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beastly climb to top of ridge but worth it. BE CAREFUL OF COPPER HEADS! We came across one sunning itself in the middle of the ridge trail.

very challenging and rewarding hike. was very busy when I went the last week in July. beautiful photos from the overlook. met a through hiker who started in GA in March and was making his way to ME!

I love Hawk Rock. I've probably hiked this over 20 times in the past few years and I'll do it again and again.

Beautiful view, but I don't like so many rocks.

my favorite rock

My family of five, (6-12yr) trekked this trail and had a blast! Views were worth the steep hike to the top.

trail running
1 month ago

Lots of rocks and roots to navigate around. Would have been a great hike due to all the overlooks, but not ideal for trail running. Quite a few down trees, as well. Watch your step!

Steep sections, some crazy rocks, and very narrow at different points. Nice challenge and great view at the top.

trail running
1 month ago

I was so excited to run this trail, but even walking it is a terrible idea. It is so overgrown with what looks to be poison ivy, it’s not clearly marked, and even though I only went a couple hundred feet before realizing I was up past my ankles in weeds and potentially poisonous plants, I came out with 2 ticks on my hat and one on my shirt. No thanks.

I hike this a few times each years. Stunning in the fall and the gorgeous greens in the spring are worth the climb. Week day early evenings aren't too busy but weekends get crowded. Typical PA rocks on the trail and some of the climb can get steep at parts. Totally worth the views, fresh air and wildlife. Make sure you check for ticks as I've found a few after this trail. Mostly shaded by trees which is nice and keeps it cooler in the summer.

Good uphill hike. I made a mistake thinking it was a short hike in cool weather and overdressed... It was strenuous and I got way too hot.

Only reason for removing a star is the jagged rocks you have to walk on. Wear thick shoes.

Not groomed but lots of fun.

Great hike! So very quiet. My dog and I started on Old Laurel Run Tr and linked up with the Fire Tower Rd, Midstate, Spruce Gap and Three Bridges Trails. Took us about an hour and a half, not including the time we spent wondering around the top of the ridge. Spruce Gap Trail is steeper and has loose rocks, but you can catch some glimpses of the mountain side. Weather was perfect, looked like rain but it was cloudy and breezy most of the hike. We began our hike around 5 p.m. Will do again. Accessible and fun.

Beautiful view, but you sure have to work for it!

3 months ago

Dont come early may if you like seeing leaves on trees. I hiked the blue trail. The views are alright, but mostly shrouded by trees. The trailhead is moderately steep, like your grandma couldnt do it, but your mom probably could. Relative to the Appalacian, this was kinda boring, but to a infrequent hiker, i’d give them a go ahead on this trail.

3 months ago

Great trail limited vistas few people. This is not a loop it’s out and back.

Had a wonderful hike along the ridge on a beautiful, chilly spring morning. would definitely return.

very nice

3 months ago

Enjoyed it- lots of rocks and steps going up. Pretty sure you need to turn around when you get to the lookout- I continued to follow the white blazes, but after 10 minutes remembered it was an out and back. Don’t be like me...

easy great place to bring anyone. good views not to hard a nice hike for all ages and skill levels

We did this trail last September! It was pretty difficult but well worth the hike once you get to the top! Beautiful views!!!

Awesome views,clear path,not a long hike but you will break a sweat.

5 months ago

Great outlooks! Not too long or difficult, but some nice hills too!

Well maintained and marked. Numerous outlooks.

Incline trail with steep sections and mostly rocky. If you have bad knees I wouldn’t recommend it. Great view once you get to the top.

1st time I've hiked in yrs. Coming off the flu bug so started on the Blue trail. not as steep as the White trail. its a good beginners hike with decent outlooks

6 months ago

Very pretty overlook. Still very manageable to hike in the snow, but Yaktrax or micro-spikes are a good idea. Will go again!

6 months ago

I love this trail! Beautiful views and gives you an awesome workout! ❤

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