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We loved that this trail was dog friendly, we went with our brother and sister in law and had a blast with our pups, we did wish it was a little longer though but it had a great location and went and had lunch afterwards since we were so close to everything!
It did have a great view at the top overlooking Portland!

I'm only saying three stars because I'm not sure I'd necessarily use this trail again. It was easy to navigate, a little steep in some spots. There weren't a lot of exceptional scenic notes, although the trees themselves are pretty enough to look at. It was fun to wander the mansion grounds, though.

Easy to park, easy to find. Great little hike right outside of downtown.

Marquam Nature Park is a beautiful open space in southwest Portland accessible from Terwiliger Boulevard among other streets. This southern loop follows the Marquam Trail, Towhee Trail, Flicker Trail and Warbler Trail, starting on Terwiliger less than a quarter mile south of the turnoff for the hospitals on the hill. There is shoulder parking on both sides of the street including room for a few cars right by the trailhead. The path gains some elevation reaching about halfway up toward Council Crest. Trails continue to the summit and beyond to Washington Park for longer hikes. The hike up and back on the Warbler Trail on the southwest corner of the loop is optional for an additional workout. The scenery is very natural and beautiful, surprisingly so for being just outside downtown Portland. There can be a fair amount of traffic on the trail but not an overwhelming number of people.

Beautiful trail. Very easy to follow. Great hike near the city.

2 months ago

Lovely hike through the trees, plenty of shade, well maintained trails. Pittock Mansion is well worth visiting - you can get to the house via the road.

Easy hike, go early to avoid to many visitors. We left at 8: 30 and enjoyed the trail with about 15 hikers and a couple runner's.

Great before or after work jaunt! I do this all the time but never tracked myself before this. I was surprised it was more than 4 miles as it’s so easy breezy, but a great in city workout in an out of city setting!

There were quite a few people at the mansion, but the trail up from Cornell was not too crowded. Most people take the easy way up and drive in the mansion's parking lot. I enjoyed the hike, and the view of Portland from the mansion grounds was great. If I have been there it has been so many years ago that I forgot what it's like. It's cool that you can walk around the mansion without having to pay for a tour. It's about as good a view of the city as you can hope for. Feels like you are right on top of it.

Beautiful, well kept trail. Lots of foot traffic on the weekend.

Beautiful easy hike, loved it!

There really isn’t a waterfall. It was cool to see the suspension bridge. If you’re going definitely go on the Lewis and Clark trail.

Nice uphill walk, very nice area.

Awesome close in trails from Portland. Beautiful scenery and not crowded during the week. Lots of little bridges and moderate inclines. Took about 1.25 hours to do this loop.

used this mixture of trails as a template for a slightly more extensive walk to make up for the fact we couldn't do mirror lake trail an hour from town because there was nowhere to park.

5 months ago

I have to admit that on a 85° day, 656 ft. elevation gain feels more like 1656 ft! Be that as it may, the trail is well maintained & has very few trip hazards. This day we found the sky at the top hazy so the view we were anticipating was somewhat subdued. Still, all 3 of us (2 humans, 1 dog) enjoyed the climb & felt satisfied we had accomplished something worthwhile. Not sure if we'll find a parking ticket on our car at Marquam Nature Park when we get back because we weren't able to complete the trek in 2 hrs with time for a rest & snack at the top. Council Crest is lovely & deserves sufficient time to enjoy.

A nice trail. Decent amount of ascension. Great view of Portland at the summit. There is an actual mansion and numerous functions are held there. Nice place to take your dog, or someone who is new to Portland. It can get muddy due to the heavy foot traffic.

Fun trail with plenty of choices. Powell Butte has number of trails to choose from. It's mostly flat open area, but there's some woodsy areas as well. Family friendly, easy going trails. Feels like an alpine desert. Nice place for beginners.

5 months ago

Nice way to spend an hour, close-ish to the city. Busy but not overly so. Not sure why the description states no dogs - there were plenty of dogs on the trail.

5 months ago

What a great forested park in the middle of the city. I especially like how it starts out in a random neighborhood. You go up a "secret staircase" and suddenly you are under a huge bridge. Pretty cool entryway.

nature trips
6 months ago

6 months ago

I didn’t have a lot of time so I had a route and I wanted to stick to it. I spent a lot of time looking at my phone to make sure I was on the right path (I wasn’t a few times). Lots of beautiful trails to explore and definitely a nice quiet hike close to town. Personally there were just too many cris-crossing trails. Would still recommend.

Pleasant outing. Trees.

trail running
6 months ago

with beautiful views & cool information posted on the plant/animal life in the surrounding area, with also a super cool physical display that shows the water system&how it works. just as fun for the adults as it is for the kids!

trails are great&maintained well, some steep spots for a stroller but good multiple options for trails.

I do wish there were swings at least for the kids for afterwards.

This is such a hidden gem. Lovely trail for a family hike. Not too busy, even on weekends.

Loved this trail. Steeper than expected, but I found it awesome that there was a little bit of a challenge. I'll definitely do this again. The witch's castle and the audobon society trails are also super close to the trailhead and are worth checking out.

This is a sweet trail if you like lush green forest. It’s nice that it is so close to town and yet does not feel like you’re in the city. We only did half, it’s a little strenuous for someone who is out of shape and somewhat challenging if you have difficulty walking.

I would give this hike 3.5 stars if I could and describe the trail as Easy to Lightly Moderate (I workout daily but had ACL knee surgery so the hike down was slightly strenuous on the knee). It's somewhat steep and lightly muddy in a few areas. My Garmin claims I climbed 82 floors. The directions from this app took me to a street with beautiful homes so I missed the hidden entrance and wound up on the Leif Erickson trailhead about .5 mile north. The entrance is off the street and leads down steep stairs to public restrooms, parking lot, and the Wildwood trailhead. The views of Portland and Mt. Hood at the mansion are worthy of the hike. I saw the biggest woodpecker ever feasting on a tree. That was pretty much the highlight of my hike.

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