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Very easy trail for families and the payoff is awesome

Watched the sunrise over horseshoe bend this week. Absolutely amazing. Very few people there at that time, but by the time he sun came up it was packed already. Recommend going early.

4 days ago

Very majestic place. Very crowded but worth the experience.

The NPS rates this trail difficulty as a 3 out of 5, so prepare to be surprised if that is your only reference. There are some serious ledge climbs and scrambles along this trail, I would rate this as one of the more difficult hikes we did as a group in this area. If you have anyone in your group that is skittish around sharp drops and insist on staying 6 feet from the edge, this is not the trail for you.

The trail basically follows the canyon out to the Colorado river and reaching the river is an awesome reward for completing this challenging hike. The trail is fairly tame for the first third before getting to some sharp drops and falls. I noticed several pitons in the rocks along the way, ropes would make these sections infinitely easier but we did not have any with us. Several of the areas were elevation drops of 20 feet or more requiring traversing the ridges along the sides to get back to the wash floor. Near the end of the trail there are large boulders and rocks to scramble over to get to the river but if you've made it that far its hardly challenging.

Do your research ahead of time and look at some of the tracks here to decide if this is best for your party. We had a member of our group who is rather short for a stormtrooper and was anxious on the ledge descents which in turn made some of the other group members anxious. Never go beyond your collective comfort level. As with the other canyons in the area, be mindful of the weather, flash flooding would be a serious risk in the event of rain. No water station at the trailhead.

Crowded and people get too close to the edge, but pretty

Awesome!! A little bit more difficult than we were expecting but 100% worth it! We did this to break up a long day of driving from Santa Fe to Zion. Also it’s fun to say hoodoo.

on Antelope Canyon

7 days ago

Amazing. we did the lower canyon. cost us 50.00 per person. A must do if your in the area.

Easy peasy, I guess we didn’t even get to the gardens because we were standing on the peaks of sandstone with amazing views. I like long hikes with elevation change and challenging terrain,but this was beautiful views with minimal effort.

on Antelope Canyon

9 days ago

Great Canyon. We were in awww on how amazing. Water, Wind and time can create such an amazing Canyon. This should be on everyones must do. We did the Lower Antelope Canyon. This cost us 50.00 a person, took about an hour to complete.

Pictures just don't do justice. This place is beautiful regardless of crowds! just be patient bc there are tons of people trying to take cool pictures. it's all in good fun!

13 days ago

Short and sweet trail! We didn’t do the whole trail just to the first toad stool. If you walk fast takes about 30ish minutes there and back. Very interesting view. Almost seems like it should be on another planet.

Did some difficult, for me, ledge climbs. Well worth it! Beautiful!

Awesome - definitely more crowded than lower Antelope (which if you have to pick I’d do lower right now in the winter since there is not a lot of light).

Easy hike to cram in while you’re in town to see Antelope Canyon. Tons of tourists but you can still find space to yourself. Don’t get too close to the edge for that perfect shot

Beautiful! Lots of people but worth it!

Simply amazing.

Great stop on our way to Zion. The Hoodoos were fun to see as were the rest of the rock formations. Cold and windy today but well worth the hike.

Great trail and very quiet. Agree that the rock scrambles can make it tough in spots. Beautiful views of the river at the end.

1 month ago

Beautiful just beautiful

awesome Lil side trip...... alot of tourist.... but still awesome non the less.

1 month ago

So unreal! Highly Worth going, I visit the lower part of antelope canyon.

Even more beautiful at sunset and sunrise.


Great! Be sure to cover the walking path in the map above, especially at the end toward the left!


1 month ago

Toadstools are a funny experience, many features of sand and stone erosion, no shade, not overcrowded

1 month ago

great views, overcrowded, limited parking during sunset hours - head left at the rim to escape from the tourists

Great Kids hike with cool rock formations!

Beautiful but those flies

I liked this trail and would suggest if you want to see and really have time to see all the hoodoos, set aside 2-3 hours. Though we spent about 2 hours (20 minutes to walk in, 20 to walk out from the main hoodoo, then the rest of the time in the hoodoo forest), I'd like to have even more time here! If you just want to walk in and out without seeing and enjoying the scenery, 1 hour is probably more than enough. The day we went we did not see everyone go to the end of the trail... many went to the first large hoodoo, and turned around from there.

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