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17 hours ago

This was well worth the [very expensive and complicated] trip from Wyoming, USA! The views and experiences are incomparable! Every single day is too breathtaking to describe so I’m not even going to try. I’ll just talk about the details that you’ll want to know before you go, and the things you might not think about. And you should know that the W is not the “better half.” It’s just half. So if you’re coming here do you just want to see HALF?!?!

For one, something that surprised me (as an introvert who doesn’t like to share the outdoors with anyone else) was that I made a lot of friends! We started with the O part and finished with the W, so the first half of the trip was a wonderful chance to truly bond with the group of people that was doing the hike alongside us. It’s a one-way trek so the group remains consistent. And with the weather not always so great, and the mandatory group cooking area, there was a lot of community-building time and our group got so close! So even when we merged with the flood of people in the W, we stuck together as a group, hiking and eating and camping together. It brought all of us so much joy to share the experience - like being back in summer camp as a kid! And you’d miss this aspect if you only did the W.

I guess some people would say this trek is sort of easy and that the elevation change is negligible. I would not. Just because there’s little change in elevation from the departure to the destination doesn’t mean that there’s no hills all the way through! There’s almost no flat areas. You’re going either up or down pretty much the whole time, and sometimes it’s quite a big hill.

The hardest part was the pass between perros and grey. My muscles were screaming for days after that. And as expected, the britannica and Torres lookouts were also very steep. My legs hadn’t recovered from the pass yet when we did britannica, so I wish we had planned one more night so the britannica day wasn’t so long.

We did the sunrise hike for Torres. They say it’s 4.5 hours from central (where we stayed). We’re pretty strong hikers and we packed light. We left by 1am and arrived at 4:30. That was perfect timing. We stayed for an hour (freezing to death) and it was totally majestic as the sky and the towers kept changing colors. TOTALLY WORTH IT. Apparently you’re not allowed to night hike but just be discreet about it. There’s no one guarding the trailhead or anything. Also, if you are in your own tent at central, the checkout is not til 6pm, so you can take a nap afterwards! (Checkout is 8am otherwise)

Beware of the sun!!!! Apparently there’s like no ozone down here so it burns you really badly. I’m Mediterranean and my husband is Asian, so we rarely wear sunscreen on our outdoor adventures. We paid for that with horrible peeling burns on this trip. Do not think you’re immune to the Patagonian sun!!

We drank straight from the sink and streams our whole trip and had no stomach issues or anything.

I noticed that a lot of people were carrying the large backpacking backpack on their backs and a smaller backpack on their fronts. I can imagine that was horribly uncomfortable! I think the best way to do it is to pack minimally so all your stuff fits in or attached to your big backpack, and bring one of those small drawstring backpacks for like the plane and bus trips, and day hikes. That way you can just stuff it in the big one when you’re not using it.

Here’s a rundown of the amenities you can expect at every campsite:
(My husband and I brought our own tent, sleeping bags, and mats. In retrospect, I might have splurged for the stuff to be provided at each site. The tents were huge and nice, and the mats were obviously much more comfortable than the portable ones. And with the fatigue from all that hiking and the rain, it would have been nice not to set up camp every night and to have a comfortable mattress.)

Soft grass for your tent
Flushing toilets
Paper towels
Hot showers
Garbage cans

Soft grass for your tent (sometimes)
Flushing toilets
Hot showers (supposedly??)
Garbage cans
Electrical outlet
Super nice cooking area with sink

Wretched campground
Hard packed dirt to put your tent on
Flushing toilets
Sink with no soap
Cold showers
No place for garbage
You have to leave by 7am if you are hiking all the way to grey, and by 10am if you’re just going to paso, to safely make it over the pass before the crazy afternoon winds.

We didn’t stay here but we passed through and it looked pretty wretched as well. The toilet is a gross drop toilet and there’s no sinks. The cooking area is an open shed with rickety tables.
You have to leave by 4pm if you’re going to grey to safely cross the suspension bridges.

Humongous camping area
Really nice flushing toilets
Sink with hot water
Paper towels
Hot showers (only 5-9pm)
Garbage cans
The Refugio is a really nice place to hang out

Paine grande:
Very crowded steep and windy hillsi

Do not miss this!!! This is by far the best view in the area. It literally took our breath away - we just didn’t have enough breath to gasp as long as the view overwhelmed us! Also the hike itself was extremely beautiful for the whole way. However, we got some really powerful wind, especially in the exposed final leg of the trail. The wind was strong enough to hold me up when I leaned into it and I’m 150 pounds! It was a battle to reach the top through the wind, but the wind was warm and it felt more like an adventure than a problem. I would do the hike again in a heartbeat!!

18 hours ago

I rate this a 2 in comparison to the other two hikes in the area. The Trail was mostly bland, and the view at the end is pretty cool, but way better if you go to a different angle like on the other hikes. Also the lake is an ugly muddy brown, not brilliant blue like the other lakes. Be sure you don’t stop at the lake but go all the way around it for a better view of the glacier.

Best view of my life. Top two for best hikes of my life. It is worth every bead of sweat and labored breath up the steep slope - and then some! I just don’t even have the words to describe the majesty of this view. And don’t stop at the first lake - I know you’re exhausted, but the second lake is worth hiking up that last little hill. Amazing!!

Ubicado sobre el Lago Argentino, en la provincia de Santa Cruz, en Argentina, se encuentra esta maravilla natural.
Hay varias opciones. se pueden recorrer distintos circuitos sobre pasarelas, muy fáciles de reconocer ya que están divididas por colores.
Cada una nos muestra el glaciar desde diferentes perspectivas.
Recorrer las pasarelas es un buen complemento a los minitrekking o big ice , caminatas sobre el glaciar.

