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this app needs to update their map regarding relocated trail head

24 days ago

Nice flat little hike.

Short and pleasant with a chance to see a gator or two

So much fun for the whole family - lots to explore around the creek & easy to moderate terrain (not flat & boring). We took about 2.5 hrs to hike to the 1st suspension bridge & back with lots of stops in btwn to observe & explore! Many small timber bridges to help maintain the multiple small tributaries & trickling streams that feed the creek. Gorgeous suspension bridge “Two-penny Bridge” about 2 miles in. My boys - ages 9 & 12 - and I had a blast!

1 month ago

It’s a nice hike

Well maintained and marked trails. We saw quite a few people on bicycles and next time we will take our bikes as we feel this park is more suited for riding bikes and leisurely walks. We like hiking on more rugged and technical trails.

mountain biking
1 month ago

I'm getting ready to hike the Classic W Trek in Patagonia Chile next month. A couple of us decided to hike the 16 mile trail. We left one car at Scotts Rd and took the other car to Hwy 20 to start our trek. The trail is CLOSED due to hazardous conditions. Please don't think that you can find the trail unless you have GPS. I recommend walking the Scotts Rd entrance and then turn around when you are about 6 miles into it. There needs to be more signs once you get to Washinghead Campsite to help to NOT get lost.

Great trail! I did 4 miles out and back . The trail is well maintained and runs parallel with the creek. It was very peaceful having the views and sounds of the creek.

mountain biking
3 months ago

I just completed this trail about 40 miles roundtrip. It is paved all the way. The scenry along highway 30-A is really awesome. When you ride through those small communiteis like seaside and others.. you will see a lot of traffic on the path of walkers and bikers.. so you will have to take it slow through those places.

Also, pay attention to the signs, because in several places you will have to cross the road to pick up the trail.. but they do a very good job of posting mile markers and signs along the way.

Easy trail. $2.00 day use fee (honor system) with drop box at trailhead. Flat and sandy with lots of palmettos and pine trees. Excellent for trail running.

it's a nice trail through the trees. the dogs enjoyed it 2

4 months ago

Since I am local, only from the next town over, I would say that there is not too much to see here. The bridge was pretty and made for a change of scenery but other than that it was flat sand trails surrounded by palmettos and pine trees. I would consider this trail easy over moderate without a doubt excluding the fact that you can't really different between where this trail ends and the other close by trails begin. There were a few people we passed as we walked.

I loved the trail. I took my dog a couple of days after hurricane Irma came through, since we were not affected much, I didn't think it was a bad idea. The trail was marked well enough that we were able to follow it with a few small trees down. We made it to the first bridge before we decided to head back. Perfect distance for us to make a little day trip. On the way back is when I decided we might should've waited a little while longer before we hiked after a hurricane stirred everything up. In addition to the spider webs (expected) on the way in, we now ran into not one but two rattlesnakes (one tiny but coiled and one crossed the holed trail.) Luckily my dog did not even notice them (even though she stepped right on the huge one; she was a bit excited to get out of the house after the weekend inside) and even the coiled up rattler decided to give us a break. Needless to say, this hike turned into a nice trail run. I am hoping that more heavy traffic (as compared seeing noone at all) would change these circumstances. Just a heads up to be careful out there and I would recommend the trail! :)

Ummmm. This is a sidewalk along a road. Yes beautiful ocean views and manicured neighborhoods. Admittedly I only did 2 miles because.... it is a sidewalk

Loved this trail. Well marked and lots of choices.

road biking
4 months ago

Great views of the ocean the majority of the way. Well manicured trail. Do the full pull to Panama City Beach if you have a morning to kill.

A bike path you will never forget. Beautiful scenery

Great trail

Better than expected
Well maintained good for walking or biking
Numerous interconnected trails
Typical florida scenery with nice swamps areas with boardwalks

We had a beautiful hike. Was great for the dogs 2. It smells so good here.

A short nature walk. Beautiful place! We always see gators! Too bad it has gotten SO crowded though!

trail running
4 months ago

Great spot for trail running! Hiking not so much.

4 months ago

I really enjoyed this hike! Walls of long leaf pine trees and a backdrop of saw palmetto! Lead to a beautiful lake!

trail running
4 months ago

Very nice flat trail, well marked, pick the length you want to run and adjust as required along the way with maps posted at every major intersections. 6miles through Osprey, Long land and Baxley Homestead.

mountain biking
4 months ago

Fun trails through the pines and palmetto bushes. My bike odometer measured 9 mikes over the entire length of the trail. Trails are well marked. Last 1/4 mile is on route 22 and was lose sand.

Florida Trails, Scott Road Trail Head: incredible beauty, biodiversity, easy hiking that you can make more challenging with speed and/or off trail adventures! Just a short driving distance for panhandle residents!

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