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falls are raging right now!

Beautiful and transcendent scenery, two waterfalls visible near “end” of trail which continues up above at top of falls. Easy stream crossings, biggest at end easily crossed either on big log or our 35 lb Golden doodle crossed through water easily on her own. Stay left when going up toward falls to avoid right branch dead end. High mountain meadows, steep cliff walls, streams and forest and boulders along with varied weather (we experienced cooling rain and soft hail, then sunlight) make this hike a wonderful adventure. Plan an extra hour or two for slower hikers, 3-5 hour should cover it with 1/2 hour at the falls.

beautiful and well worth trip!

We entered the trail head at 10:30 and exited at 3:30. We had to take several breaks because of the steep climbs. I had to straddle/walk over a huge log across a creek. Although we were tired, there were several younger people who didn’t seem to have a problem. Like others have said, bring plenty of water. We didn’t hike to the second falls because it requires a serous commitment up what looked like a goat trail and we were already so tired. If you aren’t used to to the altitude, I would do easier hikes to build up your endurance before attempting this one.

Beautiful hike! Well worth it.

Great hiking trail. The last creek crossing was kind of difficult. Just make sure you don’t fall off the tree trunk when crossing it. You can badly injure yourself.other then that it was good, you will probably deal with some hippies. Came across a group throwing trash on the trail. Bring lots of water and food. Enjoy the hike and be safe. Remember pack in pack out.

Gorgeous trail through the secluded wilderness which ended with two magnificent falls! We took our time and rested for quite a while at the top, and completed in about 4hrs. A few slightly steep rocky sections but manageable.

This was an awesome trail! Such beautiful scenery. We started around 12:30pm and finished around 3 after we looked around and took a lot of pictures. We got a little drizzle and then it was perfect whether the rest of the day (July 6)

12 days ago

Nice trail with lots of switchbacks. Great views of Vallecito Lake. Also saw lots of Lewis Woodpeckers and Broad tailed Hummingbirds

13 days ago

Fabulous hike. Start early to avoid the heat as there is very little shade due to the still regrowing forest from the Missionary Ridge fire in 2002. Lots of switchbacks which help with the steepness. Last mile is pretty hard. Lake Eileen is worth all that effort tho. Gorgeous little lake.

14 days ago

Quick hike with lots of switchbacks.

Perfect hike to start the day. Wonderful views. Highly recommend.

Beautiful trail with amazing views! First time (May) I tried reaching first waterfall the second crossing was impassable due to extreme runoff. Second trip (June) I was able to cross and it was an exceptional hike! Beautiful!

16 days ago

Fun trail, cool day in a thunderstorm great sound effect up at Eileen lake. such a beautiful lake. Our family had a great time. I recommend this hike great views all the way up.

Amazing day hike. We started about 6am and made it to the falls by 7:30. It was perfect weather and well worth the hike. The water was flowing more than normal but nothing impassable. The bonus Falls to the East is a steep 1/4 mile hike up but well worth it.

such a beautiful hike! trail is very well maintained and easy to follow.

Not a public use trail. There’s a sign (see photos) they tell you to go to Coyote Hill trailhead.

21 days ago

mat be a good trail but overgrown and not clearly marked. we somehow managed veer off course in what we assumed was about a mile in. spent most of our 4 hours finding our way back thru heavy forest by following river. eventually we hooked back up to trail within about 1/4 mile from TH.

23 days ago

Great hike indeed...loved the wide trails and the length of the hike. We used the app in the background...and did the hike counter clockwise. If you do this hike, please trust the app...some of the signs were a bit confusing and perhaps even wrong. A few other hikes have signposts combined with the Turkey Springs hike...but once you pick your hike within the app...and follow the "red" trail within the app, you should be fine. About halfway through the loop, you can (if you are more daring) hop off the mapped trail and follow a parallel trail...this "unmapped" trail will rejoin the "red" trail on your way back to the parking lot...so all is well that ends well...enjoy! We did...a lot.

23 days ago

Awesome hike some parts are very steep there are many switchbacks throughout the whole trail. Awesome hike for an experienced hiker I finished the hike in 1:30 jogging but I would recommend to take about 3 hours for the hike.

Beautiful drive to the trail head! Trail is steep at times but there’s lots of flat stretches to recover. We did the hike with our 2 year old in the carrier. Falls are beautiful! We heard from a fellow hiker that does it every year that this is the largest she has ever seen the fall.

25 days ago

phenomenal trail. a bit steep at times. a few ankle breakers and getting to the falls at the end takes a bit of reading the trail but well worth the hike. get there early, around 6 to avoid people completely. saw skunks, deer, and chipmunks

on Chris Mountain Loop

26 days ago

Tried hiking this today...very very rocky...and this added to the challenge...plus we experienced rain that was not forecasted...so we had to abort about 2.5 miles in...close to the loop. I was so looking forward to this hike ☹️ The 3-rating is more about the rocks (as potential ankle twisters) and the uncompromising weather...I’ll try again to get to the top

Very easy to get to...trail head is just off the major road. We passed a lot of cattle on our hike....some were quite startled as we came upon them. We did the lower rim...watch out for the dirt bikers. The high point for me was getting at about the halfway point....getting close to the rim...at tree line...and just taking in the serene views. Trail is very well marked...and this app did not disappoint!

27 days ago

Lovely drive up here from Pagosa Springs. Great scenery....lots of lakes...impressive vistas. The 6+ out and back miles were a mix of moderate and challenging. We made it to the first fall...and I personally resisted the urge to stand as close to it as I could...to get properly drenched. There was no clear path to the second fall so we stopped at the first one for a few minutes. Very enjoyable!

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