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Rollie Pollie little Trail easy very pretty lot of houses being built around it


Take away the INSANE foot traffic, the views are spectacular!

What a watery wonderland!! :-D

For someone who loves to be outdoors and enjoys new trails! Took my 10year old and 4mos baby on this hike in the evening. Took us about 1hour and 40mins. The trail was easy to follow, the Views are beautiful, and it was very nice in the canyon area. Definitely would come back again.

nature trips
9 days ago

The view was amazing! The hike was short but intense

10 days ago

I loved the bridge and all the amazing views there! There was a waterfall coming down from the top of the arch when I was there, and I chose to go all the way under the bridge and out and up on the other side instead of going back up the way I came. Watch the slippery rocks!

10 days ago

This is quite fun if you like hopping from one rock to the next, but it’s not the best trail if you are just looking for an easy stroll. I liked it! A bit hard to navigate and there are several paths you can take...but it’s hard to get lost with a GPS.

11 days ago

LOVED this trail. Lots of scrambling, bouldering, and rock hopping. We paused many times to observe the beautiful rock formations, caves, tree varieties, fall colours and explore each area. My wife had our 7mo daughter on her back and managed to navigate fairly easily. It has challenging sections that follows the rocky creek bed but is very doable. The massive cave with falling water at the end was spectacular- pictures do not do it justice- it’s epic.

12 days ago

Such a beautiful place to visit, family friendly. Went in early November and it was the perfect time to visit, trees were changing color and the weather was perfect. Heavily trafficked, go as soon as it opens

13 days ago

This hike is amazing up to the spring. Past that the trail is extremely hard to follow and steep loose rocks threatened injuries. After about a half mile or so it is well marked with carins up to Rim Road. Even with this app and trail markers I lost the trail several times. Many great spots to camp by and below the spring.

Worst trail ever!

Great hike to take the dogs on. Trail was deserted with great views

Mild rock climbing to the most beautiful payout

19 days ago

I hiked this trail today and thought it was amazing. The scenery was stunning and the fall leaves were beautiful. I can’t wait to go back and do it again.

what a great trail I definitely will be doing this one again.
It's such a good trail for the family not to easy but not hard at all we had our 4 year old and 6 year old and they did great.
there's a great camping site right at the trailhead, I'm hoping to go camp there and do the entire trail next time. it's a beautiful trail and love the sounds from the creek.

24 days ago

My pup and I love this trail. It's an easy hike with plenty of spots to stop and take a break by the stream. It took us about 2 hours to get to the waterfall and back to our car, but we stopped plenty of times so the pup could play in the water.


27 days ago

loved it

28 days ago

Parking filled up pretty quickly, but considering it was a perfect fall day, it was easy to see why. The 1140' elevation gain over 4+ miles was very doable even for a 51yo not used to the altitude. A little splash of fall foliage along the creek among the pines was a nice touch. Loved being able to listen to the water for the whole hike and climb around the spring at the end. A little rocky, a little dirt, overall a fabulous hike!

Pretty easy going up to the spring, but past that it can be challenging to stay on the main trail due to overgrowth and limited use. Also, that last leg to Rim Road is rather steep and rocky. Nice views near the top though. Saw some elk to the side of the trail on the way out around dusk, then a deer as I drove from the trailhead out to the highway.

1 month ago

In a fee area, restricted access, both time wise and physical areas and trails.

1 month ago

Definitely had some damage from recent heavy rains however, it was a fun workout and the scenery was magnificent.

Do not drive this road in rain unless you have 4WD. Listen to the ranger.

1 month ago

This was a great easy hike. We went in October, after A LOT of rain and the stream was running loudly. It was a truly sensory experience, the air was cool and crisp, it smelled so good and sweet, the stream was rushing noisily. The ground was soft from recent rains, so the ground was soft, but it really wasn't slippery muddy. It's a great trail for exploring because you can venture somewhat here and there away from the trail. There is a lovely memorial to the three year old who was killed along with many members of her family in 2017 when a storm hit, causing a flash flood that swept away several members of a family. When we finished the downstream trail, we turned around and walked upstream-both ways were pretty awesome.

This was a beautiful and easy hike. Completed it with a group ages 8-42 and everyone did great. Ended up picking a day in July that was perfect. Cloudy with rolling thunder and a light sprinkle made this hike through the pines absolutely beautiful. Take some snacks or lunch and enjoy it while eating next to the creek.

mountain biking
1 month ago

This trail has a lot of major ruts due to the heavy rains over the last couple of months. I was looking forward to a nice work out Mountain biking this trail, but I spent more time hiking my bike than riding!! If you hike it, take more water than you need and expect 1/2 day unless you are in exceptional shape! I would say this trail is perfect for motorcycle or ATV riding. I started at Houston Mesa TH and rode the Houston Loop then took Pine Dr back down to Hwy 260 because the trail was so not enjoyable.

The first part of the trail is nothing to write home about, but definitely gets better as you near the top, interesting landscape and great views. We decided to do the whole loop but somewhere got off the trail and ended up on 545 instead of 504, crossed several washes but found our back to trailhead easily.
Definitely wouldn't recommend doing on hot day, and no matter when take water!!

Beautiful! We brought our kids on it and they did great. Our youngest was 2 and he had no problem at all.

We loved this hike. last minute planning so we were only able to get a parking permit at homestead. This meant 6.2 miles round trip to the waterfall. once we hit the waterfall trail head. it was a delightful hike with a rope swind and of course waterfall jump! the road to the parking wasnt horrible. it could he done carefully in a car up till the bridge parking lot. anything past that would need a 4wd.

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