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24 days ago

Awesome trail!!! If you plan well, go during a full moon. The light of the moon reflects off the granite mountains and lights up the entire area. For the most part the trail is well distinguished however there are two spots where the trial is on granite rocks with no trial marks. Walked trail late September and there was minimal water running in streams so bring plenty of you plan on hiking at that time. But plenty of water at end of hike at the lakes.

Last year myself and a group of friends from Ireland led by Mike O’Shea and the amazing Ascent Himalayas (Sherpa’s) hiked to EBC.

I have to give special mention Furtemba Sherpa and my sincere thanks to all the sherpa team for making this journey safe and so memorable. They are unbelievable athletes.

9 days up 3.5 down.. The scariest flight in my entire life... always sit on the left hand side of the plane!!

The people, the views, everything is is amazing!! I’m so so so happy I did it and will do it again sometime... it’s simply amazing.

We did it in November and route was busy but it was phenomenal.

Yes it’s hard, it’s has many challenging aspects but that’s life!!!

Just do it!! No regrets at all

Nepal is a cracking country!

1 month ago

This is the most amazing place ever! It is exceptionally rewarding to do but does require a lot of perseverance. I still recommend for anyone of any kind who wants to go, but be aware of how much you’ll need to prepare and expect for.

If you’ve ever dreamed about doing this - DO IT ! Challenging but absolutely indescribable, you have to experience it . Way too huge to be captured in vids or pics . Research the outfitters and buy as much “ luxury “ as you can afford .✌️

Had such an amazing time on this track. Heavy traffic though.

Beautiful bucket list trip for me. Most of the people we encountered (tourists/trekkers) were nice but I noticed many individuals did not seem mentally and/or physically prepared for such a long trek. People in my group had very limited basic hiking experience and many people I spoke to were not prepared for the terrain. Luckily, living in Utah near the Wasatch gave us an advantage in both altitude and terrain, so we found the trek to be moderately strenuous but easily do-able. The worst part was the demand for western amenities in these remote regions. Tourists demand the comforts of home while on this trek which I felt took away from the experience, but I hope that people come to appreciate the culture, the landscape, and the spirits of the Himalayas instead of doing these treks for the cred/popular points. Its not an easy hike that you shouldn't train for. Many companies are not honest and clear about what the expectations should and need to be. Altitude was a huge factor for many people in our group and others I saw. My partner and I brought Diamox, however we never ended up needing to take it. We had a few headaches but with water and an ibuprofen here and there, we were completely fine. My core advice would be not to under estimate this trek and do not assume it is uphill the whole time (each day you will ascend and descend....up to 1,500 ft or more....). Take your time to research the trail and make sure, that if you are going to be connecting through a local guiding service, to work with a reputable one that is engaged and active in the community. Western tourism has changed the culture and economics of Nepal, so be a force for good in your economic decisions when traveling.


Hardest ever attempted but most rewarding

2 months ago

Loved it, I’d do it again. It’s super private and not crowded at all!

2 months ago

Just finished this trek (oct 26th) It’s absolutely amazing! Tough but very doable. I’d say you’d want to be at least in good shape. I saw people of all ages but I couldn’t imagine doing this when I’m in my 65+ years. It would be more brutal than fun. Just have to take it slow and if you’re like me and end up with altitude sickness (headache, throwing up...) just take some medicine and a day to rest. (I got sick in Dingboche) But by the next day I felt much better and was able to push through, it was totally worth it! You’ll meet some amazing people not only locals but people from all around the world who you’ll bump into at each town doing the same trek. You’ll make friends with people from all over and hear some amazing stories along the way. If you’d like to see some of the picture that I took you can see them on my Instagram @blakewsmith_

Excellent trip, my son and I did this solo (no guid or porter) we had a map and carried our own equipment which made the trek way more challenging. Majority or trekkers use a porter or guid to carry up to 15 kilos for them, I would advise this for inexperienced trekkers. We used the map several times however the trail is well defined in most areas, again I would advise using a guid unless you are competent with a map.
It’s an amazing trek with beautiful views all the way to EBC, while there summit Kala Pathar as it is a must, the views are outstanding.
Plan for about 3,000 rupees a day spending, the food and lodges are more expensive the higher you get. The most important advise is to have fun and take your time, altitude sickness is very serious and can get you at any time. When arriving at your destination each day, climb higher to help acclimatize before returning to your accommodation, this will help with sleep (which gets more difficult the higher you get).