You will spend a long time finding places more beautiful than this. Be prepared, the weather is highly unpredictable and can shift extremely quick. Wind was like nothing I have ever experienced except in a severe storm in the middle of Iceland. My party literally had to crouch and hug the ground at times in order to not to be blown downhill. I highly recommend booking ahead of time, and if you are going to tent camp make sure your gear is top notch.

The mini-trek on the glacier is fabulous. Then views from the boardwalk give another perspective. I’ve been to glaciers in Alaska and Canada and nothing compares to this place!

Even with 85+km wind gusts or maybe because of them this was a great and exhilarating hike to a viewpoint that is nice but not awe inspiring. It’s more on the easy than moderate side. Without wind it would definitely be easy. Starts with a pretty waterfall. Not at all crowded when we went in the late morning.

9 days ago

Great hike. Do this one on a sunny day.

A los 2 y medio kilómetros del sendero a Laguna Torre, se encuentra el mirador.
permite si el clima acompaña tener una vista maravillosa de varios cerros, y sus glaciares. Se destaca, el Torre, los cerros Adela, el Solo y las cimas del Fitz Roy y Poincenot.
Hay asientos de troncos para descansar.

11 days ago

Los primeros 3 km son lo más exigentes del sendero. Luego es bastante plano.
A los 2 y medio km se encuentra el mirador del Torre con una vista magnífica de los cerros.
Luego se camina por diferentes lugares a la vera del río, bosques, caminos pedregosos.
Al llegar a la laguna con sus témpanos, se obtiene una vista maravillosa del cerro Torre, los Adelas y otros cerros más.

Pese a que nos tocó un día con llovizna y muy ventoso, pudimos disfrutar de este paseo.
Ni bien se cruza el puente de ingreso al pueblo, hay un cartel que indica el inicio de los senderos.
En un principio se hace una subida suave por momentos moderada.
Luego el camino se bifurca,
Un trayecto más corto y empinado lleva al Mirador de los cóndores, con una hermosa vista del pueblo y de las montañas circundantes. Y realmente hemos visto cóndores revoloteando.
El otro sendero más largo y plano nos permite una gran vista del lago Viedma.

12 days ago

Breathtaking, amazing, absolutely perfect! We did the W for our honeymoon, and it was the most incredible journey. We hired a guide since we are relatively new to backpacking, but we agreed that it would have been easily completed without a guide. The hike was challenging, but honestly much less tiring than we anticipated -- granted we spent all summer training in the Cascades, which I'm sure helped. There is fresh water throughout the hike that is drinkable, so don't carry too much with you as there is no need. Other posters have stated this, but pack for EVERY WEATHER climate. There were days that went from rain, to show, to 75 and sunny -- sometimes within 2-3 hours. We went in early-November and had great weather, and could go hours on the trail without seeing a single person (even at the famous vista stops). I hear it gets crazy-busy in the summer, which wouldn't have affected our trip too much but it was so special feeling very isolated. Glacier Grey was our favorite day, so DO NOT skip the hike over the hanging bridges, no matter how scary that point may be :)

Amazing hike. Ascent all the way up; especially challenging at the end. High winds and rain made the steep (45-50 degree climb for a while) ascent through rocks and peaking after a sheet of snow (which is doable by the way!). The views are well worth it and the way down is easy and even runnable at parts—just watch out for tree roots on the path.

20 days ago

Basically a right-of-passage for my Chilean roommate. So happy I did this with him, hands down the most gorgeous place I have ever been to in all my years of hiking. Patagonia is a magical place! I am definitely going to do this again for a bucket list when I am older and have a family. Amazing place and people!

Absolutely spectacular trail- it’s very challenging climb to the top but worth all the effort.
It’s very rocky so hiking boots are highly recommended.

The wind was howling but that made it an experience.

Take the time to do this. The view IS Torres del Paine!

Easy warmup hike with a bit of uphill. The view from Mirador De Las Aguilas is stunning. If you go a bit higher you’ll get a nice 360 view. Worth the extra time and effort.

22 days ago

Moderate trail to glacier. Busy. Nice views of lake and glacier. Mountains were mostly cloud covered. When cleared they were magnificent.

23 days ago

Went up there for glacier training before my ski trip to Antarctica. In the spring, the glacier holds relatively stable corn snow, which is good for skiing but will make hiking difficult. The trail begins with a long dirt road, before reaching the top of some short of old ski lift. The trail continues up above the treeline and onto the glacier. The landscape is massive and offers views of Cerro Martial, the Beagle Channel and Southern Patagonia.

Started in El Pilar (recommend, see review) but Alltrails Marked this complete.

This is a better trek than the out and back. The incline is less and one does not see the same thing (not that one gets bored with the views).

I got a bus ticket for $10 at the El Chaltén station the night before. I was picked up at my Hotel. 30 min ride.

Bring proper attire, Once I ran out I filled my water bottle from the running streams. One can taste the turquoise!

26 days ago

Pouring Rain.
That means have the correct clothing (unlike some I passed).
Very windy, cold, a perfect hiking day.
I was surprised how many people were out there.

Dedicated trail workers / volunteers tending the trail.

Muchas gracias!

Do the future a favor and stay on the marked trail. Do not digress to the side trails. Especially on the El Chalten side.

Such an incredible hike! Did this unguided and solo for New Years Eve 2018! Highly recommend!

I recommend taking the red trail. It contains the lowest and closest views (as seen on my recording, not sure why it lapses). One gets a great perspective.

Bucket list item complete!

Wonderful Track✨


Soak in the hot tub at Cuernos if possible!!

Amazing views, beautiful landscapes. As most mentioned before, the final 1km is difficult. The trail will gain about 400m in altitude during this last part.

Went while it was raining and it was just amazing.

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