up. Worth the hour to the top. The falls are breathtaking! I was amazed at how many people were climbing back down the same way they came up. Seriously dangerous! When you get all the way at the top of the last fall you’ll find a fire ring. The trail on your right takes you back down a very easy decent right into the parking lot.

The hike was moderate but the views were great from both Pinnacle and Puplit rock. Took was about 4 hours with breaks at both the points . We did the loop counterclockwise so we reached the Pinnacle first . But I would love to come back and do it from the pulpit rock end . I think that would be a bit more challenging .

Great hike! The trail isn’t marked well and it’s easy to get off track without using the map on AllTrails. The waterfalls were amazing, especially with all the rain, but quite a bit of the trail had ankle deep standing water too. The overlooks were also just as beautiful.

11 days ago

Had to bail on the full loop halfway through because there were so many mosquitos! So don’t forget the bug spray. Looked like a nice little park though with lots of trail options, and I’ll be going back when it isn’t bug season!

11 days ago

Great trail along the river. We saw a few mountain bikers and many dogs off leash. Plenty of benches along the river to stop for a meal. We did find trash along the river that was disappointing (condom wrappers, drug baggies), but once you rose in elevation trash became sparse. Even when we got rained on we still saw a few hikers on trail. Coming across the Lenape Indian statue was pretty cool.

I hiked this trail for the first time yesterday with two friends. Moderate trail with lots of shade and nice views. Bathrooms are scarce and parking is not easy to find. We stopped at Rittenhouse Town for a history lesson. Our total hike was 10 miles. Highly Recommend.

Our favorite local day hike, we do it often. Just long enough but not too long. Can be muddy and difficult to follow the path

Great hike, devils pool is refreshing.....but rocks are very slippery! Hardly any restrooms though

Scenic, challenging, beautiful. Best to arrive early to get parking and avoid the crowds and heat (during summer months). Completed 8 miles with my 10 year old son. Awesome to have such a hidden gem right inside Philadelphia.

Great trail very physical need to have good boots and be careful lots of fun spectacular views

A moderate hike which rewards you with amazing views from the Pulpit and the Pinnacle. Highly recommend you hike to the Pinnacle to catch the sunset, truly beautiful. Probably one of the top 5 best hikes in east PA. Few camping spots at the top but camping is not allowed and the rangers are known to patrol this very popular hike so i wouldnt recommend doing an overnight. Also no overnight parking in the lot, when I went to do a sunset hike I left a sign on my car stating as such and received no problems. Hike gets very crowded but me and my group were the only ones on the trail for our sunset hike.

definitely worth the effort

16 days ago

Nice for mb

16 days ago

I took a 4 y/o and a 2 y/o (in a hiking carrier) and we had a great time. We stuck to the green trail mostly but took some detours. There is a rather large network of trails in this small area. All are well marked and well maintained, though some seem better for mountain biking than hiking. That said a four year old and an out of shape adult with a 40 lb pack did just fine.

if you are going to park at the Skelp Level Rd. parking lot be aware that it is not really marked from the road. It looks like an unpaved private driveway going into the woods. The only thing you'll see from the road is a 4x4 post with the street address. once you are at the lot snap a picture of the trail map and head out. Every trail intersection is marked with a numbered post with colored blazes indicating the direction of each trail.

we got there at 10 on a summer Sunday and it was nice, but packed when we left. highly recommend going up on the left and down on the right. took the blue trail with our tough 8 year old and it was about 2h with a lunch stop

Paved wide path, shaded. Nice scenery.

love this place!!! so beautifulll

Actual length of full trail is 3.71mi.

This used to be one of my favorite loops but the crowd really kills it. Last time I was there, a child went full Tarzan and swung from a branch. Cute, until the branch came down and hit me in the head, nearly knocking me down the dangerous falls. The other children laughed while the mother scoffed at me. I guess she didn't like the angry look on my face. The only person who was sincerely apologetic was the father. This is dangerous terrain and if your children cannot be respectful or if you cannot control.them, LEAVE YOUR KIDS AT HOME.

I see people taking the trail backwards and coming DOWN the fall side, with tears in their eyes because they didn't think it was going to be so hard. I see them not heeding the warnings and wearing flip flops. People are dumb.

The nature is gorgeous and serene... The falls are beautiful and wicked and plentiful. I wish people would be more respectful and NOT LEAVE THEIR LITTER BEHIND!

The hike is one with a fairly difficult incline, lightly scrambled, often muddy. The trail is small with enough room for one or two people side by side. Difficult, dangerous trail but not too demanding of anyone who is in shape or has full function of feet and knees.

trail running
18 days ago

Great trail, my family enjoyed it!

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