3 months ago

Totally blown away by the views from the meadow to the top of the pass. This was fairly difficult for my second backpacking trip but it was well worth it.

3 months ago

you will experience different environment every 2 miles on the way to ten lakes. enjoy!

3 months ago

Ive backpacked all over the Sierra’s and this was one of the best overall trips!

The trail is very well maintained. That being said, the All Trails Pro app saved us a few times. First, along the granite part early in the trail, and secondly coming out of the lake area since there were a ton of trails up and down from the lake that didn’t lead to the actual trail. At all map checks, no matter the altitude or density of Forrest, the app showed us EXACTLY where we were and got us right back in trail without losing any time!

As far as the hike - wow...I would rate it moderately difficult. You’re scaling way more mountain than what I thought and the day ends with the most strenuous part of the hike. We started at about 10am and got to our lakeside campsite at about 4:30

The lake itself was spectacular! And trust me - I’ve camped at a lot of lakes. Yes - there are 6 other lakes to possibly explore and camp at, but the main lake was so huge that it was no problem finding a secluded private site. There were many developed camp sites created from pack groups along the south side, whereas most people camped in the obvious east side, so I recommend you explore that area for camping (make a left when you arrive at the lake and go down about half way+)

Lastly, you only need to go to the Big Oak Flat Information station to get a permit. It was easy and I was in and out of there in 10 minutes.

So enjoy!!

Fallow trails n get to encourage

4 months ago

Super easy, beautiful walk. The directions on the southeast end are wonky, but you can figure it out.

4 months ago

Will probably do another review after we accomplish this, but we started our hike at 9:15am. We checked AllTrails and signs and said, “It’ll be 6 miles up and 6 miles back”. The trail got a little confusing to follow once we reached a lot of rocks and boulders, but luckily, we spotted humans to help guide us back! They were on their way coming back down as we were going up. One guy told us there was a bear 5 minutes ahead of us and that we should make noise to scare it off. First of all, this hike was extremely quiet. Almost eerie like before we saw these guys, and we were already a mile or 2 in. Didn’t like the quietness  we were “on guard” from there on and so we lost time cause we were walking slow and making sure to spot the bear. Luckily, we came across some backpackers and they said they didn’t see a bear. Good to know. The rest of it was an ascend up. We came across a very gorgeous meadow that put the spark back in. After that, it was nothing but a staircase ascend of rocks and uneven boulders. After taking a rest, we came across more backpackers and after checking the mileage on my FitBit, it said we were 5.76 miles in. Excited, we were ready to tackle the remaining 0.64 miles. Just to gauge timing, we inquired about the distance as we were facing a never-ending ascend up rocks. It was tiring. Guys told us it was another 2 hours before we reached the actual lake. This confused us a lot considering the current mileage we were tracking. We were also pretty bummed to hear that considering how far we had already trekked. And to top it off. it was already getting late. Too late to where if we continued on and came back, it would have been at least 4 or 5pm and more bears would have came out of hiding. For the record, we NEVER bail on a hike, but we didn’t want to take the risk, so we travelled back down from there. Just to be safe. About 9 miles in now, we finally spotted the bear the guys from before told us about. It was minding its own business, but was 2 feet near the trail in some bushes. We went around, and luckily, it didn’t try anything, considering we were walking on non-discrete pinecones  I’m sure it heard us. Anyway, we made it back down safely, but was kind of bummed because we didn’t get a chance to finish nor catch a glimpse of the lake. Not wanting the trip to go out in vain, we headed back up more to catch Tenaya Lake. Views were amazing  made the trip worth it again. All-in-all, if you’re serious about doing Ten Lakes, you’ll either have to make an overnight trip, start very early (sooner than 9), or don’t mind the bears that wander around late in the afternoon. I’m sure it was a breathtaking view, and I’ll send a better review, after I get to experience it! What we did was moderate. The incline was pretty intense, and being around hot chalky loose rock, messed up my toes 路‍♀️ looking forward to tackling this one again, BETTER PREPARED! 輪‍♀️律‍♀️

