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Great views, there’s parts of the trail that’s a bit muddy after the recent rain. The deer, birds, salamanders and squirrel’s made for a great hike today.

Absolutely love this hike! One of my favorites.

Nice place to smoke a joint. Also there is a sweet swing about halfway up in the grove of trees on the left

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5 days ago

Beautiful hike for the whole family to enjoy.

I love this hike. I’ve probably done it 100 times over the years. I noticed a couple of the reviews mentioned shoes, specifically wearing hiking shoes, which I wholeheartedly agree with for both safety and comfort. Also, the weather can vary greatly from the back side to the front rocky ridge.

9 days ago

Very popular. Beautiful but lots of people.

9 days ago

Great walk. Somehow in hilly SF, there are a lot of flat nature hikes and walks. This one has more incline which is nice. I suggest walking there and back rather than walking the loop so you can enjoy the coastal breathtaking views instead of the road. We decided to not turnaround or take the loop and instead we kept walking to Baker Beach, then through the Presidio and finally into the Marina for lunch. It took about 2 hours 15 mins or 7 miles and my Fitbit recorded I burned 780 calories!

It was a blast and we were exhausted after, but I couldn’t believe all the fantastic views we had! After, we Lyfted back to our car, but we could have Scooted or Jump Biked because the ride was through the Presidio and neighborhood streets. Excellent trek!

11 days ago

Beautiful views of ocean and bridge and lots of fun landmarks to see. We did this hike as the loop, part of which is the road, and if we did it again, would stick to an out and back on the coastal trail- this is where the best views were and felt more like a hike (vs. a walk along the road). Detour to labyrinth/beach was worth the stairs!

alas... every good trail has a proposal point... this one trumps all else on coastal views... just like in marriage things start kinda..well..peaceful & easy.. then begins the climb... sometimes you pass where you one should not go (I'm talking about heading past the trail closed sign)... but..let's all agree the effort is worth the climb... summiting affords a reward of panoramic views of the world class rocky cliffs... God himself carved out this trail in all its glory... dream of the perfect love...the kind that bows its knee and offers eternal-like love at a perfectly placed bench on the edge of the world..should this world be flat I would certainly fall off... please some share your proposal moment... and after the mountain high life will no doubt circle you back on the challenging path... you will follow a trail that was crafted by the harshness of wind and water.. (quite literally you will follow a wash) cared for by only mother nature herself... but worth the challenge in every way...ending where the beginning began... peaceful & easy...

Great moderate workout!

beautiful up hill the whole way.

Must do in San Francisco. Lands End is a unique stand out among the stunning west coast (obviously there are plenty of other amazing spots as well) that’s incredibly accessible.

Great hike for all ages. Amazing falls all the way up.

it was a beautiful hike, next time we'll make it all the way, we only hiked halfway because we were out of shape lol it is steep all the way up

16 days ago

Great place for great views. Friendly for hitting, jogging. Easy “hike” for most kids, but there are some steps that need to be navigated so some could struggle a bit.

16 days ago

Nice flat hike, with beautiful black sand beach access at the end. Also has an alternative route that's more difficult.

16 days ago

Pretty hike. Very steep! Beautiful waterfalls almost the entire way up. We stopped at the picnic grounds - someone told us there isn't much to see beyond there.

18 days ago

Great place to go!

My 7yo and I had a great time! Even with so many people on the trail it was peaceful and quiet. Lots of dogs on the trail and folks were great about keeping them on leash. Was surprised to not see many birds/animals/insects. The picnic area near the end of the trail is a great place to stop for lunch and refuel for the rest of the hike. Even on a cold day, we stayed warm with all the climbing. Worth the drive to get there.

19 days ago

Beautiful trail, but if you have any knee issues this might not be the trail for you. There are a lot of very steep steps.

beautiful trail! recommend getting there early for parking. only downside was that the trail was very slippery, and with the ups and downs, that made it a bit scary.

20 days ago

Love this app! Makes hiking easy and fun!

22 days ago

Great loop. It is a good climb, but anyone that actually looks at the map before they go can figure that out. Part of the loop is ‘closed’ because it simply hasn’t been maintained for a while, unfortunately. The trailhead is usually a little crowded, but very few of those cars are actually on the trail, most are on the west side of the highway looking at the water. As far as the trail being dangerous, the most dangerous part of the hike is parking and crossing Highway 1!!

Enjoyed this hiked. Started on the canyon side and enjoyed the ocean view on the way down. I recommend walking sticks on the way down because the incline is hard on your knees. This trail is beautiful!

1 month ago

Parking: Easy parking on both sides of hwy 1. We started early but I imagine it gets quite busy during the spring and summer.

Bathrooms: 2 porta pottys near the trailhead. Both were very clean.

Hike: Great hike. Headed counterclockwise through a pretty diverse landscape including cacti and then redwoods and a nicely flowing creek. Ignored the closed sign as many people were.. a bit of an uphill right after the closure sign but smooth sailing after that. Uphill and pretty tough but great views of the surrounding mountains and ocean await you at the top. Descending down rocky ridge wasn't too bad with poles but might be a little tough for some. Watch your footing and be careful of ticks, found one crawling up my shirt!

1 month ago

Such a great view! I completed the trail in October - it definitely has some muddy patches but overall is well marked and fairly well maintained. As far as the drive in goes, Canaan Loop Road (FR 13) is a loop. The trailhead is approximately halfway through the loop. The section of the loop that goes from Blackwater Falls to just before the trailhead requires four wheel drive. However, the section that begins on 32 in Canaan Heights is drivable with a car (mine is a Honda Accord) without four wheel drive, at least in the summer and fall.

Always a fun family hike and enjoy the beautiful views!

Love this trail and my kids have grown up hiking this trail.

1 month ago

A beautiful hike with rewarding views. The climb up definitely feels a bit harder than moderate but it’s a much easier return. As some have noted, coming back down all the stairs and downward train can be a little rough on the joints. I’d mark it a 5-star trail if it had more regular alternation between the up and downhills.

If you’re not up for the full hike, within the first mile you’ll have seen most of the prettier landscape.

One tough hike - even though rained a ton yesterday not too much mud. Going up is tough but not many people - when get to the top use AllTrails bc there is a ton of other unmarked trails. Coming down tough on knees and a lot more people

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