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i actually really enjoyed this trail. it was an interesting hike because most of it was barely moderate — easy even. around the 8th mile (of 10 total) i thought to myself, ok, i actually am getting a little tired. then the incline got drastically more challenging for a great workout after all the mellow mileage that preceded it. nice trail! it took me 3:20, with jogging a few of the first miles in.

Pretty intense for both up hill and down hill. Good amount of shade. The creek was wonderful. However the whole trail was actually 7 miles and not 6. Be advised. Overall great hike.

2 days ago

First of our moderate hikes of the year, but it ended up being a hard moderate. Really close by - takes less than 30 mins to get there; half moon bay bridge and then on to skyline blvd.

Parking is extremely limited - maybe like 25 cars inside, but you can park street side and prolly on both sides of the street. Restroom is a common one and is ok.

We did counter clockwise for easier elevation. The trail heads and markers can be slightly confusing but it’s easy to track on the app.

Terrain is extremely uneven - there are constant downhills and uphills throughout. Ends up being around 10 miles with the last 2 miles being the hardest part. Oh and the purisima creek was beautiful to hike next to, which is what we did for a couple of miles when we got to the bottom. Guessing that it’ll be beautiful in summer coz you can basically sit on plenty of tree trunks and have lunch or take breaks.

Pretty and diverse. Offers scenic views as well as intimate forest setting. Both wide trail and narrow in different sections. I did it by bike yet that's officially not permitted. Midweek the trail was almost empty.
Going counter clockwise, the ascent is very moderate until the last 0.3 miles.

Gets SO muddy in the rain! Went when it was pouring today with my puppy. She was in heaven! I was slipping and sliding. Limited parking for when the weather is actually good, but I’d definitely do this hike again

This trail was perfect for a beginner had a little of everything.. views, shady trees, rough areas, we loved will do it again

Great hike, very limited parking at the trailhead

6 or 3 miles hikes loop! amazing views and it was fun and challenging getting across some big rocks on the trail. Would definitely do it again!

It took several hours, nice view! However, the weather is too dry, a lot of dust on the trail. Will suggest to try after little rain.

Arguable the most beautiful trail I’ve ever hiked. Period. If you are not afraid of heights, definitely try to climb on some of the rocks that can help you see the view better.

1 month ago

I’d recommend starting with the coyote ridge trail and doing the loop that way. The lookout trail and tony look trails are hiking only and you lose a lot of the crowd once you get off the coyote ridge and fern trails. Great views of the entire Bay Area, definitely recommend making the extra push up to Maisie’s Peak. Overall great hike!

Beautiful trail. We didn’t find it physically challenging but it was a little mentally challenging for me (I’m scared of heights) as we hiked the middle section along the ridge. Beautiful views of the Santa Cruz Mts and Monterey Bay. Highly recommend.

The loop is significantly different from one side to the other. The right side trail while going from the parking to the campground is safer than the other. Staying on the left side trail going from the parking to the campground will take through the Castle Rock Falls and most part of this trail is on the edge of steep slope and through narrow crevices between rocks but gives fantastic views. We used one side going to the campground and another side returning to the parking lot.

It was good hiking for a few hours to see the nice view. Relax and fresh there

fun trail under 3 miles but has a decent incline to make up for it. good if you're interested in a quick one. not very crowded after 10:00am. dog friendly.

trail running
2 months ago

Can start also at Parker Ranch near Saratoga Country Club, crosses Fremont Older & Stevens Creek Park boundaries. Have phone or GPS, lots of forks, options & Vista points

Gorgeous hike with great views. Some slight bouldering along the way adds some technical challenge. Bring a sun hat or some sunscreen, part of the hike is pretty sun exposed. From points you can see both the Pacific Ocean and the Monterey Bay. Completed multiple times now.

A short and sweet hike that meets all the criteria when you're looking for something simple.

It is not too strenuous but has a few fun parts that'll get your heart rate up. The view isn't breathtaking, but very refreshing. It's not too crowded, nor is it desolate.

Great place for a short afternoon hiking that doesn't need too much preparation.

2 months ago

Trail was a bit narrow with loose dirt at spots. Otherwise, a nice hike.

2 months ago

Nice hike. But, only some of it was shaded and watch out for the bikers.

This is a beautiful trail with scenic views. Followed the suggestion and went anti clockwise because that helped. This was almost a hard hike.

The distance shows 9.4 miles but that’s wrong. It took about 11 miles to complete. So be aware of that discrepancy. Also make sure you carry plenty of water. You will need it.

This is an excellent hike ranging between moderate to hard depending in personal stamina. We did the complete 9.8 mile starting from North ridge, whittmore gulch, purisima Creek, Craig britton, Harkins ridge and back again North ridge.
elevation gain is good towards the last 2 miles. start early as it takes around 5-6 hours to complete

Such a beautiful trail!! I hiked it alone on a moderately busy Sunday afternoon. It was the perfect combination of ease and difficulty for me. Very straightforward to follow along the path, and when you come to a fork in the trail it is marked properly. There are a few decent sized rocks along the way to stop and hang out to take a short break.

Wonderful hike!
Early October, Sunday morning, got there at around 7:30 and the parking was halfway full. Very windy, lots of shades, waterfalls was only dripping water. Descending first then ascend when going back to the parking.
Paid the fee for $10 (fee is only $8, but didn’t have change, self pay in the envelope)
Definitely come back for camping overnight!

Go COUNTER CLOCKWISE! Did the Loop clockwise. Started at 9:15am. First 2/3 of the trail was shaded and scenic. Last 1/3 was steep and full of flies. Definitely a moderate/hard gorgeous hike.

Beautiful trail. View of the Santa Cruz mountains and it’s a loop too back to the parking lot. Not too much elevation change. Make it by 9am to have a good shot at parking.

Great trail. It's well maintained, has some beautiful views, and (early in the morning) wasn't too crowded. The parking lot at the trailhead is pretty limited, but there's some extra along the road.

Awesome hike with beautiful views! Definitely go in the morning to avoid getting hit too much with the sun.

One of the absolutely most beautiful views I've gotten in the Bay Area. Going around 7-10 am you get to see a snake of fog slithering through the valley

4 months ago

Good trail for a morning workout. Parked at Prospect road lot. Was very crowded when I arrived at 9.15am but luckily got a parking spot. Parking gets freer during later hours. Trail was well marked. Not shaded in quite a few places.

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