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Great day hike with the ladies. Very empty on a December Sunday

Sept 2018- We left at 11:15 AM. Took us a little over 4 hours. Very pretty overlook.

Backpacked this trail the day after Thanksgiving going CCW from the park office. The Lake trail was the easy, but very muddy. The forest trail seemed more vertical than flat (definitely in the moderate range) and also muddy. Very wet Fall. Stayed at a Sioux lean to but took the campground road out in the morning due to the rain. Did not want to slog through the mud on the heritage trail. Whoever rated the entire loop as easy got it wrong. I’ve been in easier trails that were rated moderate.

23 days ago

Was great three day trip meet some new friends and seen some snakes

28 days ago

Great trail to backpack, did it in 2 nights but can easily be done in 1 imo. There are a few views which are really nice, plus not too many people, plenty of camp spots and ton of water to filter makes this a great beginner backpacking trail . On the second night me and my friend had the shelter all to ourselves which was great, and a short spur from the shelter leads to a beautiful lookout. There is one stream crossing that you cant rock hop over , so youll have to take your boots off, roll up your pants and cross.

hiked this on 11/4 with a friend. loved it. many people on the trail and lots of dogs. made it fun. had lunch and hot coffee from my thermos at the Pinnacle rock. views beautiful. saw a bald Eagle!!!

Just did this with my daughter today. Had a ton of fun on this course! Very rocky between Pulpit and Pinnacle so a little slow going at times, but the views are worth it. Definitely need waterproof hiking boots too, as the return leg was quite muddy in spots. The spring on the last leg was flowing really well, so we stopped there to fill up.

A great little day hike. Take a lunch and sit at the pinnacle to enjoy views of hawks hunting over the valley

1 month ago

Like in previous comments, the tails are very easy to follow and there is a posted map at various points along the trails. The paths do not have blazes to follow if you prefer these types of markings.

Love this trail, will definitely be back. Very wet though in spring. The campsites are great, awesome views.

1 month ago

Kind of a busy trail, especially for this time of year, parking lot was full. Easier to follow than people are saying here.

1 month ago

Very busy trail, especially for this time of year. Decent campsites, trail wasn't as hard to follow as people are saying here. The night trek in 2 miles was a tad difficult but daytime had no trouble.

The trails are good and there is an abundance of water. There are way more trails then what are shown on alltrails.

Great hike! Check out the map before you get started to see what color trail markers you should be looking for. Also, keep an eye out for snakes. We saw 5 over the 9-mile hike, including two rattlesnakes.
The views from the Pinnacle and Pulpit Rock are awesome and are more than worth the effort to get there. Hiking shoes (or shoes with hard soles) are helpful because there are many portions of the trail where you're walking on rocks.

1 month ago

I headed into the woods on Friday afternoon and noticed the silver blazes marking the trail. The trail is marked well enough for most of the way with only a couple tricky parts. Some of the turns can easily be skipped with the blazes (some having arrows pointing to turn) being a little on the smaller side. The trail itself is fairly easy with nothing too difficult. Elevation changes are frequent and but again, nothing too steep or difficult.

I went counterclockwise and skipped the Morrison Trail; only doing the Rimrock Trail Loop. I spread the trip over 3 days and 2 nights taking my leisurely time as I hiked. It was cold and wet the weekend I went where it rained all night both nights and the 2nd night it got down into the upper 20's. First night, I only hiked about 3 miles and set up camp just off the trail where an established fire ring sat. The 2nd night I stayed at the Morrison Campground. There are many campsites available there at the campground all complete with fire rings and picnic tables. Sunday morning, I woke up and finished the trail.

I would definitely recommend this trail to any hiker with any amount of experience or lack there of. It's a nice little trail with plenty of campsites to offer and lots of water and streams. There wasn't anything crazy as far as views either, but it was still very beautiful just being out in the woods.

1 month ago

Hiked this overnight on 10/13/18-10/14/18. I saw more hikers than expected, but not a ton. The already made campsites were nice. We camped by Jack's Run Creek and the water flow was pretty good. We got a bit turned around about halfway back the loop and got into some beaver damn areas. If you do the same, you've gone just a bit too far if you take the south route where the trail splits. Anyway, very nice trail but be mindful of where you're going and look for trial markers on the trees.

I’ve been hiking this area for 20 years. It never gets old!

Terrific trail with 2 magnificent panoramic views. A bit crowded on a Saturday late morning but then it was a perfect fall day! I would definitely do it again!

Holy moly - what a hard trail - so fun though! Great hike into the shelter area, camp overnight, and hike back out the next morning. THERE IS NO DRINKING WATER AVAILABLE AT SHELTERS! There is a nice stream very close by though, lots of water available just make sure you bring tablets or a filter and you’ll be good to go :)

Well marked easy to follow trails. Grabbed a map from the kiosk and did the blue loop. Trail was muddy in spots but with all the rain we've had this summer that was to be expected. The trail was a little overgrown on the singletrack heading up to the ridge but otherwise a pleasant walk with all intersections well marked. The map has the loop at 5.7 miles but the app recorded 6.6 miles. I deviated from the map for lunch at a campsite but that was no more than 100 ft.

Did about 2/3 of the Black Loop. Markers up to #9 were fine. However, the decent leading back to the road was overgrown, and there were no markings on other side of the road. I had to abandon the lower portion and walk back via the roadway. That section needs to be marked more clearly.

2 months ago

Beautiful trail with lots of different things to do and see. Gorgeous overlooks of the water and forest as well as stunning rock formations. Very good hike, definitely gets you working. You can pick up multiple different trails based on what you're looking for.

Love this trail great hike , only issue I had that it was really easy to go off trail . In the beginning there’s no markers so you have to really be carful. Other than no markers nice trail .

Another trail that needs better marking. All trails map was also unclear after reaching the Pinnacle. Pretty outlook. Very rocky so good hiking shoes help.

See my review. It’s more like 9+ miles :) blazes are hard to follow in places.

Trail is great. Someone built a shelter at Doe run (Dcnr?) but the best camp spot is still at Rock Run. The trail was recently rerouted around the flood damage where it crosses pleasant run/pleasant run road. reroute is better than old route. pleasant run road is still not open to vehicles and has one section that is dangerous for foot traffic.

this is a nice relaxing trail rather you ride the road or trail, I like to trail ride in and road ride out.

2 months ago

Overnight 10/4 at Cool run and had the whole trail to myself. Water flow was good. The solitude was awesome but parts of the trail were very hard to follow. I was lucky to have the GPS map downloaded on my phone and had to use it backtracking to the main trail numerous times. Trail blazing was on and off so don't entirely count on it.

nice trail with a awesome view .

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