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I DID IT! Woohoo!

7 days ago

good hike

I loved this hike. The path is great mix of forest and open areas. The first part is with good tree cover and you are passing through a forest, parts of it have a enchanted vibe. Then around mile 2 it opens high bush layout and then changes to open plain with short grass. I saw plenty of birds, rabbits, and squirrels. On this day, I only met other hikers on my way back, just starting for the day. The final prize is awesome. Eagle rock, as you approach it from afar it does look too interesting, but once you circle around the final turn, you understand! Loved it! The hike is little away from things but worth the drive.

Did this as part of a loop, coming back along Duck Pass trail, Emeralds Lake trail and Coldwater George trail. Definitely felt the altitude when I set off but it got better. It was an overall steady climb up and no long strenuous sections. Started hailing and then snowing on the way down. Great views and worth the effort.

This was a great hike through varied ecosystems including oak forests, cacti/chaparral, and meadows. We went in early October, and had great weather. Our seven year old son enjoyed the hike as well.

There was no traffic noise or airplane noise, just birds and frogs. We saw a coyote and some turkeys, and the hikers we passed spotted a mountain lion.

The way out is a gradual uphill climb, making the trip back faster and easier.

Great place for horseback riding. Fire roads, and cattle trails alongside, nice easy to moderate hills for conditioning, little traffic, no dogs, no bikes, roomy parking lot, and some of the cleanest porta-potties you’ve ever seen.

This was a great and rewarding hike! The views were beautiful!

More like 15.8 miles and hard. I hiked counter clockwise, taking out the steep ascent first. Took walput lake trail to nannie ridge to goat lake to pct and back to walput lake trail. I was moving for 8.28hrs and on the trail for 9 hours. saw about 10 to 15 people on the trail, mostly backpackers. There is a designated parking area for the trail at walput lake with no fee charge, but I did hang up my NW forrest pass just in case. there is also camping here to for a charge. The road to get to walput lake is rough washboard with potholes and rockfall. max I was going 10mph in my Honda crv for an hour plus for 21 miles each way, if you're coming from Randal it's 33 miles to the lake. The lake road is paved although there are some parts that are damaged. There is also a horse camp at the lake. 2 bathrooms that I saw and a day use parking area at the lake front for a $5 fee. Pay at the information kiosk.
On the trail lots of ridge and switchback hiking. look out for horse poo, it's all over the place. In spring time probably a ton of creek crossings with no bridges. I hiked this on 9/24/18 and almost everything was all dried up. I'd also imagine the bugs would be crazy here in the summer. Goat lake is a good place to take a breather, but not the halfway marker. Make sure you have a map to follow as there are plenty of ways to get lost.
Walput lake at the parking area was nice to soak my feet in after the long hike I had completed. It's cold this time of year though and clear.
You have to fill out a backcountry permit at the trailhead, but when I went there were no slips and no pencils so I didn't do this.

Fun hike to a very interesting rock formation. Will do this again in the spring when everything is greener.

24 days ago

Beautiful trail! It's a slow inclined to the rock so it is much easier going back. The only thing I wish I knew before going is BRING BUG SPRAY. There were so many flies and bugs getting in our eyes while we were near the trees.

Super cute hike!!

Great trail. Easy enough to take kids and dogs. Some great views of the lake. Not a lot of parking though.

The PCT section follows easy rolling terrain for 3.5 miles to the cairn marking the left turn up the North ridge route. The trail gives way to a moderate scramble a mile or so up the ridge. The summit block rises about 450’ from the ridge. The 3 pitch climb requires technical climbing ability and equipment. Great views! A climbers trail descends 1400’ across the steep scree field on the west face to the PCT for a 5 mile hike back to TH. Or you can descend along the ridge route the way you came up. Make sure to have plenty of light because the ridge route is sketchier downhill than on the way up. No water along the route

We mapped this trail to be more like 7.5 miles. The return is where you will see your elevation gain with 9 switch backs and a gradual climb. I'm not the strongest hiker and made it back up about 4 miles, without stopping.
If you go past the bridge towards the end and not across you will come to Soda Springs camp ground which has a bathroom, water, and bear boxes.
Overall the trail was easy to follow and well maintained. I rated it a 4 due to the lack of traffic, beautiful views of the river, and being so shady. It was a bit anticlimactic and if you love water you will enjoy the clear waters of the river and a dip.
If you continue a few more miles down the trail you will reach Reds Meadow, Devil's Postpile/Rainbow falls. We would have if it wasn't getting late in the day. If you are looking for peace and quite and some seclusion, choose this hike.

Great trail!

We hiked this yesterday for the second time. We reached the trail at about 1:30 pm on Labor Day and the parking lot was full. We ended up parking at the Discovery Center and walked a short paved path to Cougar Crest Trail. The trail is challenging in that it’s very rocky. Wear hiking boots if you can. The views of the lake and the forest are amazing. I will keep coming. Great day hike!

extremely beautiful and moderate traffic. plenty of water along the way. most of the trail is hardpacked and easy terrain. everyone on the trail was very friendly.

This was a great hike some shade and nice incline. Beautiful view of the lake.

Fun hike. I had to turn back 1.5 miles from the campground due to time constraints, but I'll definitely come back to complete the entire trip. I'd say it's more of a moderate hike aside from the distance. The elevation gains are fairly gradual until you get to Pacifico Mountain. Lots of sun exposure so be sure to bring a hat, sunscreen, and plenty of water. I went through 3L.

Great hike! It was clean and right before the end there is a bench overlooking the mountians. Peaceful.

The all trails segment states this starts at wet meadows trailhead but on the map it shows this segment starting from where the PCT crosses blue lakes road. If you start from wet meadows reservoir trailhead it is closer to 10 miles round trip. I did this but also went up Raymond Peak. Gps shows 12.2 miles and 3200ft elevation for the tour. The road is fine to sunset lake but dont bother driving to wet meadows without a high clearance vehicle. I would rate the hike to the lake as moderate. PCT is well maintained and nicely graded.

I love the trails

1 month ago

Nice little trail. Well maintained and not much incline. Took us about an hour each way (my wife, dog and I) wasn’t too challenging, but very scenic and the destination is definitely worth the trip! Will be doing this trail again next time I’m in town.

Incredible trail with beautiful views from desert to forest. Definately worth the trip and bring lots of water! Best to go early before hand. Took between 2 hours to 2.5 hours. Don't use Google maps to get there, use this apps map as Google will bring you to a privet, closed property right beside the rock rather than the trail head. The Trail head is to the right of the fire station about 20 metres.

This is for those of you that have never been here before like me. I got a bit confused where to enter for the start of the trail you have to enter a cattle gate to the right of the fire station by the street.I was hesetent to enter because it looked like private property to me. I did enjoy this hike it's not very hard but it was hot so of course bring a lot of water unless you're a camel. I even got to see a deer and a giant jack rabbit which was cool. I loved the shade in the beginning I bet the open fields are very pretty when it gets all green I will go back in the rain season to see new growth.

I love this....

2 months ago

Great trail, well constructed and maintained. A push for this 71 yr old

Spectacular views of Glacier Peak.

Nice hike don't climb to the summit without gear-experience..Also there is no water so bring plenty.

Just finished this. Took about 8 hours. Lost the trail once I saw duck pass on the ridge. Thankfully this app’s GPS works without service. It saved me. The talus was challenging but pretty solid with minimal loose rocks. There was a gorgeous nameless aqua blue lake before the talus. So amazing. Ps. Took my Siberian husky and he loved it.

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