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Cool trail. Creek crossing is easy. Wildlife all along the trail.

This is a strenuous hike and well worth it. Did this hike on January 11, 2019. Snow was 3ft or higher and temperatures in the very low degrees. We were equipped with the necessary things that we needed to finish the hike at night. Starting at 10:20 am and finished at 8:20 pm. Well worth it. One important thing is to have a map or download AllTrails.

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Daddy hecked me good on this hike. Then i hecked him. Then mom ate him. Then i ate mom. And then daddy came back from the dead and hecked me. It felt so good i wish i could do it again but daddy died again haha ahh he came back!

8 days ago

I only did 3+ miles on the ArtSmith trail as I had originally wanted to go into the Dead Indian Canyon. The canyon I found out is closed until September of this year, bummer. I still wanted to get some hiking in so I went up Art Smith. I’ll be back to do the complete thing hopefully next weekend.

I am in my mid 60’s with bad knees. My wife and I thoroughly enjoyed the hike . We had to cross the creek 18 times in each direction. There was a nice bit of rock scrambling as we crossed the creek and climbed the canyon. The weather in January was fabulous for this hike.

Great views of the valley. If your not used to hiking this can be tuff. But worth it. I would do it again

First time here, was impressed with the beauty of the hills/mountain the trail covers. Came on a Tuesday at 9 am and the street parking was almost all taken. Started off at the trailhead going left, definitely a moderate hike to the top! Rocky in some areas, packed dirt in others. Good times! Will return and add Hopalong Cassidy to the itenerary.

10 days ago

Been hiking this trail for years, very popular with lots of hikers. 10 to 15 minutes of strenuous hiking on left side which I call the grind portion. Rest is easy to moderate. Takes me about 1 and a half hours. Beautiful views. Have seen Big Horn sheep and chipmunks. Try to avoid weekends on account of crowds.

Turn your visit into an annual pass- self plus one or family memberships are available.

Not for the unprepared or inexperienced due to weather!! Also, prepare for 1 hour + wait time for the tram if you do not arrive EARLY.

TRAIL DETAILS as of 1/6/2019

Went up yesterday to the summit. You will need snowshoes and crampons to get to the top safely and since the going is slow, plan your daylight time for an 8 hour round-trip just to be safe.

LOTS OF SNOW: there is about 3-4 ft of soft powder past Wellman’s Divide and you may or may not have a clear trail carved out for you. Pack for temps in the 10-15 degrees with strong gusts of wind. Reservoir tubes freeze quickly so know the steps to keep your water flowing as it’s a strenuous climb in the deep powder!

Otherwise, it’s a beautiful hike in near perfect winter/snow conditions but be smart and gear up to stay warm!!

I'm an idiot, I did not go clockwise but loved the trail all the same. highly recommend it.

Absolutely beautiful trail!

Loved this hike. Oasis in the desert is beautiful and trails are well maintained. That’s probably why they charge so much at entry. Would do it again and maybe even the other hikes there like Andreas and palm.

First time here. Read previous posts recommending going up the left side, so glad we did. If you are like me with knees that hurt more going downhill than uphill then definitely hike the path in a clockwise direction. Cool views of the cities below. Went up the additional stretch to the “top”. Nice hike but if you are tired from the slog up you aren’t missing too much if you skip it. Go early. It was getting quite busy on this beautiful January day by noon.

15 days ago

Great Loop Trail. Recommend going clockwise due to the narrow downhill if you go counterclockwise. MOUNTAIN BIKES SHOULD NOT BE ALLOWED SINCE HALF THE TRAIL IS NARROW WITH BIG DROP OFFS

Completed this back in October of 2018. This was my wife and I first peak summit and enjoyed every minute of it! Overall the hike is closer to 15 miles, took us 7.5 hours. If you are into hiking and have decent fitness level you should be able to do this hike with no real issues. Make sure you have the proper attire and gear, plenty of water(we each brought 4.5L of water and had plenty) and a map for reference and you are in good shape. Well worth the effort! Strenuous but attainable!

15 days ago

A bit barren and slightly boring walk. Quite steep at the beginning and then loops around
It was a rainy day but still not very interesting although quite busy with walkers with their dogs

Beautiful walk with lots of variety. It was busy and also a lot of horse riders on the trail, but the views were great even though the falls are not very impressive (more of a trickle) but nevertheless definitely worth doing. We added Cofmann trail on the way back which is less busy and makes for a nice loop

16 days ago

New year hike! Started out on the tougher side which is the left hand side trail was my first time going all the way around. Has a beautiful view of the valley and I would definitely do it again.

Happy New Year's hike. I went clockwise as was recommended by previous posters, which was really steep up, then long and gradual down to complete the loop. Plenty of people to feel safe hiking solo. I will make this a regular workout when I'm in town.

Good views!!!

This hike was a good length and a nice workout however it was extremely crowded. When I hike I like to feel immersed in nature like I’m in the middle of nowhere and this hike definitely did not have that feel. However, the views of the mountains were definitely still very pretty.

18 days ago

The trail was very scenic with varying views the whole way. A stream ran nearby with several crossings and shade in the palms. Fairly flat and easy but very dusty due to the horse traffic. The ‘waterfalls’ at the end are disappointing but still a great hike.

Great hike! Scenic and fun for all ages.

Lots of water! Beautiful hike with many different landscapes. We actually found Jesus in one of the rocks! Before you head up the steepest climb go to right if the huge boulder and find the secret waterfall.

Amazing views of the entire valley - well worth the hike. Sunday morning was very busy on the trail. Steep side is hard to go down - would have preferred to go up that side.

One side very steep, the other is easy.
Great views

19 days ago

Mostly easy walk hike with some ups and downs. Half mile at the end is up, but not to hard.

Great hike! Lots of hikers and trail runners. Nice views. Dogs are not allowed.

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