beautiful backpacking trip. All trail app game changer, this trail fades at several spots Alltrail app kept us on track. Get it!!! My second time visiting these lakes, I have never seen any bears. enjoy be safe.

Two words: Enchanted Forest. I've been on quite a handful of hikes, mostly on the East Coast, however, nothing has compared to what I saw here in the Redwoods. Such beauty and magic. Please note this is not a hike for "views" or a "workout", but rather to immerse yourself in the beauty of mother nature.

My son and I did this trail in 3 days. 1 in, 1 enjoying and 1 out. The switchbacks coming up the granite face were a little taxing, but so well worth it. This trail is amazing. Be prepared for bears!

5 months ago

By far it was a beautiful view. I was amazed every corner I turned. The waterfall was beautiful. I went during rainy season so I saw multiples falls. The cave, WOW!!! You have to be there to know what I felt. We took the bear gulch trail!!!! Very nice..

Nice trail with consistent challenging terrain. Not the best views along the way, but you’re rewarded in other ways such as having the trail to yourself. With Old Rag entry in the same area, it is a much less traveled trail. Enjoy!

The park was so beautiful!

6 months ago

this trail was amazing, bring bear spray but don't you it for inthing eles it's only for bears.
it has amazing views
this trail is moderate because it's not to hard
it has great seanary
great fishing spot's
butifule camping spot's
has a lot of switch backs and easy turns
has great

Beautiful trek with incredible views throughout the entire journey. I trained pretty strongly so the physicality of it never really affected me. The most dangerous part for me was not being able to adapt to the food at the cats teahouses. Drink lots of water and give yourself some acclimation days and you'll be fine. I used Gadventures and don't regret anything about it.

great warm up or beginner trail , or for older folks and kids .. or those family memebers who arent supoer into the woods lol .. get out here they'll fall in love .. very easy trail , well maintained with lots to see and enjoy

it was an amazing hike in this book I read.

My wife and I did this trek in April 2018- bucket list adventure for me to celebrate my 50th birthday. It was a profound experience; the mountains, surroundings, and wildlife were even more stunning than I imagined and the local people are amazing too. I was sad to leave and though typically I don't go back to the same place twice, I long to return to Nepal. Just an incredible trek. We went with Canadian Himalayan Expeditions out of Toronto, and I appreciated that our guide kept us off the main trail for much of the outward journey. The main trail is fantastic, but was packed with hikers, porters, and pack animals- sometimes jammed to a standstill. It was nice to be off the main trail for much of the hike.

People say you can do this in average physical condition; I have a hard time seeing that. We did over 250 miles of hiking with heavy packs, including stretches of the AT in north GA- from January through March to prepare. I felt good but there were still a few days that were really tough. If you approach it thinking average condition and little training is fine, I suspect you could make it but will be miserable. As noted, it's not that the hikes themselves are particularly tough, but given the altitude, fairly primitive conditions, and long days of climbing for 2 weeks (we took 15 days out-and-back) I think you'd be much more able to enjoy the spectacular scenery and amazing people if you train some. But do it; you will not be disappointed!

An absolutely awesome hike! Great if you go with an experienced organisation that takes all the guess work out of it, makes it safe and gives you the best chance of making it to EBC in regards of altitude sickness! Biggest tip....take it slow and drink lots of water so you can adapt to the altitude, and that way you get to soak in the spectacular views! Pick a company like Everest One and you actually get to sleep up at EBC

7 months ago

Hot! in the afternoon. Somewhat crowded.

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